Chase x Omi Drabbles

Author's Notes:

This is somewhat of a departing gift to those who still continue to read my work.

Warnings: OCC-ness. Un-betaed.

Drabble Ten: Good-byes

Dragon blood flows through his veins, causing his long lifespan. The Lao-Mang-Long never caused immortality – Hannibal Roy Bean was cunning and knew his prey's weaknesses.

It has been around fifteen years since I first met him. I have grown stronger– perhaps stronger than Master Fung –, but something is missing. I have achieved my life ambition to become (one of) the strongest warrior ever… but…

It's been four years since the last of the Shen-Gong-Wu was found, and sealed into the vault. Our mission was over. Everyone had moved on. Master Fung passed away two years ago. Clay's and Kimiko's wedding is tomorrow. I believe Raimundo has a female friend he is bringing to the celebration.

I was lonely.

"Omi. You don't need my permission to go."

I stayed silent, watching the ripples of water caused by the koi. His reflection smiled gently – a rare thing. A warm feeling coursed through my body, but my frown remained in place.

He sat next to me, patting my head. I twitched slightly – I never grew hair, and even though I grew taller, I was still the shortest of the people I knew.


He is not immortal – his youthful appearance belies his true age. He grows old, and with each passing year… his heart grows weaker. The Lao-Mang-Long soup's effect has weared off. But it was soon the end.

Too soon.

"Omi. You'll be all right. You should go."

Chase was never this kind. My frown grew deeper.

"Omi," his reflection smirked. An arm snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Closing my eyes, I inhaled his scent. I smiled, clutching his arm.


Good-bye Jermaine…Kimiko, Clay…Raimundo, Dojo…



Thank you for reading.

I don't know whether I'll write another XS fic, or even continue what I have.

But I doubt I'll be able to update.

Again, thank you for reading.

- Arius Kei