Chase x Omi Drabbles

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DrabbleOne: The Truth Game

Chase loved to play games and so when he stumbled upon this particular one, he immediately wanted to test it. Looking through the magazine, he hoped that it'll work. For once, Jack Spicer was actually helpful.

--- --- 000 --- ---

Twitching, Omi glared darkly at the smirking man sitting in front of him. Once again, he was captured by the russet-eyed half-dragon. It annoyed him greatly that Chase Young, as Raimundo would say, kicked his bottom...or was it butt?

Seeing the widening grin, he wiggled around furiously, but his attempts to escape were futile. Oh, how he hated that sadistic smile. It made him want to drown the evil Prince, but unfornately he couldn't.

"Omi, why don't you drink your tea?" Chase innocently asked, sipping the hot liquid.

"If you haven't forgotten," the small boy growled, "I'm TIED to a STUPID CHAIR!" he spat. The black-haired man chuckled, thoroughly amused by this little child.

"Ah, sorry."

Omi snorted. As if you evil, evil, evil bastard! For a moment, he was shocked at himself for using such a strong word…neverless, it suited the man. After a few minutes, the Dragon of Water menacingly looked at Chase. "Are you going to untie me?"

"Yes." A spark of delight filled Omi's vibrant eyes. "On one condition." That happiness vanished, and the small boy frowned angrily.


"You play a game with me."

"…No," Omi carefully said, somewhat unsure. He wanted to escape, but Chase's idea of fun was full of violence, humilation, as well as fear.

"Don't worry. It's not violent."

Omi sputtered. Did Chase read his mind? Sighing, he muttered, "Fine." Another grin spreaded on the man's pale face.

"All right then." Chase snapped his fingers, and in a poof of black smoke, the ropes were gone. The small boy stretched in relief, as his muscles had began to get cramped from being tied up. However, he didn't know what perverted thoughts crossed the older man's mind as Chase observed Omi's form.

"So what's the game?" Omi asked.

"Simple. You just answer whatever your mind thinks of first after I say a sentence or word," Chase explained, trying to sustain his excitement from showing.

Although suspicious, Omi knew he couldn't run away, for he had promised to play. "Okay."

"Good. Are you ready?" The tanned boy gave a slight nod. "Flower."

"Rose." …What the…

"Sheets." Hehehehe…bedsheets.

"Um…paper?" What is the point of this game? Omi crinkled his nose at this weird game, as he waited for Chase to speak.


"Brush." What sort of idiocy is this!

"Bed." Muahahahaha… Chase inwardly cackled.


"Clothing." Peferably no clothing on you, my dear little one.




You? Chase raised an eyebrow, before settling into realization. Ah, wait, you're the Dragon of Water. "Peach."


"Favorite color."


Black? Interesting. "Food."





"What? Kimiko said that after you get married, you do something to get babies," Omi naively replied, unaware of the laughter in Chase's eyes.







"Oh, I'm hurt," Chase mockingly said, while Omi rolled his eyes. "Handsome."

"Yo…I mean, me!" Omi hurriedly corrected. That was close.

The half-dragon's smirk grew larger. "Nymphs."



"Jack Spicer."

That's not a surprise. "Witch."




"Your crush."

"You." Omi realized what he had replied with and gasped. "No, I mean…" but before he could finish his sentence, a pair of warm lips silenced him. Arms encircled his small frame, and pulled him in closer.

Chase smiled as Omi returned the kiss. You are mine little one.

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