In the dark, a seer speaks

Words lost in the labyrinth of night

Whispers of how far you've fallen

Of how far you've yet to fall.

But within the veiled truth

Lost along the shadowed years

Of pain forgotten, pain long hidden

You try to convince yourself

It's not your fault

It's not your fault…

Yet behind the scars that paint your skin

The remainder of a whip-lash's kiss

Is the heart of one who once hoped

That still clings to life

Though its blood was spilt

And leaks on the stone

Through its soul long since gave up

And cries tears of blood, waiting alone

For hope that never came

For hope that never was

And you continue waiting


To be heard…

But your screams don't penetrate these walls

And they will never be heard

Past the void of the dark

The void of the night

The void of their hearts.

And you know you will never be free

Because there is no freedom in the night

And this night does not grant


Does not feel


Cannot understand your pleas for


No, there is no mercy for

Forgotten innocence and feigned guilt.

When at last night's reign ends

You find that you've lost your friends

All that's left are tears and malice

And blood that fills a forsaken chalice

So, clutch your heart and stagger

At the glimpse of the fallen dagger

It goes in for the kill

You never saw it coming

And now you never will.