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This little tale takes place after the crowning of Lucy and the others, because it's just easier for me to follow the movie events anyways. Lucy and the others haven't gone back to Spare Oom just yet.If you do seem confused, don't worry, everything should explain itself in the end….

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Evening, just when the sun sets, casting its last rays of light to hold back the shadows from the day, but finally giving in to the night. The time where the diurnal creatures of the forest traded places with the nocturnal, and the stars took the place of clouds. For some this darkness provides a secret cover for shady business among those who were still faithful to the White Witch. For others it was just a different time of day, only darker.

For whatever the reason was, Tumnus the Faun found himself staring at the darkened forest, squinting as the last few rays of the sun temporarily blinded him. He wasn't sure why he was strolling through the trees, but he knew he had a purpose there. Maybe it was fate, maybe he was going to encounter someone else from Spare Oom like Lucy. Whatever the reason, he knew that he was compelled to head towards the lamppost, so that was where he was going.

His red scarf seemed to be the only splash of color illustrating the landscape, which was rather unusual for this time of evening, where hues of purple and orange usually illuminated the snow for a brief time before the shadows took over. An uneasy feeling started to chill him, causing him to pull his umbrella closer to him. Umbrella? When did he get that? Confused, he looked up at it and gasped in horror.

Above him wasn't an umbrella, but a web of glass that was stained with black filth that dripped into his curly hair and ran down the sides of his face. Hastily he cast it away, wiping his hair and face on his arms and scarf.

"Wh- what? What…" He was speechless in his fear. Something wasn't right in this forest of haunting trees, and as he looked around the branches seemed to close in on him, threatening to suffocate the Faun. Panic forced him to run to the nearest safe object: The Lamppost.

Panting, he came to a halt and leaned against the cool metal, looking up at the black sky. Snowflakes were gently falling from the black abyss, cooling his burning face. What had just happened? And why was it snowing? Wasn't it supposed to be summer? The thoughts whirled around and around in his head with no end.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he closed his eyes and tried to asses the situation. Okay. He was obviously in the woods near his home, and for some strange reason it was snowing. That he could believe. He could also believe it was night. What he couldn't comprehend was why he was carrying that wretched… thing. He glanced warily over to where he had dropped it, but it wasn't there anymore.

The light from the lamp was comforting. With a sigh he leaned his head against it and kept his eyes closed. If he couldn't see anything frightening, then it couldn't be there, right? He chuckled to himself. That was probably the worst lie he could tell himself, especially since he had tried that trick when he was at Jadis's castle. It wasn't an experience he was likely to forget. But that was in his past now, and he was over it. Besides, Aslan would keep the likes of her away, wouldn't he? And if that wasn't true, at least he had Lucy there to be his friend. He always felt braver when she was around.

Footsteps broke his chain of jumbled thoughts, causing him to look up and peer into the shadows. There was a person standing a few feet back against the trees, face bowed, hand pressing tightly against the tree trunk. Black hair hung limply in front of their face, obscuring any familiar features.

Tumnus gripped the pole tightly with one hand, nervously calling, "Hello?" It was all he could do at the given moment.

"Mister Tumnus…" A small voice echoed through the dark, the figure standing still.

Tumnus didn't have to think long before recognizing that voice. "Lucy? What are you doing out here?" He asked, stepping forward in case she needed help. She sounded rather weak. Lucy didn't move as he advanced, she just kept her hand on the tree trunk and kept staring at the ground. Tumnus noticed that she was wearing the same dress and cardigan outfit that she had on when they first met, but it was now filthy and in tatters.

"Lucy, what happened to you? Can I help?" The Faun quickened his pace in his worry, but he was stopped by her outstretched hand.

"Stop. Don't come any closer." Her voice was hollow and cold, almost forming a barrier between them.

In his confusion Tumnus stood still, the unsure feeling rising in him once more. "Lucy, what is wro-"

"SILENCE!" Lucy's voice rang through the trees, the world it seemed, shaking his very core. "It's all your fault, traitor. You worked for the White Witch and hurt many innocent creatures, including me. How could you?"

Tumnus was stunned by her harsh words. "Lucy, what are you saying? I-"

Lucy pulled her hand off the tree trunk, throwing it out into the light. "Look what you did to me!" It was bloody and raw, glistening with a thin layer of ice. Tumnus felt sick at the sight of it, but he could not tear his gaze away. The wound seeped black pus that hissed upon impact with the snowflakes. The little girl's eyes were gone, in their place two lumps of coal that glowed with a fire that could only come from rage. Around them the forest darkened until the only things visible were Lucy, Tumnus, and the lamppost. The stars above them had turned red, casting a red light upon the already bloody snow.

Tumnus, horrified, tried to stutter a response, but found his heart in his throat and could not speak. His eyes could only widen in his terror as Lucy lurched forward, feet melting into the powder beneath them.

Her voice echoed over and over again as she whispered, "I thought we were friends…."

Tumnus could only do one thing: he screamed.

"Mr. Tumnus! Are you alright? Wake up!"

"What's wrong with him? Why won't he wake?"

"If he doesn't shut up he'll wake the whole castle!"

Tumnus groaned and blearily opened his eyes, raising a hand to block out the sudden painful light that met him. His head was swimming with what he had just seen, and he wasn't sure where he was or who was with him. Shivering, he rolled onto his side and took a shaky breath, attempting to verify what was reality and what was dream.

"Mr. Tumnus?" Lucy's small hand touched his shoulder, making him jump in fright. Slowly he rolled onto his back and looked at her, eyes staring straight at her but not comprehending what they were seeing.

"Mr. Tumnus? It's Lucy, did you have a bad dream? It's over now, you're safe." The little queen said anxiously, trying to get a response. Behind her Peter and Edmund were nervously waiting to see what would happen, both ready to take action if the Faun was still dreaming.

Blue eyes blinked, then focused on the little girl. "Lucy?" His voice was shaking.

The child smiled in relief. "Mr. Tumnus, you gave us an awful scare. You were thrashing around and screaming! What were you dreaming about?"

Tumnus sat up and ran a hand between his horns and took another deep breath. "It was… nothing. Just a bad dream. N- nothing to worry about." He tried to look reassuring, but failed miserably.

Peter, sensing the Faun's tension, took Edmund by the arm and lead him out, leaving the two alone. Lucy sat down on the bed beside her shaken friend and took his hand. "Was it about the castle again?" For the past few nights he had been dreaming about being locked up in the icy prison, where he had been beaten and broken until he had eventually been turned into a statue. These nightmares had left him jumpy and frightened for the rest of the night until Lucy came to sooth him. Keeping her awake was the last thing on his mind, but he couldn't help it. He didn't feel safe until she talked to him.

Tumnus shook his head. "No, it was something else… something awful. But don't worry about it, it was just a dream, after all." He smiled tiredly at her, squeezing her hand. He couldn't tell her about his nightmare, not this time. This time it was different, and he would have to deal with it on his own.

"Maybe Susan can help." She was so sweet, trying to help him, and it was almost unbearable to turn her offer down.

"No, it's fine. Really. Just a dream." With a little more persuasion he managed to send her back to her bed, leaving him alone in his borrowed room to think. (His home was still damaged from his arrest.) The image of Lucy like that would haunt him for a while, and her words danced inside his head. He knew it wouldn't stop until he talked to someone, but he didn't know who. After a few minutes of thinking it came to him.

He needed to talk to Aslan.

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