One-shot future story


When Willow was a little girl she had envisioned how she would be when she was grown up. Unlike most girls, Willow's daydreams didn't center on being young and beautiful, having a fairytale wedding, then being married to Mr. Handsome Man, with small beautiful children of her own. Willows visions of the future involved being old and gray haired, sitting on her front porch with her equally old and gray haired husband. She knew that this was not a normal fantasy for a 6-year-old, but it never bothered her.

When she reached the age of twenty she knew that becoming an old gray haired lady probably was not in her future. Fighting evil was dangerous, and suddenly her life expectancy was much shorter. Her life goals changed. Having lots of grandchildren and dogs running around in her front yard did not seem to be in her future anymore.

So when Willow Rosenberg woke up on her seventieth birthday she knew it was time for a change. All of her connections to her life were gone. Giles, Buffy, Xander, and even Kennedy had all long since passed on. It was as if she was a migrating bird and it was time to return to warmer weather. She made one phone call to Dawn and asked her to kiss her children goodbye for their Auntie Willow. Then she packed up the few belonging that meant anything to her, made a few arrangements, and got on a plane.

She greeted her seventy-first birthday the way she had begun every day for a year. She went to a small street side café and ordered two breakfasts. The handsome young waiter teased her about it every day. She always answered him the same way. She was waiting for someone. She didn't know when he would come but when he did she wanted to be ready for him. The waiter always smiled but he was overcome by a sense of sorrow when he took away the untouched second plate. She didn't share his sadness; when the right day came it would all be worth it.

This morning was different. She wasn't quite sure why, just that it would be a change. Something in the air seemed different. She felt more young and vital than she had in years. So it did not surprise her in the least when a little white haired man sat down across from her at the table. He was small and wrinkled, the once vibrantly dyed hair was now gray to match her own. But his eyes still twinkled and the small heartfelt smile instantly identified him as Oz. He was the reason she lingered every morning.

"How long have you been waiting?" he asked her.

"I'd wait forever for you," Willow responded.

They sat in silence, both savoring their food. There would be time for a million questions and answers, but for the moment simply finding each other again was enough. Finally he broke the companionable silence.

"You know in my life I've loved many people," he said slowly.

"I'd be disappointed if you hadn't," she told him softly.

"But my whole life I've never loved anything more." he finished.

He was rewarded with a thousand watt smile that had changed very little over the years. The waiter returned, ready to comfort Willow in her lonesomeness once more. He was startled to find two little blue haired people at the table instead of only one. He smiled, confident that her long wait was finally over.