'Hurry on, hurry on time It's going so fast

Hurry on, I can't save you'

Coming Closer

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A/N: Out of the three chapters, I think I like this one least. It should be a satisfying end for SasuSaku fans, however, and it's the shortest, too. I couldn't think of what I wanted to do with it. Sorry it's bad!

Sasuke . . . Dammit, I wish you would quite talking, thinking about her! It's . . . It's scaring me. You never paid this much attention to her. You're not going to leave are you?

Kami . . . listen to me. I'm whining like a little kid, this is Sasuke. Sasuke teme! The guy who always did everything better than me, I hated him a week ago? What happened . . . I almost wish this was something I could talk to Iruka-sensei about. Fat-chance, he would freak!

Sakura-chan . . . Do you hate me even more now because I'm with him?

This is crazy, this is to frickin' crazy! Everything's all screwed up now. I know how Sasuke feels though. I feel sorry for her, but, come on! This isn't how it was supposed to turn out!

Wait . . . is she crying, still? Every time I've seen her she looks like she will. This isn't right, I don't want to go back, but I almost wish I could!

We're all team mates, aren't we? Can't we just get along even if . . . I guess not.

"Sasuke . . . I need to talk to you."

"No I need to talk to you. I'm sorry, Naruto. But we can't do this anymore."

Shit . . . He didn't just . . . I was planning on saying the same thing, but . . . he didn't just . . . did he?

He did.

I think he's looking at me the same way he was looking at her, now. I wish he wouldn't do that . . . I know how she feels now. And it's not very good.

But, it's better like this. Maybe things can go back to normal, now. We can all be friends again, and Sakura won't cry. And I won't cry . . . because I'm strong, and I can deal with this, and Sasuke knows it.

I think I'll live, as long as he doesn't fall in love with anyone but her. I think that'll make me happy, if I can't have him. There's someone out there for me, I just guess it's not him.