Kris gazed out her trailer window, which was now foggy with dust. Her coffee tasted tart and bitter just the way she liked it. She never used to drink coffee, but then again she didn't used to get up at the butt crack of dawn every morning. Rain tree Ranch had an amazing view, something she would always cherish. As early as it was the day already had a melancholy feel to it. She set her mug down and headed to the shower.

Her life was so different at Rain tree, she had lived in the city with her drug addict mom until she was caught stealing a car, which led to a juvenile correction center. Pablo a ranch hand who brought horses to the prison had noticed her natural riding abilities with a horse named wildfire. An epic later here she was. She didn't think she would find much at all at Rain tree, but come to think of it she found friends, a family who cared about her like she was one of their own, and love.

Junior Davis had at first come of as the stereotypical rich pampered boy. Extremely good looking, rich, and well he drove a Porsche. Underneath the surface Junior was a good guy, who had just as many problems as the rest of us. A mother missing, a father figure that was absent in his life, and a crazy sister who was always keeping his hands full. Junior took a special fancy to Kris almost immediately, Matt his best friend who also had a big crush on Kris thought that this was all a big game for Junior. As odd as it was Kris and Junior pieced together like a puzzle, it was always natural for them. But it was a surprise to Kris was she realized that she was in love with Junior, all of her insecurities and trust issues with men came into play, and long story short she broke it off with him. He was crushed and so was she.

This all took place months before and it was now late august, the last rays of summer were dripping away. Junior had been missing since their fight. No one knew if he had just sunk back into the recesses of his large house, or if he had taken off with the Porsche to get far away from the source of the hurt. The thing is you can't out run or hide from love; many have tried and failed, including Junior.

Kris stepped out from her short but steamy shower and enveloped her body in a warm fuzzy robe. She plopped onto her bed letting her long legs dangle off the edge. She found her thoughts drifting towards Junior, but she was interrupted by a knock at the door. Her heart let a loud thump escape. It seemed to do that a lot lately. She opened the door and was surprised to find a short plump police officer standing in front of her.

"Hello officer?" She asked timidly.

"Hello Ma'am I don't mean to bother you but we found Junior Davis's car in a Levy about a mile down the road, the crash looked as though it was pretty rough. We haven't been able to find his body so we had hoped he had gotten out and walked somewhere nearby by foot. You haven't happened to see him?" She reeled at his words. Junior had been in a car crash only a mile from her! Her reply was delayed because of emotion.

"No, I haven't seen him." She could feel hot tears welling in her eyes.

"Thank you for your time Ma'am." His face was disappointed.

"Officer If you don't mind could I help look for him?" She asked trying to hide her tone of desperation.

"Sure thing." The officer tipped his had and left and she sat back down. Her head felt so heavy it dropped to her knees and her hands covered her face. The hot tears welled over and she was filled with a sense of dread and fear.