A/N This story is in dedication to Caren H who wrote the fabulous story in which mine is based off of. This isn't a sequel to Draco's Fanmail but a side project done with Caren's permission. Also I'm taking suggestions from people of what they would like to read and constructive criticism is highly appreciated. Also be sure to send in letters you'd want answered by Mr. Severus Snape. So without further adieu I give you Letters with Snape.

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Couples: HGDM, HPGW, RWBZLB, and there maybe some random couples.

Chapter 1 Snape's Introduction

Hello everyone I am Professor Severus Snape the Potion Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I've decided to accept fan mail for two reasons. The first reason being that meddlesome old fool Dumbledore thinks it would be good for me to let out some of my anger in letters and the second reason being I was simply curious what someone would write to me about. I don't possibly see how this is going to make anyone happy least of all me. But I will do what I must. Now to answer the first letter.

Letter #1:

Dear Professor Snape,

I hate you more than words could say. Every time you hang your head over my cauldron to check my potion I'm afraid you'll ruin it by letting the grease of your hair run into it. You are loathsome and definitely snarky. I don't see how Malfoy can put up with you. Please die or leave Hogwarts. Trust me everyone would be better off!


All of Gryffindor House

Dear Gryffindorks,

If you think that poorly of me then what shall I think of you? You are all obnoxious brats. I'd take you all out of my classes if I could. I would especially like to get rid of Potter and his sneaky ways. I hope the whole lot of you get lost in the forbidden forest.


Professor Severus Snape

Dear Snape,

I thought I'd write and tell you how much this amuses me. I can't believe you are answering fan mail! Hah and to think you copied me. Really I'm shocked that you are getting fan mail. Well I wouldn't be shocked if someone like Madame Sinistra sent you fan mail. She has always wanted a piece of you. Eww I think I'm now thoroughly disgusted. Hermione said that's what I get for saying, or writing such things. By the way she says you need to loose the overgrown bat look. Good day Professor!


Draco Malfoy

A/N That's all for this chapter. I thought I'd make longer chapters once I get the responses I will need to keep going with it. Thanks for reading!


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