Freshmen year was going great for Duo he was popular, grades were good not D.L. worthy but still good, and he has a new girl yes life was just about perfect. Perfect until he saw HIM a stranger he can't get out of his head he seems perfect except for one thing. The little blonde guy hugging his arm…he will have to go.

Yes I am a Yaoi/Slash writer, and yes I loved MARS I have read the entire series including 'A Horse With No Name', so if you can blame anything for this fic it would be that. Yes blame MARS for this fic. Once you have read this chapter it will all make sense I promise…OK well I at least hope. The title however you can blame on Dido's 'I'm no angel' which I was exposed to when my sister, Rachelle Ryan here, downloaded a Noir AMV, neither of us have read or watched Noir but now I may just have to buy Vol.1 of the Manga. Any thoughts?

Once again I play with the Non Cannon pairing of 2x3x2 with the sub of 1x4x1, so enjoy 'em if you like 'em. I have never really done a total AU non fantasy before. I mean in any normal Au's I have done there are still Gundams and all ,but in this one it's set nowish so their aren't even any La Grange points, better know as L fill in the number, in use. Basically this is a major shift in setting for me but what the Hell right verity is our friend. OK well enjoy it or don't it's all on you know.

WarNinGs: AU, OOCish, Shounen-Ai/Yaoi Content, Non Cannon Pairings, Duo Centric, Some Alcohol use, Undisclosed city, state but is set in mid-late Spring or so, College setting and all that goes with it.

Aishi Say:

"And I hope you can see this heart behind my tired eyes." From 'I'm no angel' by Dido and as I said my obsession with this song inspired the title, and all chapter titles. This line makes me think of Duo mostly he tries to be a good person but it also makes me think of Trowa striving to become human.


"Now does anyone have anything to add? Yes Duo?" The professor asked, Duo always had such an unique outlook.

"Yeah, do you think most Slasher movie crazies have brown eyes because it is a common color, or do you think because so many animals, like say dogs, have brown eyes so they are trying to remind us that we are only glorified animals? I mean perhaps the killing is representative of humans fear of being prey, and the Slasher, while not always eating us, are still our hunters?" Duo asked, he spent a lot of time analyzing TV, why certain shows and movies kept going while others were canceled, and stuff like that. He smiled when Hiro rolled his eyes at him, but Anime was a perfect example of proven formulas being tweak into hits or blunders.

"That is a very good question Duo, in such films many humans are killed when they are most vulnerable, so it very well could be that we fear being hunted. Class I would like a one page minimum paper on your views on this matter, even if you do not watch such movies. Just write about what fears and desires you think are played on and out in these types of films, you may pick one or compare several. It will due on Friday, and there will be discussions on Monday." The professor smiled, he liked to give them relevant work to do and media violence was relevant.


"Only you would ask that Duo," Hiro informed him waving a fry at him, only Duo would think so much about a gore fest.

Duo leaned to his right and chomped the fry getting a half growl from Hiro, "Yeah, but is that good or bad, cause to be honest sweetie your tone can be hard to read sometimes." He cooed knowing Hiro was not really mad, besides he should have learned by now not to wave food at him.

"It is nice to know you actually think about what other's call mindless but good? I think so yes, but surely at least one person is now questioning everything they've ever heard about you." Hiro smiled, Duo was no baka, no matter how he acted, he often surprised others with the sheer depth of his thoughts. He saw things through the eyes of an artist, and they saw things differently then everyone else.

"Thanks, it means a lot to hear you say that. Damn it, now I want fries too!" Duo pouted pulling rings of onion off his pizza, he liked the taste but not the texture of stringy cooked onion.

Hiro laughed setting the red basket down beside Duo, taking a slice before he could pick it to, "You are hopeless Duo."

Duo smiled use to trading, stealing, and just giving food away with his closest friends, they were his family, "I know but if I wasn't helpless I'd be normal, and then suck so bad. Hey I've been thinking, you think the blonde is cute don't chya?"

"That is none of your business…but yes," Hiro answered, frowning slightly at him for bring up something personal in public, "As I said you will…"

"Do not finish that thought and kill my happy mood Oh Logical One, my kind make up our own," Duo playfully ordered, knowing he would not it would depress him to. "When I see Cat Eyes again I'll get Angle Boy's name too, since they are old friends."

"Old friends? What kind of old friends?" Hiro asked mind shifting into overworking mode.

"I don't know, I only caught that much Blondie was too busy laughing to say much, and I didn't see Cat Eyes speak at all. Now if I am right, they are only friends, just the really close kind if not…" Duo knew he did not need to say anymore even, the dimmest blonde could follow that train of logic.

"So what are we talking about?" Wufei asked sitting down across from the pair, food and frowns meant something interesting, usually.

"Men Wu," Duo answered before sucking on his straw, getting a warning look from Hiro.

Wufei nodded ignoring Hiro's glare, "Anyone I know?" He asked, as long as Duo did not do or say something too vulgar he could care less, fighting one's nature was unhealthy.

"Well, you mentioned maybe knowing the one with green eyes, any luck with that?" Duo was glad Wufei was not grossed out by the two of them, but he knew better then to tease him like he did Hiro. Wufei could also break concert slabs with his head Duo had seen him do it.

"Possibly, do you know Trinity Academy?" Wufei was not sure if Duo would, ivy leaguers where not his people of choice, but he knew Hiro knew it.

Duo nodded, "Yeah, that's where all those business dudes send their heirs and stuff. The blonde is rich so it makes sense, but…why were you there?"

"For your information I have ties to the Long family, their heiress Melin goes there, we are friends." Wufei could not stand most preps or he would likely be attending there as well, but his private life was not to be shared so easily. "It was a week ago, and as I was leaving but I think I saw him, if was him his hair was tied back so I am not sure, it was a passing meeting."

"That all makes sense, he comes to see his friend and stops by his school, but why wait so long to see him? I guess Angle Boy is a busy one eh?" Duo nibbled a fry in absent thought.

"Yes Duo, this week has been all about testing, even if he was the valedictorian he would be too busy to meet anyone. I can ask Melin about him, I'm sure not many students there have aqua eyes?"

"He has aqua eyes?" Hiro asked before looking away when Wufei looked at him questioningly.

"Oh yeah really pretty, I forgot the last picture I took his eyes were closed. As for you no prying and thanks…can I meet Melin?" Duo asked gently, he had heard about her, but all he knew was she was rich and could kick his ass without her hands.

"I will ask but she can be…hesitant about meeting people like you," Wufei admitted, "The Long clan is a very traditional one, please do not be insulted, it took me a while to accept it as well?"

"Wufei it's all right, I know China is proud of it's ways don't apologize, I would take some getting use to regardless," Duo smiled placing a friendly hand on his friend's. "I just would like to meet this girl who can kick my ass with one foot, she sounds like a chick version of you. Does she look like Lucy Lu?"

Hiro sighed tugging on Duo's braid, "Don't you have shopping to do baka?"

"Oh, right, thanks man. Bye my people I so gotta fly!" Duo called waving as he ran off.

"I think she would find him either baffling or amusing," Wufei comment shaking his head.

"Oh like you do?" Hiro teased ducking a fry, "He would grow on her, he is a kind soul, they have that effect."

Wufei nodded, "True. Have you been to the new Dojo yet,? They have a Wushu instructor there who is very gifted."

"No, I've been busy with class work, though I am not busy now. Care for a spar?" Hiro asked with a knowing smiled, he enjoyed sparing with the proud Chinese youth Duo had brought into their room one day. Duo was fun, and he did like to try some of the easier moves, but he was not a martial artiest Wufei was.

"I was hopping you would ask that, you may just get to meet Melin if she is there. Come it is not that far." Wufei smiled standing, it seemed not judging other's by your first impressions really was the way to go in this country.


Duo walked bag in both his hands before him full of pastels, paints, and various pencils , he had gotten canvas, pads, and brushes last night. It had been a little nippy during the morning but it was nice a warm now and the park was full of families and their sounds. He loved the sounds of happy children he felt they had to grow up too fast sometimes. Glancing around he noticed someone laying on the ground to his right, long denim clad legs crossed over his back, cheek resting in his hand, none of this was strange what was is that he appeared to be sketching with his eyes closed. Intrigued he walked slowly up behind him glancing down at his work, before looking forward catching sight of the cute little red head girl licking a melting cone as happy as could be, and he smiled. He loved drawing children, but they had trouble holding still, as it was she was dancing around, but that was not a problem for the artist. Dark eyes turned back to him, he was wearing dark jeans and lose black tee shirt, a white button down was tied around his waist, the fingers of his right hand moved with a controlled grace.

Duo waited until the pencil was set-aside before speaking, not wanting to ruin the other's work, "Can you do that as well with your eyes open?" He smiled when the other jerked slightly in surprised, which was what he figured he would do, dark eyes blinked when the other looked up green eyes catching the sun so they sparkled. Duo had not really gotten a good look at his eyes before, but now he could see every subtle shade difference, and as an artist he admired them knowing he must be confusing the stranger. "It's you." Was all he could think to say, watching the other fold his arms on the bottom of his sketch pad.

"I'm sorry do you know me or something?" The other asked confused, but not in a worried about the other's sanity kind of way. His voice was calm and very soothing, he was curious nothing more, and it was easy to tell.

Duo shook his head, so much for not seeing him again anytime soon because here he was, "Sort of, I was here the day that blonde guy gave you that cross there." He gestured at the pendent, watching graceful fingers take it absently. "I'm Duo, I go to Lawrence, nice to meet you," Duo held out his hand unsure if the other would take it but it did not hurt to offer.

"Trowa, I just transferred to Quincy," Trowa greeted taking Duo's hand, "You can sit?"

"Dude?! Shit man you must be really good and rich. Sorry that was out of line," Duo bit his lips as he sat down Buddhist style, bag beside him.

"It's fine, talent yes money no, that would be Quatre, the blonde," Trowa answered before Duo could even ask, "He goes to Trinity and wanted me around so he paid for everything and I transferred."

"That's one good friend," Duo commented, the school he went to was nothing to sniff at but Ivy Leaguers always sounded more impressive.

"Oh he is, so computer or old fashion?" Trowa asked, knowing Duo would only go to Lawrence for an art major of some short, nothing else would really fit him.

"I'm dabbling in Psychology, but both, after all it is best to be able to use as many mediums as possible…or at least I think so." Duo bit his lip, normally he did not feel so self-conscious, he had talked to men he found attractive before so what was wrong with him now?

"It can only help in the long run," Trowa agreed with a nod, this guy made sense learning both while you can rather then trying to later like some fools did.

"Um…how do you do that? I mean that much detail and you weren't even looking?" Duo asked leaning down so he could see the drawing better.

Trowa handed him the pad, "Photographic memory, it's a great trick really, I know some people who can only do it with writing, but I am not that restricted."

Duo took the pad gently, it sucked when pages got all rumpled, "I'm good with poses and colors, but I lose some of the detail when I have to go a while between working."

"Not all artist rely on detail Duo, I'm sure your work is as expressive as you are," Trowa reminded him, to have gotten into a any school with an esteemed art program Duo had to be very talented as well.

Duo blushed biting his lip again, smiling when an idea hit him, "Model for me?" He asked suddenly watching Trowa blink confused for a moment, not blaming him in the least bit, that was a leap.

"Why?" Trowa asked tone even, once again he was only curious, he had never modeled for anyone before, let alone a stranger who just happened to be an fellow artist.

"Well, I have to do three projects out of this packet, and two are realistic and a concept piece where we have to use a real person. And I think it would be cool to do them with another artist." Duo smiled unsure of himself, it sounded like a reasonable idea both in his head and out of his mouth, but that did not mean others would think so. "I'll let you do me to if you want? If you thinks it's creepy, or whatever, that's cool, I mean we did just meet and all."

Trowa studied him for a moment, he had a child like quality with expressive eyes, he would make an interesting muse, and Duo did have a point one artist using another did offer interesting possibilities. "It's not creepy, I think it is rather insightful on your part. I have similar projects to complete so I see no harm in it."

Duo blushed again before smiling, "Thanks…um since I don't have that cool memory trick can I get started with one of mine first?"

"Not at all," Trowa assured him sitting up on his heals, "So should I meet you here, or come by your dorm?"

Duo was very, very, very glad that Trowa was no mind reader right then because he was pretty sure he would hurt him for what he had been thinking. 'Hey it wasn't my fault he asked.' "Here, my roomy doesn't like strangers just walking in, go fig?" He laughed putting the passing thought out of his mind, maybe after a few day he would invite him to see his work. 'Perfect way to get to know him, we'll be all alone and in a perfectly innocent kindda way. Good plan there, and he will make a few interesting paintings.' "Plus safer food."

Trowa laughed taking his sketch pad back, flipping it forward to a few pages to a page filled with what looked like coloring tests and wrote quickly, "I would imagine. Here call me any time," He held out the torn piece of paper with a few numbers written down words written under them.

"Thanks but um…don't you want mine or something?" Duo asked, just like that a name and numbers he was glad he was sitting down other wise he might just fall over.

"Just write them down," Trowa held out the pad and the pencil unconcerned.

Duo scribbled half glancing at the colors, he liked to see what new colors looked like and normally just doodled in them, but each one looked almost like some alien sun set or rise. "I'm not a morning person, I'm all one words and grunts, not pretty," He laughed it really was not pretty.

"I prefer to sleep through them myself but Cat is a morning person, I wonder about him sometimes," Trowa shook his head taking his stuff back standing. "It takes both kinds I guess," He held out his hand to Duo automatically, so use to doing it for Quatre he did it without thought.

Duo smiled accepting it with out question, his hands were very warm and he could feel their controlled strength, ust like Hiro's or Wufei's. "Thanks. Well I'll see ya around Cat Eyes," The braided youth turned with a wave behind him and headed home there be gloating to do.


"Oh my God and I thought he was just hot, but oh no he gets me too," Duo folded his hands looking up, "Thank you."

Hiro looked up setting his book on the coffee table, "Nani?"

"Cat Eyes is named Trowa, and he is now attending Quincy Academy thanks to the blonde, named Quatre, who's going to the richy school who wanted his friend nearby. Given him a nice long kiss for me?" Duo answered sitting down beside him, "See I'm all walking through the park, OK, and I see this dude drawing with his eyes closed, so me being me I go look and thank God I did."

"I see…and I would assume by your mood he does not wish to strangle you?" Hiro grinned more then once he had wished to do so, "Trowa is it? Sounds French."

"I guess, but if he is he wasn't born here, his voice is so soft I could listen to it all day," Duo knew he had to sound like a swooning fool, but he did not care because he was. "He's even going to model for me, Ha ha baby who's the man?"

"And how did you accomplish this?" Hiro asked impressed, Duo was persuasive when he wanted to be but this was impressive.

"All I did was ask him. I figured it would be cool working with another artist like that, and he said I was insightful!" Duo grinned, "Plus he's really good, and nice, I mean if I didn't like him I would have had no problem talking to him at all. When he asked if we should meet in the park or here I almost fainted, I was so not expecting that, and he even held out his hand to help me up."

"And you told him?" Hiro prompted, he was happy for Duo but he wanted to know if this Trowa would be walking in anytime soon.

"Park, I want to bring him by so he can see some of my stuff I keep here, he thinks it must as expressive as I am, the man is a genius!" Duo grinned madly, he had never been so happy to receive a complement in his life.

"I have no problem with him being here, it's him just walking in, this I do have a problem with," Hiro reminded his roommate, he did not want strangers just walking in like they belonged, it was just something the Japanese youth just could not stand.

"I know, I told him my roomy didn't like that he's cool with it, once you get use him I'll bring him by not before. I would like him to live so I can have my wild way with him, that is hard to do when you are trying to kill him." Duo laughed, he sounded so sure of himself but in truth he was seriously worrying about the blonde paying for everything and all, but then again he had not called Quatre his boyfriend or anything so that made him free.

"I would not try to kill him baka, you would never let me hear the end of it. Is that all you know about Quatre?" Hiro asked going from joking to all business as quickly as always.

"Well yeah," Duo admitted shrugging slightly, "We only talked for like ten minutes or so, I'll ask tomorrow promise."

"So soon?" Hiro blurted, he had assumed he would have to wait a few days, but it seemed that was not the case.

"Yeps ain't life perfect?" Duo asked getting to his feet, "Well I need to make sure I have all the colors I will need to get started, and I should work on a few concept ideas huh? Laters!" Hiro shook his head Duo was so happy he decided not to bring up Hilde until he calmed down a little.


Behold the end of chapter two! Go on behold it? OK that's enough moving on. I tried to keep the basic personalities of the pilots intact, since with better childhoods they would be mellower but still them. Now Trowa being artistic I could see, since like music it is a way to express your emotions without words. And Duo, well he's unique, and it was a way to get them together I've never seen. Kira reminds me a bit of Duo and Rei is more like Trowa.