At the funeral, all were in tears. Bouquets lined the room, but only one had been placed in the center, as if it were more important. It was the one that Alexa had given. It was an arrangement of carnations. Alexa was asked to give a eulogy.

"When we had first admitted to each other the way we felt," she began. "It was if we were meeting for the first time all over again. It was a wonderful feeling, love, that I felt around him. I had always wondered how long it would last, or if I ever took it for granted. I had always seen others around me, when they were in love, maybe not truly, but close enough. There was a look, a certain gleaming, in their eyes, whenever they were around that one certain someone. I had always longed for it, and I realized that I had the feeling all along. He had the gleam in his eye. It was if nothing could break us apart. Except death. Neither of us, as far as I could know, had the thought that it would come this early. I feel as if I am responsible for him driving off that night, and I know others feel responsible too. As if there was something we could have done. And maybe there was. Some small little factor that we each overlooked. It's not just me, but anyone he ever knew. Roger was always willing to help out, and never held back. So it is not only family and friends that were rewarded by his presence. All of us were, strangers on the street that he donated money to. Those he held doors open for. Anyone whom he had ever assisted in some way. And he helped me to discover that even though he is physically gone from the world, he is still in our minds and our hearts forever. That is what matters now, in his memory. And we will see him again, not in death, but in life. You may see him in other people, with his personality or smile. Other people, that we may grow to love as well."

Mrs. Thomason was gazing up at Alexa.

"I would just like to mention," Alexa said, "the flowers I have brought. They are carnations. When we had admitted to each other how we felt he gave me a bouquet of carnations the next day. I felt as if I was on top of the world, and I would never float back down. But he brought me back down and kept me here. These carnations are to thank him."

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