The New Gray

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Swearing, light violence

Summary: Konoha High is dominated by two gangs, known as the Blacks and Whites. These two groups are led by Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji (respectively). When Tenten arrives at the school, she sets to rebel against these old customs and change school traditions forever. Nejiten, others listed when appeared

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Chapter 5-

The brunette narrowed her eyes, sidestepping the pair of scissors thrown at her menacingly. This whole situation itself was beginning to irk her.

It'll only cause more trouble if I fight back, she told herself determinedly, raising her arms in defense. I may not know who White Rose is, but there's no point in making an enemy out of all the students here! I'd just get kicked out in the end, and obasan would kill me!

Feeling the lack of any other solid objects, she lowered her hands down cautiously. Blinking, Tenten's eyes widened when she saw that there was a person who was standing in front of her, someone important enough that all the students stopped their actions.

"Do you think throwing things at her will help anything?" Sasuke asked in a bored manner, raising an eyebrow at them questioningly. Cautiously, the students began backing up. Black or White, when Sasuke had something to say, you would listen, unless you wanted something rather regretful to happen.

"Whoever sabotaged you wasn't her. You're idiots for letting your anger take the best of you, and think clearly before acting shamefully like now!"

The Gray blinked in surprise as Sasuke continued criticizing the people. Since when did Uchiha Sasuke care what happened anyway? Was this the same guy who practically kidnapped her and scorned at her in disgust?

"Question," Tenten intervened, sticking her head from behind his back as curiosity took the best of her. "Why are you taking my side?"

She ducked as a kick was thrown her way, cleanly cracking the wall right above her head. Looking up at the crack, and back towards the smug boy, Tenten gulped in dismay. Oh boy... someone's pissed off.

"Don't misinterpret the situations, newbie. The only reason I'm paying attention to you at all is because you're the only one Neji's ever let past his stoic facade. If anything happened, then I would lose the chance of a possible weakness," the Black leader muttered obnoxiously. "Even though I have no idea what he could possibly see in a plain ugly girl like you. Otherwise, you're just a plain nuisance. I wouldn't usually look twice at you. So try acting smart and stick near him if you want to avoid injuries."

The Gray bristled, at both his superior tone and the content at which he said it. Who was he to think she was relying on his and Hyuuga-san's help anyways? She could take care of herself, without any punks with rotten attitudes getting in the way of everything. The very nerve and lack of honor!

As he turned back to the class, Tenten stood up, furiously striking back with a kick- to the area where it hurts (A.N. Sorry, but even Sasuke's got to hurt when you hit him there, amazing as he is or not). "Who the hell do you think you are!" she yelled as he bent over on the floor automatically, gritting his teeth in pain. "The only reason you have any strength at all is because you've got followers who do your dirty work for you! You're nothing but a damned spoiled coward, Uchiha! Try fighting without your henchmen for once!"

With that, she whipped around, slamming the door for dramatic affect, even though it did nothing to lighten her bad mood. The class watched in shock as Sasuke stood up unsteadily, a murderous aura beginning to dominate the area. That bitch... "Mind your own business and look somewhere else, Goddammit!" he resisted to yell at the students, since some of the Whites were snickering in glee.

Cursing colorful words, he muttered to himself, and stood upright.

"I will kill her!"

Seeing as how everyone was still looking at him in amazement (after all, Tenten hit him twice, not just once. No one had ever landed a blow on Sasuke except for one certain white-eyed boy), the Uchiha shot a deadly glare that made almost everyone wince and back away uncertainly.

"What are you waiting for? Leave!"

The crowd dispersed, while the Whites laughed at their adversaries' leader out of his hearing range.


This sucks, Tenten thought, as she was wandering outside after the little scene, it's like fighting a stupid phantom or something like that. I can't get a blow on the one who's causing all the junk! And it's not possible to take White Rose directly on if I don't know who he or she is. I suppose it's safe enough to take Uchiha off the list of suspects, though. Annoying like heck, but at least the Black's got a sense of honor... I think.

She paused, catching sight of a certain timid girl sitting on the grass by herself. "Hinata!" The white-eyed girl looked up in surprise, smiling politely as Tenten plopped down next to her. "Good afternoon, Tenten-san," she said quietly, and jumped when the brunette elbowed her in the side. "Tenten, Hinata, Tenten! Let's not trouble ourselves with formalities, ne?"

Hinata nodded, slightly turning red from embarrassment. The two girls sat in a comfortable silence, each with their own thoughts, until it was Hinata who spoke up. "Tenten, are you scared? For not taking a side?" She got a questioning look in return. "I mean, you have so much trouble to put up with... everyone picks on you because you choose to be a Gray. Why do you still want to stand out, though?"

"I don't really want to stand out," Tenten replied slowly, thinking her words through, "It's just that I don't want to do something that I don't think is right. I mean, not just here at Konoha, but maybe later on in life. How can I ever be happy if I always do what I'm told when I don't want to? You have to take a stand to start somewhere, right? Even if it is hard." She turned back to Hinata.

"Are you regretting meeting me, Hinata? Is that why you brought this up?" Hinata shook her head, before twiddling her thumbs in shame again. "I want to wear my own clothes, and this system seems wrong. But I don't have enough courage to do anything about it." She looked up at Tenten in a surprisingly confident manner. "But I don't regret meeting you, Tenten, I really don't. And I'm proud to be your friend!"

Tenten blushed happily, and winked. "I'll help you out if this friendship causes you problems though, 'kay, Hinata?" Hinata just nodded, and smiled a true smile for the first time she could remember since she came to Konoha.


"I can never find you where things are exciting, can I, Shikamaru?"

The mentioned looked up from his computer, and leaned back against his chair lazily and Tenten moved to stand next to him. "It's almost like you have social problems," she said to the genius teasingly, who merely rolled his eyes.

"I'm probably more popular than what you think," he muttered, causing her to raise a brow. "Oh? Does Shikamaru have a fan club I don't know about?" The brunette continued mockingly, though Shikamaru sighed, changing the subject. "So, where have you been?"

Tenten sat on the desk, as Shikamaru continued his work. "You're right though, Shikamaru. I think I might have been taking White Rose too easily. Their name and tools may not be very dangerous, but it's the fear and control of the students around here that is being manipulated; and that makes the most dangerous weapon, since I can't fight back."

"So you're not as dumb as you act," Shikamaru muttered, ignoring the blow sent to his head. "Troublesome woman... Anyway, it's better to figure that out fast, and don't cause too much of a disruption. You'd probably get expelled." "Getting expelled isn't exactly my first priority, right now..."

She shrugged, turning her attention to the screen. "What are you doing now, Nara?" "Searching through student data. Most kids in school don't have access to the limitless greenery that Rose has. It should be easy to track who either owns or lives near a greenhouse, once I crack the password."

"You can do that!" Tenten exclaimed, beginning to feel excited, "That's awesome Shikamaru! But you do realize there are amazing flower shops around here."

Shikamaru shrugged, before pulling a thorned rose out of his backpack. "Where did you get that!" "White Rose is moving faster than he's ever moved before. Be wary of your actions, Tenten," Shikamaru warned seriously, "Anybody that you even talk to will be affected. Teachers, anybody really.

A white rose like this is a warning. I told you, I have a good reputation around this place, so don't worry about me. But maybe there's someone else you should keep an eye on... an acquaintance who's maybe not as strong."

Tenten froze. "Everyone... I'm acquainted with... oh damn, Hinata!"



Students looked on in confusion as Tenten and Shikamaru made their way through the halls, desperately looking for the white eyed girl. "Where are you? Hinata!"

Tenten ran up to a girl nearby, who looked at the Gray cautiously. "Do you know where Hyuuga Hinata went?" The girl pointed to the bathroom. "She just went in there." "Thanks!"

Pushing the door open, Tenten rushed in. "Hinata!"

She froze. In one of the stalls, small drops of red could be seen. Oh, Kami-sama...

Hinata was tied to the toilet, seat down. Her eyes were closed, and the thorny vines bound to her were tight enough to draw some blood and cause scratches. "Hinata..."

"What the hell..." Tenten moved numbly as Shikamaru pushed past her, carefully cutting the vines binding the girl with a pocket knife he handily kept. "What the hell have they done?" Carefully lifting her freed body, Shikamaru put her gently on the floor, tapping her on the cheek lightly. "Hinata, wake up!"

Her eyelids twitched, before rising, gazing at the two people in front of her. "Tenten, Shikamaru..." "Watch Hinata for a little, Shikamaru." Her friends looked at Tenten sharply as she turned to leave the bathroom. "Where are you going?" Shikamaru demanded, "It's not a good time to lose your temper, Tenten!"

"I'm sorry, Hinata," she whispered, bangs hiding her eyes darkly as Hinata stood up shakily. "It's my fault you were involved. I'm sorry..."

"Tenten," the White began to whisper hoarsely in protest, "It's not-"

Without another word, Tenten dashed out of the room, Hinata staring at her back worriedly.

Don't involve others who have nothing to do with this! You've got out of your bounds!

I can't let this continue... no, I WON'T let this continue!

"Are you all right?" Shikamaru had moved Hinata to the nurse's office, and her cuts were treated and bandaged. "Do you know who did this to you?"

"I'm not sure," she admitted regretfully, "I was knocked out when I got into the bathroom, so I didn't see anyone..."

Shikamaru sighed. "That's too bad. They acted physically this time; it would have given a good lead."

"Wait, Shikamaru." He turned to Hinata, who stood up, her eyes slightly narrowed.

"White Rose is a girl. That fact, I'm sure of."

(A.N. I think everyone automatically assumed it was a girl, based on the name, but there's your evidence. XP Sorry, I was really lame in choosing the name.)


"The reports of bully and extortion towards the Whites are increasing, Neji. The Blacks have been getting overconfident ever since you submitted to Uchiha.

The teachers don't want anything to do with this, since it's a problem between students. What are you going to do about this? It's your responsibility to clear things up." Shino didn't receive a reply, and Neji didn't even act like he heard him.

Student council meetings were taking place. They were never really meaningful; it was more of group of the smartest people who discussed problems without ever really doing anything about those problems. Still, they did take place.

"Don't blame Neji for everything Aburame. All he did was help the transfer student, and it wasn't wrong, really," Ino shot back at Shino coolly since Neji obviously wasn't going to. "Besides, if you want action done, why don't you do it yourself instead of complaining about it?"

The other members besides Ino and Neji shivered, beginning to fear Shino's wrath. He was not someone to mess with, and even Sasuke didn't bother him. Ino must've been in a bad mood.

The blonde cleared her throat. "Anyways, moving on to the next subject-"


Everyone jumped, looking at the ceiling in surprise. "What the hell was that!"


(Sasuke's POV)

"That's the newbie's voice," Sasuke muttered, while Naruto was laughing behind him. "Seems like she's taken over the broadcast room."

"She's a strange one," Naruto muttered, wiping a tear from his eyes, "But that's what you expect from a girl like her. Never changes, does she?"

(Back to the meeting)

Idiot. Neji stood up exasperatedly, while the rest of the council was heading towards the broadcast room in curiosity to see what was going on. What does she think she's doing?

He froze when as someone grabbed his arm, and turned to meet Ino's blue eyes. "Don't go!" the blonde stated simply. "Things will only get more troublesome if you get into this mess. Think about your position as president and leader of the Whites!"

Neji pulled his arm from her grasp sharply, glaring at Ino in disgust. "Don't touch me," he stated coolly, and headed out towards the hallways.

Alone in the meeting room, Ino felt her fists clench against her side in fury. Don't act like you've never touched anyone before, Neji. Why is SHE the only one you're soft to?

"At this rate, his entire reputation will be destroyed," the blonde muttered angrily under her breath, "The sooner she leaves, the better it'll be."


"Open up!" a teacher yelled forcefully, pounding on the door. "Come out of there this minute! No one is allowed access to the broadcast room without permission!"

The door slammed open, a murderous Tenten standing in the opening, eyes narrowed and kunais firmly wedged between her fingers. "Which one of you is White Rose?"

All the students stepped back fearfully, knowing how precise and deadly the new student's aim was. And she wasn't afraid to show off her skill, either.

"WELL!" The students scrambled as two shuriken emerged from no where, burying themselves deep into the wall without hitting anyone. "Where ARE you!"

"You'll b-be exp-pelled for this!" The teacher yelled, holding his hands up in defense, "This will n-not go unpunished!"

"Shut up!" she screamed, "If I was scared of being expelled, do you think I would be a Gr-"

Tenten dropped on her knees, a sudden blow to her face leaving her in pain. "D-damn it..."

Neji didn't say anything, only calmly pulled her up by her arm, neither angry nor pleased. "Act maturely on matters like these. You can't go throwing weapons around randomly," he said coolly, ignoring the glare he received in turn. "You'll only end up hurting someone who has nothing to do with your problems. Where would that leave you?"

He turned, addressing the teacher who had been trying to force Tenten from the broadcasting room. "Go back to your rooms. Everybody," he commanded, as students cleared out due to his order. The teacher glanced at Tenten uneasily, before going back to the staff room where he had a meeting.

The only ones left in the hall were Tenten, Neji, and Shikamaru and Hinata, whom had just arrived. Seeing the hall was vacated and ignoring Hinata and Shikamaru, Neji turned back to Tenten. "What happened? If you continue to act irrationally, someone could seriously be hurt," he asked, anger detectable in his tone. "Are you just trying to act barbarically?"

"You don't know anything!" she screamed at him, her weapons on the floor as she glared at him with the most hate she could manage, "What do you know at all! You're the leader of the stupidest system I have ever heard, and you're a fucking coward for not doing anything about what's going on here! When have you ever acted at all? You're just a self-confident, egoistic bastard!"

The halls were silent, as Neji rose a brow, and Tenten paused to catch her breath. Her arms dropped by her side uselessly. Shikamaru and Hinata blinked, mystified that Neji said nothing as just stood there, taking all the insults.

"I couldn't do anything." Neji stiffened at her sudden change in tone, and looked at her. Tenten's eyes were hidden beneath her bangs, as she clenched her fists in fury. "I couldn't do anything, Hyuuga-san. Hinata was hurt because of me..."

"I don't think she's ever been affected by the bullying before," Shikamaru muttered on the sideline, "It's all about her friends who are hurt that makes her angry..." Hinata blinked, looking down at her feet in shame. " shouldn't worry over me..."

"The newbie's really getting into this, isn't she?" Everyone turned, Sasuke standing in the hallway, smirking. Naruto waved brightly behind him, but only Hinata seemed to pay any attention to him.

"Why don't you just pity her, Hyuuga? Tell her who White Rose is, why don't you?"

Tenten looked up, surprised. He knew? He knew who White Rose was! Forget that, both Sasuke and Neji knew?

Sasuke just continued smirking, addressing Neji fully. "You do know who she is, right? She may target Grays, but the newbie's different. And you know fully she's doing it because she likes you, Hyuuga."

Neji's eyes narrowed at his adversary darkly.


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