"Just admit it! Admit it that you killed your daughter and threw her body in the river."

Olivia yelled to the woman sitting across from her.

"I didn't."

The woman said without any emotion at all, that Olivia knew she was lying.

"Who are you kidding, Mary? You killed your daughter in cold blood. You found out what she did and you couldnt take it, could you? But guess what Mommy Dearest it wasnt her, It was Anna."

Olivia sat back and waited for a reaction from Mary. Mary's face turned a real bright red and she started clenching her fists against the table that her palms were resting on.

"Anna? No, Anna wouldn't do that to me."

The woman shut up before she said anything else.

"I'm sorry, but Anna did do it, your little girl was just an innocent bystander, she was just at the wrong place, the wrong time. She was over at Anna's when it had first happened. That is how she knew all that she did, not because it was her."

Olivia replied as she saw that the woman was clearly in denial.

"No! It was all Chloe's fault, she made Anna do it, you're lying!"

The woman replied growing a deep color of red.

"How could a little girl make a grown woman do something this horrible, Mary, you know I'm not lying, why would I?"

Olivia said sternly as she looked at Mary in the eyes.

"No. Anna said that it was Chloe. Chole did it. She was the one who deserved to-"

Chloe shut herself up and looked away from Olivia, Olivia then knew what happened. Olivia jumped up and stood in front of Mary, trying to keep calm, but failed miserably.

"She was the one who deserved what, what did Chloe deserve, Mary? Tell Me! YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DESERVED DIDNT YOU, AND YOU MADE SURE THAT SHE GOT IT! Please tell me Sister Mary, how a 13 year old child deserves to have her life squeezed out of her by her mother, the person who is suppose to love her above all others? Anna was there that night, when you stangled your daughter, with your bare hands, did your daughter yell for you to stop? When you stopped and your hands were back at your sides and you looked at your little girl, did you cry? Was it you or Anna that thought of the idea to through a little child in the river? When your daughter looked at you as she took her last breath did you hesitate or did you just squeeze harder? What happens when he finds out what you did to her, do you think he will look at you with understandment and sympathy? I dont. I dont think when he comes to see you for the last time, and believe me it will be the last time, that he will not ask you how or why you did it. How a mother can kill her only born child with her bare hands. When you look at what you did do you regret the actual act or do you regret getting caught? When you and Anna threw Chloe into the river did you look back as you ran away, you sorry ass excuse of a mother? When you got home how many showers did you take, how long did it take you to feel clean enough to walk out of your house? As you stare down at your hands do you see that little girls blood on them? Chloe. She didnt deserve anything and everything you did to her, but you, you deserve everything that is going to happen to you, now tell me exactly what happened that night. ANSWER ME!"

She yelled as she sat across from Mary.

"I'll tell you."