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7 years passed by and everything was finally going great. Beast Boy and Raven were now 25 yrs old and living happily married with a baby girl named, Eternity Mae Logan who was about a year old. Not only were their relationship great but so was Starfire's and Robin's. They were engaged and getting married next month but they just found out they were expecting a little one of their own. They were all still living together in the T house, living a life they all had wanted from the start. Even Cyborg was enjoying his life, he had married Bumblebee 2 years prior of their first baby boy, Caleb and now she was pregnant with a baby girl soon to be named Ellisa.

Terra was sent away for life and wasn't happy with what she had but she deserved it. Raven and Beast Boy finally got justice for their lost baby boy Zackeria. Technically their were on there 2nd child but they wanted more. They both agreed to wait awhile but at times they would get heated and forget about getting pregnant just like they had years before, some bad habits never die.


Raven woke up with the loud scream from Eternity. She stumbled over to her crib and picked her up. She rocked her back and fourth a couple times has the screams quieted down. She layed her back in the Bright yellow crib. Raven turned around but felt extremely sick and ran to the bathroom. The flu had been going around and Beastboy had jus gotten over it so the odds were against her. Everyone else was eating breakfast when she walked in 20 minutes later. She sat down beside Beastboy next to Caleb who was eating her cheerios. Starfire was reading a baby magazine while Robin wrapped his arms around her. Cyborg was talking to Bumblebee while she rubbed her belly. Without her noticing Beastboy wrapped his arms around her pulling her into his lap. He kissed her neck while she gave a light giggle. She looked around the table and realized everyone was sitting around the table. She gave a sigh then started to announce, "Everyone I have an announcement."

"What is it honey?" Beast Boy asked shoving a piece of toast in his mouth.

"Well I wanted to tell you that……. I… m…pregnant again." All of sudden BeastBoys Toast went flying across the table and everyone froze until Robin broke the silence. "Are you two always horny!" Starfire slapped him upside the head as Raven covered Calebs ears. "Robin I wouldn't be talking, that baby Star is carrying didn't get there by magic." Raven started laughing as Robin blushed.

"Well were gonna have another baby, babe….. jus more to love." Beast Boy smiled as he kissed her.

"You guys keep going at it like u have been and u will have lots of GRANDCHILDREN to love" Robin stated once more.

"Well when you love them with all your heart, you love to make love." She smiled as Beastboy added a "You betcha" ….. they all laughed…. For everything was perfect and they were with their loved ones forever.


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