Chapter 12 - For All Eyes to See

Sesshoumaru whined to his mate as she opened her eyes. His own were clouded with happiness and a bit of lust from the night before. They lay together, legs tangled in a lover embrace, a top the large pelts from the mating sessions they had the night before. "How do you feel, mate?" he asked.

Kagome gazed up at him, love filled within her eyes as she replied, "A little sore but other then that I am fine."

Sesshoumaru nodded before moving down her body sniffing at her abdomen. A smile etched itself across his lips as he took in another whiff of the wonderful aroma. His scent was fully mixed with hers meaning his pup now rested within her womb. He began to whimper against her abdomen telling his female she was indeed pregnant while welcoming the new life into the world.

Kagome glanced down tears in her eyes as she smiled to him. She knew what that whimper meant and was proud to say she held the Western Lord's pup within her small body. Growling in happiness she allowed her hands to rest upon her stomach covering the hand he already had there.

Gazing up into her blue eye Sesshoumaru let out another soft growl. He was beyond pleased that his pup was now inside of his female. He did however know that they would need to return to the palace soon. Then he would need to have a meeting with his court to show off his new, though at times mouthy mate. He was sure the other lords' would be extremely jealous that it was he, the youngest to find the female. Some might even try and take her from him, which didn't sit well with him. Growling down at her, he felt his body stiffen once more, ready for another round with her.


Kagome sat where she was told. Sure there were a lot of rules but being the mate to Sesshoumaru was lovely. She was going to be showed off to the court today, and then there would be a presentation later on in the week to honor them. She really did understand why she needed to be showed off to his court, but she wasn't so sure she was ready to be showed off at the presentation since she wasn't so used to crowds.

A smirk appeared on her face with that. Sesshoumaru had told her something about keeping her tongue still when she felt like being mouthy. He had found that at times she was a lot of bark, and then if necessary she could also be a lot more action. Of course she didn't like to fight others, because she usually ended up hurting them. Her father had always said her big heart was going to get her killed one-day. She hoped that wouldn't happen but whatever came along came alone.

Sesshoumaru walked toward his mate, pride radiating off his body. He noticed her nervousness and bent down beside her. However as soon as he got to her side, that nervousness turned to smugness telling him she wasn't going to heed his advice if she couldn't help it. Shaking his head he said, "Come mate."

"Hai, Sesshoumaru," she said knowing that she was the only one able to call him by his first name. That fact was only because she was his mate, but before it was only because he never said she couldn't. She followed like a good mate should and watched as he walked toward his courtroom. A large room she had been showed before, filled with ivory, and lots of stone.

He pushed the door open easily and motioned for her to go in. She walked inside and stopped just beside the door with her head bowed, and eyes closed. Waiting she heard someone say, 'Entering Lord Sesshoumaru and his new Lady, Lady Kagome.'

Sesshoumaru walked inside hearing gasps come from some of his council members as Kagome raised her head. Her blue eyes brightened the room and he walked toward his chair letting her stand there like taught. Once seated he saw her begin to walk forward and stand in the middle circle, until kneeling down before the court. A smirk appeared on his face, knowing she had done well.

Her red kimono was long thus folding over her slippers. Black designs were cast upon the fabric in different ways, and swirled on the sleeves. He had had the kimono made just for this occasion and another for the presentation, of course that one was black. He wanted her to give off the image she gave him when he first saw her but without the warrior, and only the hime. Though he did want her to admit her aura off in full.

The council members began to talk among themselves all eyeing the new beautiful Lady. Her aura showed that she was nothing from weak, and her kind nature could be seen throughout the room. One of the women narrowed her eyes, but held her tongue until she couldn't take it anymore. Sesshoumaru was to be hers and this whore came and took him from under her nose.

"This is your choice Lord Sesshoumaru, she is to weak to be here? Also where did you find such a whore?" she said hoping to get truth out of her words. However it wasn't Sesshoumaru that said anything.

"I would suggest you keep your tongue Tis unless you wish to have it removed," Kagome said gazing up at the female.

Tis gasp and looked to the amused Sesshoumaru. Her mouth hung open until she felt someone tug at her kimono. "Stay out of my way old dragon. If she is so willing to fight for what is hers then allow her to?" she hissed to the dragon before her.

"Tis… you will not speak to my mate in such a way. For you foolishness you shall be turned from my council member to Jaken's slave," Sesshoumaru smirked. He hated the stupid bitch and would be more then happy to give her to the gami. He heard Tis begin to cry but only held his gaze on his mate. Such a lovely creature she was, and seeing her sit there in such a position made him want to simply run to her, before mating her there on the floor of his courtroom. He knew Kagome could feel his thoughts as she licked her lips, and sent him a lustful glance.

"I congratulate you Lord Sesshoumaru," said the dragon that had tried to save Tis's spot. She had been a very good adviser but she just couldn't stay away from something that wasn't to be hers.

Sesshoumaru nodded and gave Kagome a small smile. All the council members caught it and they to began to smile. Yes, this female would be very good for their lord. She was already working her special magic around him.


Kagome now sat on the balcony recalling the presentation that just took place. She had had to deal with a few smart mouth little bitches but she soon showed them that she wasn't one to mess with. She too held a smart mouth and unlike them wasn't afraid to show that she knew some very unpleasant words. Even her mother had been surprised at the language she handled them with while Sesshoumaru smirked amusingly the whole time.

At one point she had even said something about, 'Why deal with the losers when I already have the prize?' Sesshoumaru's smirk had turned to a smile, though very small in size. She of course knew he wasn't one to show emotions in public. Sesshoumaru had whispered something about getting something special later on. She could just bet what that was.

Now sitting there, she cast an eerie glance over the land. Her life had changed so suddenly, but she wouldn't change that. Now she looked back into the room to find her mate gazing at her, but her attention when back outside. She could have sworn she saw something. Strange, she felt like someone, or something was watching over her. Like with turning her from the hidden girl of a large estate, to the all to see Lady of the Western Lands.


Bankotsu gazed down at his daughter one last time. The elders had allowed him to come this far and were giving him one more day before finally passing over. So with one last glanced his bright voice sang through the trees like a ghost.

"Be safe my daughter. I have gotten you this far and now it is up to you…"

With a final glance to the couple Bankotsu decided that he had seen enough. He would go see his lovely mate one last time and then he would go back to the heavens and await the day that his family finally joined him…


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