A/N This is the final chapter of Letters to Snape cries. I know it's so sad. But it was time to end it because of my own procrastination. I've been having problems getting excited with this story so I thought it was best to end it while I still had some people who still read it lol. Now without further ado, the end of Letters to Snape!

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Where Are They Now?

I'm sure by now everyone is wondering just what has happened to everyone. I assure you no one ended up in a bad way…well unless you count the Giant Squid. You see we fed Cornelius Fudge to the squid. I feel so sorry for that poor creature. Anyway I believe I deviate from the topic at hand. I've been volunteered to tell everyone what happened to all the characters. I thought it would be best to do this in a list format. It is much easier for the organized mind.

Albus D.:

Well as some may know Helen, one of Sirius Black's daughters, and my niece, is an amazing inventor and scientist. She of course knew of Dumbledore's turn towards insanity. I mean the man was bloody barmy! Well he still is of course. Though now at least he wears his clothes. He still runs around chasing the students spouting lines from Napoleon Dynamite. It's quite laughable. Though what's even more laughable is that the trustees of Hogwarts have decided that he shall remain being the Head Master. Disturbing isn't it?

Sylvia Sinistra:

Everyone knows Sylvia cheated on me many times with Gilderoy Lockhart. Unfortunately Sylvia didn't keep an eye on her wand around the insane man. So he snagged her wand and hit her with a rather nasty charm. Apparently they are happily married and residing in Saint Mungo's together. Quite a fitting end for them am I right?

Madame Pomfrey:

Sadly Poppy never was able to kill off Albus D. So she decided to just stop trying. Her new goal is to kill off Harry Potter, she figures he'll be a challenge!


Jinx helped to lead the Slytherin quidditch team to house cup finals where Slytherin finally beat Gryffindor! I couldn't be more happy for that. She still seems to abuse Theo Nott but they've begun dating. I guess Nott is a masochist? Anyway she is doing well, and so is her mother, I met the two for tea recently.


Dell is doing just fine. I think our relationship as father and daughter is coming along well. Though I'm still bitter that she dated Potter. She is happily working with Helen in Japan now that she has graduated Hogwarts. She is writing a book on all of Helen's experiments and that sort. I hear from her often!


Helen as I've said has taken a job in Japan working as a scientist. We all had hopes that she'd join Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and develop her imaginative pranks but there was some not so good things going on with that deal thanks to George Weasley. Helen is now seriously seeing Percy Weasley and is quite happy.


Hatchan is now my fiancé! I asked her to marry me at the end of the year dance. I asked her during mine and my band's performance. She gladly accepted. We haven't set a date as of yet but we are in no hurry. Though Flair seems to be pushing us to set the date already.


Draco has managed to keep Miss Granger in the long run. Though they still fight often it's not near as bad as before. And from what my dear godson has told me, the make up sex is well worth it. Draco and Hermione are now planning their wedding as well much to Weasel's chagrin.


As I mentioned above, Hermione and Draco are getting married. She was made an honorary Slytherin before graduating Hogwarts. She has been doing very well. While Draco decided to manage his father's affairs, Hermione took a very high position in the Ministry of Magic. It's said she'll be the youngest Minister of Magic, or should I say Mistress?


I can't say too much about Ron. He and I did seem to get along somewhat. At least more than I did with Potter. He managed to graduate and get a job. He is now a keeper for the Chuddley Cannons, but the cannons still have yet to manage to win any games. I guess Weasley is still the king, hehehe. No I did not just giggle.


Potter of course is doing well. He is an auror of course. He bloody well got what he wanted. But apparently he turned gay, I wouldn't know why looks suspicious. Anyway he is now dating Blaise Zabini since Zabini gave up on Weasley. It's very disturbing…shudders.

Lucius and Narcissa:

Lucius finally was convinced to get rid of the boobs Narcissa had him grow. He's still very girly but he's come to terms with that. Narcissa started designing clothes and became even more influential. Narcissa and Lucius are now in marriage counseling.

Lilly, James, and Black:

Lilly and Black are still terrorizing James. Though I let James hide in my chambers occasionally. He really is a nice bloke. Lilly has tried to kill me numerous times while Sirius simply tried to argue that he has better hair and dates more people. Sirius still thinks he is dating Remus but it is not true at all. Poor disillusioned Black.


Remus is doing just fine. He and Tonks are finally together. Sirius is of course jealous and haunts the couple often. I meet Remus for tea at least once every 2 weeks.

Crabbe and Goyle:

Well they never got any smarter. Their prank war finally ended when Goyle accidentally knocked Crabbe into a coma. I don't really know what's happened to them since then.

Blaise Zabini:

As I've said Zabini gave up on Weasley. He is now dating Potter. He still seems a bit gender confused but happy. He works as a stripper at the Slippery Nipple store which is now also a bar. Interesting really.

Fred and George:

Fred and Flair have broken up for good. George decided that maybe he should kill his brother there for awhile. Luckily we stopped him. Fred and George have since reconciled. Angelina dumped Fred after she realized he still loved Flair. George is happily dating Susan Bones of all people.


Flair still writes often and helps me teach potions. She is now seriously dating Seamus Finnegan. Apparently it's customary for a Slytherin to be with a Gryffindor. I guess old Albus D. was right about inter-house unity.

Alan Rickman:

Alan is still a brilliant actor and we still correspond. He and his wife Rima are doing just fine and love the little wizarding things I send them. Alan still terrorizes Dame Maggie Smith with Gary Oldman's help. I have a very large poster collection of the things they've done to Dame Maggie Smith.

Filch and Dame Maggie Smith:

Filch finally convinced Dame Maggie to go on a date with him. However he brought Mrs. Norris with him. Dame Maggie thought he was too creepy and had him arrested. However she dropped the charges and the two began a fine courtship. So Alan and Gary terrorized the both of them!

Fudge and Umbridge:

Well with the Ministry's help, well and the Giant Squid, we managed to finally kill off both Fudge and Umbridge. They did unfortunately turn into ghosts. But on the bright side they are together and have forgotten all about me!

Well it seems as if this is the end of the story. Not really the end of course but you know what I mean. Oh I do hope I didn't forget anyone. I just know I'm going to be busy between all the weddings and births that will come after them. Wish me luck. I may just go insane like Albus D. If I do please kill me. Thank you all. I conclude Letters To Snape.

The End

A/N I absolutely despise the ending but I had no idea how else to end it. So if you hate it I can't say I blame you. But please review and tell me what you'd like because I'd gladly change some things to make it better. So tell me what I've forgotten or what would make it better! Thanks for reading!


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