Dragon of Konoha

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Prologue: A Fated Meeting

I came home from school to find nobody home. 'Damn probably off to play at their bridge club' I thought as I walked into the kitchen to put up my lunch box on the counter. As I walked by I saw a note on the table.

Dear son,

We are off to the bridge club. We won't be back till 5 or so.

'Figures' I thought as I walked up stairs to my room. As I set down my book-bag I walk up to my computer to check my e-mail. "Nothing but trash" I said to my self as I started deleting them from my inbox. I go over to my book shelf and scroll through all the anime DVD's, "Ahh here it is!" I said as I pulled out Naruto DVDs 'These anime and manga are the last things that keep me sane in this fucked up house!' I thought as I put in the DVD to the DVD player. Then suddenly as I pressed play, a big flash of light and everything went dark.

Couple minutes later

"Aw crap! What happened!" I said to myself as I slowly got up from the ground. 'Hmm… I need to clean my room. It looks like a forest…Forest!' I thought as I looked around to see where I was. The only thing that I was able to identify was my prized hunting knife, pocket watch, class ring and my book-bag with everything intact except my school books and binder, "What the fuck is going on here?" I asked myself as I picked up my belongings. After I was done I walked to a river that was near where I was. "Holy shit! I'm back in my five year old body!" Just then, a rustling sound came from the bushes and to my surprise a five year old Naruto jumped out of the bushes and stood in front of me.

"Hey kid! Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing in my secret training spot!"

30 minutes ago, Naruto POV

"Come back here you monster!" a villager yelled as he chased Naruto through the streets.

"I didn't do anything!" he rebutted as he ran away from the ever growing lynch mob that was forming. 'I got to get away from them 'cause this time it looks like they want to kill me!' I thought as he ran in to the forest near the outskirts of town. 'I think I lost them. But just to be safe I better go to my secret spot and kill some time training to become a ninja so I can become Hokage!' I thought as I hurried to my secret training area as I got closer to the training ground I saw a kid my age laying there on the ground, he wore strange clothing that wasn't from around here and also had many things around him. He stayed like that for a couple more minutes. He started waking up.

"Aw Crap! What happened!" a strange kid said as he got up and rubbed his head. Suddenly I saw his eyes go wide, "What the fuck is going on here!" he said to himself as he started picking stuff up 'Must have been knocked unconscious by somebody and robbed.' I thought as the kid continued to put his belonging back into his back-pack.

Soon he was finished and started to walk toward the river near the area "Holy shit! I'm back to my five year old body!" the kid screamed. 'Man! What the hell is that kid talking about?' I thought as I face faulted causing me to reveal my position 'Shit! Oh well, might as well make a good first impression. I jumped out of the bushes, the kid looked surprised

, "Hey kid! Who are you and what are you doing in my secret training spot!"

Back to my POV

I was about to shit myself. Naruto, the Naruto, was right in front of me!

"Are you Naruto?" I asked. This confused him to no end.

"Yeah I am what's it to ya?" he yelled.

"No I was just wondering," I said. Naruto cringed a little, "No, I am not like those damned villagers, I like your spunk Naruto." This relieved and confused Naruto since he has never been complimented on anything in his life.

"And to answer your question, my name I am going to throw away anyways because my parents hate me, so I'll stick with my nickname that my grand parents gave me, Souryu. The reason I'm here is because I was watching TV and next thing I know I ended up here. But what I am wondering is why are you here?" I asked him. He cringed a little.

"I… I was running away from the villagers that wanted to hurt me because I ran into a lady while shopping for ramen and I made her drop her groceries." He said looking down. I was pissed off that these people! I knew this happened for a long time but just seeing it in person was just making me sick to the stomach.

"Damn those villagers! If it was up to me I would have executed them on the fucking spot!" I yelled in anger.

"Don't! That would mean that I stooped to their level and I would prove to them that I am a monster." Naruto said. (Such wisdom from one so young!)

"You said well" I said as I patted his shoulder, "You know, I was thinking of starting over here and I don't know Konoha so well (lie) and also I wanted a family that actually cares about each other, so if you would allow me to… I would like to take on your family name of Uzumaki!" this shocked Naruto. Slowly the shocked face became one of those pristine and angelic faces that even made my soulless self , from what my friends opinion was from me kicking their ass in Halo 2 mercilessly, to bits. And He showed me one of his true smiles. He tackled me crying tears of joy.

But unknown to us, well only Naruto, there was an old man watching us from his crystal ball smiling at us.

To Be continued.

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