Author's Note as of two years later:

Exactly two years later that I started this cozy little ficlet, it is with happiness that I announce the continuation of the widely-loved 'Tis the Season:

'Tis the Season II: A Turk Reunion

It is done in the same format as the original; that is, it is a collection of drabbles/shorts, all following a timeline and contributing to the big story that is the Turks crashing Seventh Heaven to make for a very loud Holiday season. I am very excited to be doing it again; I've thought it appropriate to gift my readers with a second gift so this one doesn't become too recycled :).

'Tis II can be found at my profile. Expect regular updates, if not daily, as well as much silliness abounding and the continuation of the Cloud/Tifa/Reno triangle - with a bit of closure on that subject.

I hope it will continue in the same fashion as this one did, to bring a smile to your face and a memory of family and warm apple cider on a cold day.

All my best,

December 3, 2007