The Incredible Rising Lorelai

By Gigi

Author's Note: This takes place after Lorelai sinks into Luke, crying in The Incredible Sinking Lorelais

A/N 2: Lorelai's POV. Lorelai and Jason are not together in this

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Chapter 36: Starting to Recover

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Stepping into my house for the first time in three months, I close my eyes and take a big whiff of air, loving the "Welcome Home" smell. God, it's good to be home. I open my eyes...and see a beautiful banner, with pictures of me plastered all over it, that reads "Stars Hollow Loves You. Welcome Home, Lorelai."

Sniffling at the sweetness of the townsfolk, I drop my bags in the doorway and explore my house. Going into the kitchen, I notice one thing. Clean. It smells clean. It feels clean. It looks clean. I go into the living room. It looks completely different.

It's not like anything was changed around, but it's as if I'm staring through a stranger's eyes. My last memory in this house was so happy, with Idina and Taye laughing at the six girls hiding behind the archway. And I was still pregnant. That was in early October, when the fall colors were starting to show. It's December now; the trees completely bare and the leaves dead. All you can see is white. It's like being at the hospital again. Nothing but death and depression.

So much has changed.

Sighing, I pull my coat tighter around me, grab my bag, and go to Luke's, starting to wish I hadn't promised to stop by once I was home. It's not like I don't want to spend time with him. It's just...I deprived him of two kids, too, and every time I look into his eyes, all I can see is that anguish that no doubt is mirrored in my eyes.

As I walk through the town, I can't help but notice the lack of people in the streets. Was it always like this? It's hard to remember now. It's been so damn long since I've walked through the town. No, it couldn't have been like this last time...then why is it now?

My question gets answered when Luke's Diner comes into view. The diner is packed with Stars Hollow-ites, all squished up against the window, waiting to welcome me home. They did this for

Tears cascading down my cheeks, I run the last twenty feet to the diner, suddenly yearning to be surrounded by people who love me. I open the door and, immediately, I'm bombarded by tons of people piling up onto me. In fact, the only things keeping me from falling are tons of people behind me.

"WELCOME HOME, SWEETIE!!!" is all I can hear for about ten straight minutes before I finally make my way to the counter--to Luke.

I look into his eyes and anguish, just relief and happiness...and love.

"Hey," I whisper.

"Hey." Luke's smiling. The first genuine smile I've seen in three long months.

"How about some coffee?" I ask, shy. My first cup of coffee in three months. My first legal cup of coffee in nine.

"Coming right up." Luke reaches down and gets my favorite blue mug from under the counter, pouring that heavenly liquid into the cup.

As I put the mug to my lips, the coffee just hitting them but not quite going in yet, I notice the entire diner has gone quiet, as if worried the time in the hospital screwed up my coffee addiction.

Clearing my throat, I take a small sip, close my eyes in bliss, and finally announce to the room, "Yep. Still good!" I laugh as I hear the collective sigh around the diner.

For the most part, the party is just everybody socializing. After I do the rounds, I finally park at a stool and just look at Luke for a full five minutes before he snaps me out of my reverie. "Lorelai?"


"Come on, we all want to show you something." Luke takes my hand and leads me out the diner and to the gazebo. Only then do I realize the gazebo has a big...tarp?...covering the entire thing. What's going on? Luke releases my hand to cup his around his mouth and yell, "Okay, guys!" With that, the tarp slides off the gazebo, and what's underneath took my breath away.

The entire gazebo is basically a shrine, full of presents and pictures of me. In the center is a picture of Luke and me. It's our first date, with me in my blue dress, silver drape, and curly hair and Luke in his black suit, the black shirt underneath unbuttoned at the top. When we're dancing in the clearing in the woods.

In awe, I slowly walk up to the gazebo and examine the picture, which has been blown up and framed, with fancy writing on it: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Lion King. One of my favorite movies.

Looking at the very corner of the picture, I see who took the picture. Kirk. Figures. I wonder if he would have been as willing to spy on us had he known his brother had hit on me that very night.

Crying, I turn around on the spot and take in all the gifts. Everybody has given me one at least. Hell, even Taylor got me a gift that was definitely more than twenty dollars.

Turning back to the crowd, I stutter as I try to tell them how thankful I am. "You guys--you guys are the best. I can't believe you did this for me?" I ask. Luke comes up and gives me a tight hug, answering.

"We love you, Lorelai. Every single one of us loves you enough to warrant an even bigger event than this. Of course, unfortunately, our wallets weren't so understanding."

Chuckling, I look up at Luke as he dries my cheeks with his thumb. "Thank you..."

After a collective "awwwww", the townies run up the gazebo steps, Miss Patty and Babbette at the forefront, to lavish me with more hugs and kisses and declarations of love.


Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, it all comes crashing back to me. I was preoccupied with the party, but now all I can think about is...everything. I lost my babies. I can no longer say I'm carrying the twins of the greatest man in the world. I can only say I carried. Past tense. Not now. Maybe never now. I may have blown my only chance to have Luke's babies. Maybe this was God's way of telling me to stop getting myself knocked up...especially out of wedlock.

I need something to take my mind off of this before I freak out and end up back in the hospital. Lunging across my bed, I snatch the phone off my nightstand and dial Luke's familiar number. Hearing his groggy voice, I immediately start talking.

"Luke, I'm alone. I have nothing to think about and it's making me think about everything. I can't think about everything. I'll freak out and end up back in the hospital so PLEASE can you come over?" I finish, having said that all in one breath.

"I'll be right there," Luke replies at once, hanging up.

Ten minutes later, I hear the front door open and someone--Luke--leaping up the steps just before he bursts in through the door and takes in my glorious appearance.

I'm in bed, hair in a messy bun on top of my head, absolutely no makeup on, and in sweats, yet even so, I thought I saw Luke's face light up just a little bit at seeing me. Geez, I must have sounded horrible on the phone.

Without saying a word, Luke takes off his shoes and jacket, climbs into my bed, and just hugs me while a gate inside me opens. Sobbing into his shirt, I clutch desperately onto the plaid as if it's the only thing keeping me sane. Luke simply strokes my back, soothing me as he cried as well; silent tears streaming down his face and landing in my bun.

"I...they'" I try to gasp out a coherent sentence. Why can't the pain just go away? Why can't the pregnancy weight just magically go away? Every time I think of how much weight I have to lose, I'm reminded why. Stupid umbilical chord. Choked my baby.

Finally, after about ten more minutes of despair, Luke wipes my tears, whispering, "I don't think you should be here, tonight." Sniffling, I nod in acquiescence. "Come on, you can sleep at my place." He starts to get up when I tug at his harm.

"Do you think we could go to the Dragonfly first? I want to see it again."

"At 11:45 at night?" Luke asks, incredulous. Once again, I nod, but this time in surety. Sighing, he says, "Okay, get changed."

Squealing, I smile and give him a peck on the lips. "Thank you."


Walking through my inn, I smile as I remember all the good memories all over the place. Here, Rory fell off her chair trying to get a fallen checkers piece. There, we found out we didn't have enough money to complete the construction, and that I had to ask Luke for $30,000. I guess that didn't turn out too badly. Here, on the porch, Luke and I had our first kiss as an engaged coupl--



A crash from the kitchen snaps me out of my...meltdown. Hurriedly, Luke and I go into the kitchen, expecting the worst...and bursting out laughing.

I can't help but keep grinning as I look at my best friend, completely covered in flour and pink icing. "What's up, Sook?" I ask, trying to act casual.

"AHHH! LORELAI!" Dumping the rest of the destroyed cake, Sookie attacks me in a huge bear hug, sharing the love...and the icing. "You're back!!!"

"Haha, yeah, I'm back," I laugh. "What happened?"

"I was making you a cake since I couldn't come to your party. But then I tripped over a pan and it." Sookie admitted. "Hey did you get my present?"

Leaning over to Luke, I whisper in his ear, "Which one was hers? None of them had any names on them."

"The puppy," he whispers back.

Forgetting to whisper, I exclaim, "I GOT A PUPPY?!?"

"So I guess you haven't gotten it yet," Sookie pouted. Looking at Luke, she said, "Thanks for ruining the surprise."

I, of course, am not listening. "I wanna see my puppy! I wanna see my puppy!" I repeat as I bounce up and down. Stopping when Sookie and Luke looked at me, I grin sheepishly. "God, I just had my first cup of coffee in three months. I'm not crazy, just hyper." I scowl at Luke as I distinctly hear him say, "Not much of a difference."

After a small glaring contest, I sniff and ask once more, "So where the hell is my puppy?"

"A little demanding, aren't we?" Sookie smirks. Luke laughs as he goes out the back door and comes in a few seconds later holding the cutest puppy I've ever seen. It was a Polish Lowland Sheepdog, according to Sookie, that was raising its shaggy little head, just waking up.

"AW!" I squeal, running over to hold the tiny puppy in my arms. "What's his name?" I ask Sookie, looking up, smiling.

"I don't know. I thought I would let you name him something crazy and then wish I'd given him a normal name like Rocky or Ring Ming."

Laughing, I reply, "Sookie, sweetie, Ring Ming is not a normal name for a dog."

"It is in China," Sookie huffed. "You could at least say thank you for the generous gift."

"Sorry, thank you for the most wonderful gift anybody could give me," I say, walking over to give her a kiss on the cheek. Hearing Luke clear his throat behind me, I quickly correct myself, "Sorry, sweetie, haha. The most wonderful gift besides my beautiful engagement ring from my beautiful fiancé."

"Much better," Luke grumbles.

"So what are you gonna name him?" Sookie asks, rubbing the puppy's head.

After thinking for a minute, I smile at my new dog. "Paul Anka."

I chuckle as I see Sookie's and Luke's faces screw up in confusion at the randomness of the name.

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