Draco Malfoy left the basement apartment with something like a sigh of relief. He had been skeptical at first, but now, with an old human skull tucked under one arm, he felt less crowded and more like himself than he had since graduation.

"This is not what I meant at all!"

"Oh, hush," Draco said, clutching at the bleached skull, which now had green fire where eyes should be, "At least you're out of me, and it's not that bad."

"Not that bad!" The-Boy-Who-Was-A-Skull shrieked, "I'm a Bloody Talking Skull!"

From Harry's position under Malfoy's arm, he couldn't see the blonde's smirk, "You'd think after all those years of practice you'd be use to being a Bone-head."


Draco took off his left glove and shoved it between the grinning skull's teeth, silencing him.

"God, Potter! It's not permanent. We just need to find your body is all." If it's not worm food, that is.


"Bob, please stop doing that, it's starting to disturb me. Deeply."

The plastic Barbie stopped rubbing its breasts, oddly glowing eyes looking up from the shelf where it stood resting against a stack of cheap dime store novels, lopped off at the waist.

The Barbie's painted mouth didn't move as Bob spoke, "Why didn't you just use the doll for that other kid then?"

Harry sighed, "He refused to be seen carrying a doll."

"Yet a human skull was alright?"

"Look," Harry growled, "I've had a very strange day, and if you don't stop molesting yourself I'm taking the arms away as well!"

The Barbie doll crossed its arms, but any semblance of sulking was ruined by the cheery painted on grin and the fact that it was wearing a pink tank-top pushed up over the plastic breasts, "Fine, but I want out when the skull returns."

Harry was too tired to argue.


The End.