Raven was crying but she didn't wantany body to know so she stayed in her room trying to gather her emotions. How could this happen to her a week before every thing was going great for her. Beast boy and her finally confessed their love for each other and even made love but that was her mistake. Now she was sick at her stomach crying because her life was ruined. She is only 17 but it made no difference, she was going to have to take on her responsibility for being careless.

She tried to not cry but she couldn't control it. A couple of things shattered in her room but no extreme damaged was done. She kept giving her self pity and told her teammates that came to her door asking what was wrong or if everything was all rightthatshe was just fine, though that was far from the truth. Raven even pushed the one person she dearly loved away from her. Raven was about to lay down when she heard a knock on her door then she heard some ones voice from the other side.

"Rae are you okay? Please let me in I have to talk to you its uh…. important so please let me in."

She recognized the voice as Beast Boys. She dried her eyes off and gathered her shattered emotions.

" If its that damn important come in!" Raven watched the door has the love of her life walked through.

"What's wrong Rae?" Beast Boy asked curiously sitting down beside her.

" I am just tired okay. I might have a cold or something." Raven tried her hardest to make up a story. It didn't matter what kind of excuse it was as long as it was far from the truth.

"Rae I heard you crying. Please tell me what is wrong maybe I can help don't shut me out. I need to be with you. Raven you've been killing me for the last couple days by shutting your self up like this. I can't take it I need to be near you."

His words rang through her ears. She knew he was telling the truth. Even though his words made her some what happy she still had to keep her secret away from himat least until she could figure out what she was going to do.

Thinking of things to do, she used lust. Beast Boy wouldn't worry about her if she acted like she wanted to kiss him. He would love to be able to have her in his arms for she was pushing him away when he wanted to be closer. She moved over to him and lifting her self up so she was sitting on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

" I haven't been crying. I seriously think I have had a cold lately but I am feeling much better."

"You worry me when you shut your self up like that."

" Oh so you really missed me uh well lets make up for lost time." Raven tried to force a smile on her face and tightened her arms so Beast Boy was only a centimeter away.

" Sounds good to me." Beast Boy put his hands on her hips and moved her even closer to him. Now there was no space between them. He tilted his head up kissing her and holding onto her tightly. He loved her and loved tobe close to her so being able to kiss her was like a gift from God after all the times Raven and him self got into fights non-stop. The kissing got heated as Beast Boy laid her on her back and tried to support most of his weight so he didn't put to much pressure on Raven. He traced kisses up and down her neck and then went back to her lips. Raven finally was relaxed and enjoying her self. The moment got a little to heated. Raven decided that it was going to far.

"Beast Boy I'm tired of being in my room so can we go out in the main room and hang out with the rest of the team." Raven lifted her self up so she was supporting her self with her elbows.

" Yeah… sure." Beast Boy was disappointed. All that time he hadn't seen her and he only got 5 minutes at the most with her. Raven got up and stretched out. She looked at what she had on and decided she should change her over sized T-shirt. She forgot Beast Boy was in the room and looked for a different shirt. Beast Boy watched her as he lay on the bed supporting his self with his elbow resting his head in the palm of his hand. She finally found a shirt she liked which was a tight black tank top that read Linkin Park in green letters. She took off the shirt she had on but before she had a chance to put on the tank top Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her. His arms came up to her bra line and he started kissing her neck softly as his grip tightened. Ravens knees weakened and shestarted to cave in to him.

"Beast Boy I know you want to be with me but I want to see the team." He loosened his grip and took a couple steps back from her.

"Sorry you can put your shirt on now." Beast Boy wanted to kiss her but he obeyed her request and let her proceed. Raven put her shirt on. The shirt was tight but fit her skinny figure perfect. She wasn't as skinny as Starfire but she could care less. Starfire was now extremely tall and had a 6 pack and a slim waist. Raven turned around and pulled down the shirt because it was showing her stomach.

"Nice shirt I love it!" Raven smiled at his comment and walked to the door.

"Coming or are you going to stay here and sniff my clothes since you missed me so much?" He grabbed her hand and pulled her to him and gave her a kiss and grinned.

"I'm coming." Raven sighed and opened the door.

"Oh and try to behave your self because you have a very hard time doing that."

"Don't worry I will Rae."