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Chapter 1

Up until now she had been able to read in the common room without a problem. But these past few weeks had been torturous. Beast Boy just couldn't leave her alone. He was always there, wherever she went, and he wouldn't shut up around her. In the last few months he had finally started his growth spurts and every morning he measured himself on the wall. He was definitely getting taller; the wall was covered with marks to prove it. But it wasn't noticeable until the day he had stood next to her and could just about see over her head. He had called the other Titans over to show them that he was now at least three or four inches taller than her. He was no longer the shortest Titan. And now he wouldn't shut up about it. But that paled in comparison to the amount of bad jokes he used to try and make her laugh on a daily basis.

"…Any way, have you heard the one about the ant? Okay, where do ants go for their holidays? Frants!" Beast Boy started laughing and holding his side. He wiped a tear from his eye and saw that Raven had not even looked up at him from her book. "Here's another one, this one reminds me of Robin, what is it that even the most careful person overlooks? His nose!" He started laughing once again and slapped his knee. Raven tried her best to just ignore him, but couldn't keep it up much longer. "Oh! I've got a really good one! What is the most slippery country in the world? Greece!" He grabbed the side of the couch and held himself up as he laughed. That was it, she'd had enough.

"Beast Boy, I don't want to hear any more jokes," she said, closing her book. "Ever." She stood up and headed for her room.

"Oh come on, you can't tell me that you didn't find one of those jokes funny," he said following after her.

She stopped and turned around, looking him right in the eyes, which were higher than they had used to be. "I didn't find one of those jokes funny," she said as serious as was humanly possible, which was funny since she wasn't exactly human. She turned back around and headed for her room. As she walked Beast Boy called after her.

"I'm gonna do it someday, Raven! I'm gonna make you laugh!"

"Fat chance," she called back.

Her last little comment didn't phase Beast Boy one bit. He was going to keep trying to make her laugh; no matter how long it took. It was his mission in life, and he took it very seriously.

It was dinner time and Cyborg arrived with three orders of pizza. He burst into the room, a large smile on his face. "Who's hungry?" He placed the pizzas down on the table and opened their lids up. The Titans each took a piece and started eating. All except Raven, who was not very hungry. She sat on the couch, which was now occupied by hungry pizza eating Titans, sipping some tea and reading her book.

"HEY RAVEN!" yelled Beast Boy from behind her. She screeched, jumped three feet into the air, and landed on the floor. Her heart was racing and she looked at Beast Boy with daggers in her eyes.

"What?" she asked, growling through her teeth.

"Who am I?" he asked as he held an empty pizza box up in front of him. He opened the box and closed it like a mouth saying, "Feed me!"

Raven picked herself off the floor and sat back down on the couch. "I don't know," she said in her monotone voice, as if she had not just had the daylights scared out of her.

"Oh come on!" said Beast Boy going around the couch so that he was in front of her again. He held the box up once more and said, "Feed me, Seymour!"

"Beast Boy, I really don't know," she said sticking her nose back into her book, almost literally.

"Come on, it's Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors!" said Beast Boy throwing the pizza box aside. "How could you not know?"

"Please, who is this Audrey the second of which Beast Boy speaks?" whispered Starfire to Robin.

"It's a character from a play," said Robin taking a bit of his second slice.

"Oh, and this character is a talking box of the pizza? How very entertaining," said Starfire, clapping.

"No, actually, it's a giant plant," said Cyborg.

"So the pizza box is a type of Earth plant?" asked Starfire becoming quite confused.

"No, the character in the play is plant," said Robin trying to help her understand. "Beast Boy was just pretending to use the box like it was the plant."

"Oh, I understand now," said Starfire with a smile. "Because pizza boxes cannot sing, and plants…can? Wait, do your Earth plants sing?"

Raven obviously wasn't going to get any peace and quiet in here and decided to go to her room to read. She knew that they would be explaining the differences between plants, pizza boxes, and characters in plays for at least another hour. She just was not in the mood to listen that evening.

Later, alone in her room, she closed her book after finally finishing up the chapter she had been trying to complete all day. She stretched her arms and heard a knock at her door.

"Raven?" asked Beast Boys voice.

She sighed an annoyed sigh and went to her door. She opened it up, saw the green changeling, and said, "What do you want?"

"Okay, I know that the whole Little Shop of Horrors thing might have been a little over your head," he said opening her door up completely. "So I have a joke to make up for it."

"Beast Boy, I really don't…" she started, but she was cut off by Beast Boy.

"Why did the king go to the dentist? To get his teeth crowned!" He laughed and held the door to keep himself up. Raven just looked at him, not impressed one bit. "Nothin?" he asked, his face getting a little serious. Raven pushed him back with her powers and closed to door. "Wait! I've got some more!" The door quickly opened up and Raven appeared to fly at him.

"Beast Boy, I don't want to hear any more," she said so angrily that Beast Boy was pushed up against the wall. "How many times do I have to tell you? All of your jokes are juvenile and stupid and I don't want to hear another one for as long as I live." She floated backwards, back into her room, and closed her door.

"So, I guess I'll try again later?" he asked through her door.

"Beast Boy, let me put it this way," she said, as frustrated as she'd ever been. "The day you make me laugh is the day that I kiss you!"

The lights above him shivered and flicked on and off. He knew it was time to go so he quickly took off down the hall. Even he knew that once Raven's powers began to kick in due to her emotions it was time to back off.

'Why can't he leave me alone?' she asked herself collapsing on her bed. 'He's worse than a little brother.' She could feel a headache welling up and this just made her even more upset. She never got headaches unless she was really really stressed out. 'Okay, Raven, you just need to calm down. Meditate for a little while and it will all go away.' She sat up and began to chant.

An hour passed and her headache was almost gone, but it was still lingering. She decided that the next best thing to meditating was taking a shower to clear her mind. She grabbed a couple towels from her closet and made her way to the bathroom. She jumped in and was instantly relieved.

She turned the water off and flipped her head back and forth, releasing droplets of water all over the shower. She stepped out and reached for one of the towels.

Beast Boy was whistling as he walked down the hall, his hands in his pockets. Suddenly he felt a bit of pressure on his bladder and headed for the bathroom. He was still whistling as he reached for the knob and turned it. He swung the door open and stood there, his eyes blank. Raven was halfway out of the shower, her arm extended towards the towels. She gasped and her eyes went into shock as well. It was only for about two seconds, but it felt like an eternity. Raven exploded with black energy, her powers, and blew Beast Boy back. He slammed against the opposite wall and the door slammed shut. She shrieked like no one had ever heard her shriek before.

"Dude! Oh my God! Oh my God!" yelled Beast Boy covering his eyes. "What have I done? Oh no! Oh my God!" He stood up and ran to his room, closing and locking his door.

Raven had not meant to do anything that had happened. She had not summoned her powers to slam the door shut, or throw Beast Boy against the wall. It just happened. But as soon as her powers had exploded out of her she fell to the floor. Her headache had disappeared.