The New Gray

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Swearing, light violence

Summary: Konoha High is led by two groups known as the Blacks and the Whites with individual leaders. When Tenten arrives, she's going to change school tradition... Nejiten, others listed when appeared

Disclaimer: I own nothing... --; no Naruto, and the original plot is the Penguin Brother's, which I don't own either, though some things are different.

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Ages for fic-

Tenten, Shikamaru- 15

Neji, Sasuke, and Shino- 16

Chapter 1

"You got drunk last night again, didn't you, obasan!" Tenten muttered irritatedly, glaring daggers at the pillow her guardian was currently trying to hide under. "Obasan! We've just moved and you have to unpack! Sleeping all day is not a good way to settle into the house!"

The brunette tugged on the pillow firmly, yanking it from the owner's grasp, and Tsunade sat up on the bed, staring at the teenager in front of her unfocusedly. The blond scowled, before falling back heavily on the bed, hiding beneath the covers.

Tenten sighed, and proceeded in making her exit. "Obasan, I'm going to Konoha High, please don't trash the place," she half pleaded, half stating. Tsunade moved the blanket slightly, looking at the bun haired girl. "Oh? I thought you don't have to start school until tomorrow-"

"I'm not." Tenten slipped on a light jacket, and paused at a mirror to undo the buns and tie her beautiful long hair into a high ponytail. She nodded to herself slightly, satisfied with her appearance. "The school committee wanted to explain something to me though, so they recommended coming before school started."

Tsunade huffed, and dove under the blankets again, a muffled, "Don't cause trouble..." was heard, followed by slight snores.

Tenten rolled her eyes, setting out of her new home in the Fire country.


Tenten choked slightly, chocolate brown eyes widening. "Oh, wow..."

Konoha High was much definitely bigger than any other school she had ever attended. "It's humongous, forget big..." The school itself was well known for successions, and one of or the biggest private school in all of the Fire country. Drawing a deep breath, Tenten walked through the gates, eyes absorbing the surroundings in glee at the beautiful environment.

She frowned slightly after her entrance, however, when she realized a lot of students were looking at her strangely... Do I look weird or something? she thought to herself, before she shifted a gaze to the clothing. Everyone either had black clothing or a white blazer. I thought there weren't uniforms here...

Tenten began to feel really uncomfortable when hushed whispers aroused, eyes still glued to her. The brunette looked down at herself one more time, trying to find out why she was the center of attention after doing absolutely nothing. Huh?

Quickening her pace and resisting the urge to snap out in curiosity, Tenten pushed open the glass doors of the high school, searching for the teacher who was supposedly supposed to explain school rules and policies to her.


"I AM MAITO GAI!" A strange man with thick eyebrows and a green spandex suit shook on of Tenten's hands furiously, obviously pleased. "I'VE HEARD MANY THINGS ABOUT YOUR PREVIOUS ADVENTURES! SUCH EXPRESSES OF YOUTH SIMPLY AMAZES ME!"

Tenten sweatdropped, before pulling her hands out of his grip hesitantly, forcing a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, uh, Gai-sensei..." Great, the guy in charge of me really is a weird Gai...

Gai ushered to keep walking deeper into the school, fortunately lowering his voice level. "I've heard you've been to eight schools," he stated, amused, "You must tell me your exciting stories of youth that caused you to get kicked out so many times."

The brunette glared up at the older man, who shrugged off her look easily. "My guardian wanders a lot, that's the only reason I've been to so many schools," Tenten stated bluntly. "I can fight, but I've never been expelled."

Gai nodded. "Ah, your guardian is Tsunade-san, right? I believe the principal, Jiraiya-san, knew her in her days of youth. I suppose that's why you were accepted in the middle of a term."

Tenten blushed slightly in embarrasement. "I got accepted because Obasan knows the principal? Is that allowed?" Gai smiled widely, Tenten wincing at the sight of his bright teeth. "You've passed the entrance exams, so do not worry, my new young flower!"

The brunette twitched at being addressed as a flower, but changed the subject as she glanced at the inside of Konoha High in awe. "Konoha High truly is amazing," she murmured, though she knew Gai heard since he raised his eyebrows, "It contains so many things, and I've only seen the front. Are you going to show me everything here?"

Before Gai could reply however, Tenten whipped around and faced him worriedly. "Sensei, I forgot. I never received a uniform!" Gai lowered his eyes, expression losing hyper joy. "There are no uniforms here in Konoha," he stated flatly. "Eh? But everyone-" "I'll explain school systems to you later," Gai said cheerfully, dismissing the project, though Tenten still felt left out or misplaced.

Everyone's wearing either black clothing or a white blazer, and staring at me strangely. But why did Gai-sensei say there's no uniforms if everyone dresses the sa-

Crashing into someone, Tenten landed on the floor, a pile of papers scattered around her. She saw a boy with long black hair in a white blazer who leaned down to pick up the papers, looking furious at her clumsiness. "I'm sorry," Tenten said quickly, averting her gaze and picking up the papers as the boy's white (they're white!) eyes stared at her.

The brunette pulled a number of papers towards her, arranging them neatly, holding them up to the boy. "Um, here, your papers-" Her voice faltered when her gaze met the other's fully, white eyes widened slightly as if in confusion. "Tenten?" Tenten shifted her weight from her knees backwards in awe. "Eh? How do you know my name?" He didn't reply, just continually staring at her. She shifted uncomfortably. "Err, excuse me-"

"Oi, Neji, what's wrong?" Tenten looked at yet another boy who was approaching behind Neji, she supposed that was what white eye's name is. The approaching boy had black spiky hair, wearing a long white trench coat, eyes hidden behind sunglasses. His face tilted towards Tenten questioningly.

"You're the new gray," he stated in a monotone voice. "State your name and class." Tenten stood up uncertainly as Neji did, and looked at the new guy strangely. "Err, Tenten Shugotenshi (A.N. made up), class 10-4-" "So it is you," the boy in the trench coat stated, nodding to reinforce his statement. "There have been rumors going around about your previous life experiences." Tenten sweatdropped internally.

"I'm Aburame Shino, vice president of Konoha. This is Hyuuga Neji, president of student council." Tenten smiled sweetly. "It's a pleasure to meet you both," she replied politely, bowing down. Shino nodded again. "You would be best suited for white."

Tenten looked up questioningly. "White?" she asked, though before Shino could say anything, she heard Gai's voice calling from the hallway.


She turned around. "I'm coming!" She bowed again quickly, before waving slightly to Shino and Neji. "Again, it was a pleasure to meet you, Aburame-san, Hyuuga-san." She walked out towards Gai, who was now waving her hands to summon her idiotically.

Wow, I've met the vice president and the president. They're both kind of strange, all emotionless and monotone voices... though the president was looking at me strangely... Tenten thought to herself, as Gai began showing her the facilities in the school.

When Tenten walked out of hearing distance, Shino turned to Neji. "What's wrong with you, Neji?" The mentioned didn't reply, merely turning and walking away quietly, the vice president raising an eyebrow in response.


"Wow..." Tenten stared at the computer room, where many students were currently working. "It's really big!"

A girl in black brushed past Tenten at the doorway, and a girl in white looked at her and sneered. "Get out of here, black. I don't need you polluting the air in here." The other glared back, replying, "Get your ass out of here if it bothers you so much." The girl in white stood up, staring down at the slightly shorter girl. "What would a dunce like you know about computers anyways?"

A boy in white looked up, reinforcing the second girl. "Oi, black, you're in the wrong area! Move your ass!"

Another boy in black on the other side of the room stood up. "You're too close to us, whites! Move it, this is black area!"

Gai cursed, and motioned for Tenten to wait where she was as he broke up the predictable fight.

When the two left the computer room, the brunette spoke up. "Gai-sensei, what the hell is wrong with this school?" "What are you doing, Gai? Torturing another student, I see." Great. Another interruption.

Gai and Tenten both turned, seeing a man with silver hair and a mask. "Kakashi, my eternal rival!" Gai boomed, and Tenten took a step backwards uncertainly. "What challenge have you called for now!" Kakashi merely shrugged, looking back to his book. "Whatever..."

"You truly are my eternal rival, Kakashi! Keeping your cool like that! Wait, where are you running off to, rival of mine!"

Tenten stood, lost, as her guide ran off yelling something to Kakashi-sensei, who didn't even seem to be listening. She headed outside to the courtyard, where more blacks were fighting against whites. There's something seriously wrong about this school...

"Hey, you." Tenten turned, and saw a boy with spiked brown hair in a ponytail leaning against the brick wall lazily, staring at her. "You're the new Gray?" She walked over and stood a foot away from him. "Um, a Gray?" The boy nodded, looking at her.

"Name's Nara Shikamaru, call me Shikamaru. You new to this school?" She nodded, slightly puzzled. "Yeah, I'm Tenten." she realized, something different, looking at him curiously.

He's the first one to wear ordinary clothes...

Shikamaru stood up and dusted himself off, eyeing Tenten boredly. "You know, I didn't think anyone else would be a Gray." At this, the brunette frowned. "I've heard that before what is a Gray supposed to be?" The question was more to herself, but the boy answered it anyways.

He waved his hand, telling her to follow him, and Tenten walked alongside the boy as he explained what the school custom was.

"I'll take it you're not stupid, and noticed there's something wrong about Konoha. There are two types of uniforms: black, or white. Usually, you have to choose a certain group when you enter school. The ones wearing white are called white, and same thing for black.

The white are considered superior, and the black are the worse students. The groups always fight in some sort of competition everyday, though there are people like us who aren't in either group. We don't get stuck in their competitions and don't have uniforms."

Tenten blinked as she absorbed the information. "And that's a Gray?" Shikamaru nodded. "Why is Konoha that way?" He shrugged. "It's just been a custom forever. Actually though, we're two of the very few Grays. You'll find out why soon." Shikamaru's eyes hardened slightly.

Tenten frowned, and looked at him confusedly. "What?" Shikamaru waved a hand lazily. "Never mind. You'll find out in school tomorrow."

Tenten watched Shikamaru walk away, chewing on her thumb nail in confusion.

I wonder what he meant by that...


"This isn't good," Tenten mumbled to herself, looking through her locker again.

Her tour with Gai-sensei had finished, and Konoha let its students out. She was the only one in the hall right now, since Tenten was organizing her locker and trying to catch up in her studies. Gai had given her a large notebook with all the notes for the year, though she had somehow misplaced it.

Closing the locker, Tenten lightly banged her head against it in frustration.

Not even the first day of school, and I'm already screwed...

Sighing exasperatedly, the brunette turned- to be greeted with the site of a white notebook being held inches from her face. "Eh? What's this..." Whoever was holding the object droppped it, though she caught it by quick reflexes. Looking upwards at the stranger, brown eyes met white. Tenten blinked at the sight of Hyuuga Neji standing in front of her, but smiled warmly nonetheless.

"Ano, Hyuuga-san, is this yours?" He cocked an eyebrow, Tenten feeling stupid for asking an obvious question. She scanned through its contents, only to find it was a lot like the notebook Gai had given her (he probably scanned it or something).

The brunette looked back up at the Hyuuga in glee. "Thank you, Hyuuga-san! I promise, I'll return it to you tomorrow when I copy the notes down!"

Neji didn't reply, and Tenten took a step backwards awkwardly. Maybe I shouldn't talk to him after all-

"I'm Hyuuga Neji." Tenten blinked. "Eh? I already knew that, Hyuuga-san." He stared at her incredulously. "Are you messing with me?" His tone became low and dangerous, and the girl gulped. "Um? What?"

Neji scowled darkly. "You've really forgotten? You better remember tomorrow, idiot."

With that, he turned and walked away, Tenten's eyes narrowing at the remark. "Idiot?"

I don't even know him!

Leaving the school, Tenten laid on the grass field, looking up at the clouds and sorting out her mind.

He called me an idiot for not remembering him... but this is the first time I've ever met him! I can't know him, I've never heard of Hyuuga Neji ever...

I guess he's not as calm as everyone would expect...

"Hey, you, new girl." Tenten stiffened and sat up quickly, seeing the boy she met earlier. "Shikamaru-san. What are you doing here?" she asked politely, and he sat down next to her. "Drop the -san, it makes me feel weird. What were you and Hyuuga talking about?"

Tenten looked at him suspiciously. "Nothing, really. Why?" Shikamaru turned to her, expression serious. "Don't get involved with Hyuuga." "Eh?"

His shoulders moved up and down carelessly. "Like I've told you, blacks and whites have a leader, and followers hook onto their every word. Hyuuga is the leader of the whites."

The brunette's eyes widened. "Oh..."

Someone screamed, and both teens shot up onto there feet, running towards the direction of the sound- rather, Tenten was running, and Shikamaru was walking at an ordinary pace. "Is it another fight?" she asked Shikamaru, and stopped at what was seen in front of her.

"I'll never do it again!" a younger boy screamed as a larger boy in black beat him repeatedly. "Someone, please help me!"

"Shikamaru, do something!" Tenten exclaimed to her companion. He shrugged, and turned away from the scene. "Too troublesome." "What!" "Don't get involved, Tenten, it happens everyday-"

Shikamaru stared after Tenten as she headed towards the bully. "Tenten!"

The older boy had gotten his hands onto four kunai, and raised his arm, intent obvious-

"Stop it!"

The crowd that had gathered watched in amazement as Tenten latched herself to the stranger's arm to prevent him from throwing the weapons. "If you throw those, you'll kill him!"

The boy in black looked down at her blankly. "Who the hell are you?"

His voice was deep and dark, onyx eyes glaring at her furiously. Tenten faltered, and unfortunately loosened her grip, allowing him to throw her off his arm easily, and whipped the kunai directly at the boy in white.

Cursing at herself for showing weakness, Tenten rushed forward and pushed the boy away, leaving herself targeted. Before the kunai could reach her however-

Murmurs began as Shikamaru stood in front of Tenten, calmly holding the four discarded weapons. "You shouldn't have gotten in the way," he said, turning to face the new girl, and the boy in black glared at Shikamaru.

"Who the hell is this, Nara?" Shikamaru threw back the kunais slowly, and shrugged. "A new Gray?"

Shikamaru shrugged again. "She's a transfer student, Uchiha, and an acquaintance. Don't lay a hand on her though."

The boy, Uchiha Sasuke, snorted slightly, and turned his attention to Tenten. "You're the new student? Someone ought to have told you the rules."

He pointed the kunai towards her menacingly. "Join a group, follow the leader, don't stand out, and don't try to be unique. Otherwise your life will be a living hell."

Sasuke pocketed the kunais, not removing his emotionless gaze from the girl. "Don't get in my way. I'll kill you."

Tenten stood up, and straightened her shirt, before eyeing the Uchiha bravely. "That's stupid." He twitched. "You're all following these stupid rules because of something stupid in the past. The school itself is amazing and up to date, but you're all acting like how the old timers used to be. It's violent, and no one's got guts to make a change.

You're all idiots!"

The whole crowd stared at her wide-eyed and in astonishment. "So someone finally does have enough courage to say it aloud."

Hyuuga Neji pushed his way forward, and people moved out of the way silently as he faced Sasuke. The latter turned his head away in disgust. "What the hell do you want, Hyuuga? Your presence is making me sick."

"The feeling is mutual," Neji replied, though his white eyes hardened and narrowed slightly as he addressed the other boy.

Shikamaru stirred, and Tenten looked at him inquiringly. "They're the leaders of the blacks and whites," he answered, "they usually never face each other, so it's a rare occasion."

Tenten looked back at the leader of the blacks.

That's the leader of the blacks? He's just like Hyuuga-san, monotonish and everything. Though he seems smart, not as idiotic as Shikamaru described the blacks…

"Shikamaru? Who is the leader of the Grays?"

Another shrug. "Grays are independent. We don't have a leader."

Tenten beamed, and turned to him. "I'll be a Gray then. I don't want to be part of this feud or obey anyone!" Shikamaru and Neji both looked at her like she was dumb, while Sasuke snorted humorously.

"You're going to regret that, transfer student," he said darkly, "You should have listened to others."

The brunette smiled at him, determinedly. "I will not back out on my decision."

The crowd dispersed, and Tenten walkd with Shikamaru back to the school, while rumors shot around like fire.

"There's a new Gray then." "I bet you she won't last two days!" "I'll take you up on that…"