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Harry Potter and the Dark Messenger

By The Bunny Man/ James the Lesser

A Fake #5 of the series, so Order never happened

This is not approved by J.K. Rowling; this has nothing to do with her or her publishing company

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In a cave somewhere on the coast of Dover the future of a young wizard was discussed. "They are full of rage Sir, they would be easy for us to control. They blame themselves for many things that happened these past years. Just imagine if we got someone so powerful, someone so beloved by the people." Lucius Malfoy was honored standing in Voldemort's presence. "My son says that at the Yule Ball they were obsessed with someone they couldn't have. If we could manipulate those feelings we could have ourselves an ally unlike any other. After what happened when you came back they are weak, they could be ours!" Lucius shouted this last part drawing the rage of Voldemort.

"Shut it Malfoy. It would take a great deal to do what you propose. If we could turn them on their friends, Dumbledore, the whole Ministry of Magic, it would be a great victory to turn an enemy into an ally. They blame themselves for my servant Pettigrew being free, that rage at themselves has been building up inside of them these past years." He bellowed a deep cold laugh causing Lucius to shiver.

"Yes my Lord, it would be our greatest victory yet." Voldemort waved Malfoy off as he sat in his chair whispering to himself.


Many miles away a boy woke up in bed pain searing across his scar. "Voldemort." He was awakening from a nightmare of another boy dead by the same wizard that woke him up. He hated what he had done. If he had just grabbed the trophy without Cedric, if he had just been selfish enough to take it, if only… "Damn it damn it damn it!!!" He pounded his bed as the hatred flowed through him. "Damn it, I guess I'll read some more, I'm turning into bloody Hermione." Opening his book the thought of Hermione warmed him.

Chapter 1Summer Swells and Lover Bells

It was another hot day at #4 Privet Drive as Harry lay on his bed sweating in his boxers and sleeveless shirt. Hedwig had left a week ago and Harry felt jealous because Hedwig could leave for some place cooler. He was bored out of his mind; Aunt Petunia had made him stay upstairs while the gardeners and designers she hired fixed up the backyard. He wished he could go out there, and one time made his window disappear just like the time at the zoo. Thankfully it reappeared when he thought about brining it back. "I can't believe that I am a wizard, famous all over the wizarding world, yet I can't do anything here! I did all my homework, even did more then was asked, and now I have nothing to do!" He kept thinking to himself. He started looking over his homework checking for misspelled words and added more onto what he already had. He looked over what he wrote again and sat it down.

Doing homework made him think of Hermione and all the times she had hounded him and Ron to do the homework when they first got it. "Well now that I have she's not here to see it." He tossed it onto the floor remembering the train station; Hermione had kissed him on the cheek, something she had never done before. The thoughts in his head brought him to Cho, someone he wished he could have kissed, danced with at the Yule Ball, he had a crush on her but now it was different. Cho had been with Cedric who was dead because of him. "No way will she even want to be near me let alone date." Thinking about it more passed the time quickly.

Harry heard grunting outside then screams followed by something breaking. Harry looked outside to see three workers yelling at Dudley. "What are you doing you tub of lard! I told you to hold onto that rope until I said so!" Dudley just laughed and ran back inside as the mess he left outside was being cleaned up by the workers.

"I can't believe Dudley, he couldn't hold onto a rope?" Ron would get a laugh at that. I Might as well write him since I have nothing better to do." Harry decided as he got to his desk with a quill and parchment.

Hey Ron

Right now Hedwig is out flying somewhere cooler so not sure when this will get to you. It is really hot here; hope it is cooler at the Burrow, or at least more fun. My Aunt and Uncle have me locked in my room until the gardeners and designers leave every day. I did my homework I was so bored, even added some extra lines on my Transfiguration homework and Potions. Professor Snape will probably think I cheated and had Hermione write my paper it is so long. By the way, you didn't see what Hermione did when we got off the train, did you? It was strange, I don't know why she did it, might write her after I get done with this, not that it matters since Hedwig isn't here. I wish I could go outside; even if it was just to help the people that are working on the garden, just to be outside would be enough. Well, write me soon and send a Daily Prophet or some sweets if you can, anything would be better then being here.

P.S. We know Hermione is a Prefect, no way she wouldn't get it, but who do you think the other one will be? After all the things I've done I doubt I will. Probably Neville since you were usually right behind me in everything. I hear someone coming up the stairs so I am going to stop writing, bye Ron.

Sincerely Bored;


Harry just gets his quill and parchment away when a large burly man walks in. "Oh sorry boy, I was looking for the bathroom and your mother told me it was up here at the end of the hall." Harry smiles and tells him it is at the other end of the hall. Putting away his books he goes to lie back on the bed when the door opens again.

"The bathroom is on the other side of the hall." Harry points out his door. "Then to the right."

"No no, I know that now. I was just wondering if you could help me outside boy. That tub of lard living here is about as useless as a pygmy with no arms. How about you come down and help? Wait, are you grounded or something boy? I haven't seen you outside, or downstairs, or anywhere else." He looked around the room thinking about how small it was for a teenage boy. Harry sits up and smiles at the large man.

"No I'm not grounded or anything, it is just my Aunt and Uncle didn't want me getting in your way." The Large man laughs deeply.

"Boy, you worried about getting in the way? Then why did they sic that lump of lard on us? Aunt and Uncle? I guess that is why you don't look like that other dolt. He was to hold on to a rope so the other guys could get the mulch dumped off the back of the truck. Now we need to shovel it off which will probably take us another hour. Then again, you're Aunt and Uncle is paying us by the hour so not to bad." He points at Harry "You look like you could lift something more then cake to your mouth." He mimics Dudley making Harry laugh "Come down boy and I'll meet you to the guys." Harry gets up and walks over, but before he leaves he taps the man on the shoulder.

"Sorry sir, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Harry Potter." He sticks his hand out and the large man grabs it.

"I'm Mr. Spinnet, nice to meet you Harry. Hmmm, Potter, name sounds familiar. No, couldn't be." He turned around as Harry followed close behind.

Outside for the first time in four days Harry was working hard and trying to prove himself to the others. He was surprised at how strong some of them were and was kind of ashamed of his body. For a wizard his body was great, but for working outside like a muggle, just pathetic. "Maybe I'll start using some of Dudley's weights, not that he ever used them." Harry thinks to himself. Straining to pick up a bag of sod his back strains and shoots pain up into his brain.

"Boy, that's not how you do it, like this!" A large black man named Michael picks the bag up with ease. "Do it with your knees, not your back boy, unless you want to be crippled when you get to be 30." Michael walks over and sets the bag down. "How about you unload the mulch from the back of the truck? Should be easy enough on your scrawny self, the shovels should already be in there." Harry jumped up and got to work.

Harry helped the landscaping workers for the rest of the day, and by the time they left was happier then ever since he been home that summer. Pain and happiness kept him going and was glad he was able to shower before he went to bed falling flat on his face, not even seeing that Hedwig was back. Hedwig hooted twice but Harry heard nothing. Hedwig saw the letter Harry had written earlier and grabbed it. It was cooler where Ron lived and Hedwig had no problem flying there to deliver a letter. Leaving Harry behind sleeping on the bed sweating Hedwig hooted once and left.

Harry woke up when Hedwig started pecking him on his ear. His dream was rather a strange one he had at least twice a week since he had gotten home. He shooed her away and rolled over onto a large envelope. Debating whether or not to get up and read the letter and stay in bed ended when Hedwig started pecking him again. He shooed her away again and grabbed the envelope. Harry was on the front of it and felt rather thick. He tore it open to find a letter and several pictures pouring out of it. He picked up a picture and saw Hermione waving at him in front of what looked like old ruins which he realized were Roman when the Hermione in the picture pointed to a sign saying "Welcome to Rome". He grabs the letter and unfolds it and is surprised that the letter shimmered in different colors.

Dear Harry

Hi Harry, I did an enchantment on the ink; hope it stayed on long enough for you to see it. If it is shining never mind this part.

Anyways, I have been having fun! Just left Rome and heading for Romania! Lord Dracula's castle there and I hope we get to see it. Supposedly there are old runes and I can't wait to see them, going to right them down for Professor Vector and see if they can be translated. We were going to visit Victor but now we aren't, I'll tell you about that later.

Before that we were in Spain, beautiful beaches and the water was so nice. I was amazed that there are wild monkeys in the cities, at least the ones we visited. My mom and dad say hi by the way. I have been taking a bunch of pictures and using special laments to make them move instead of being regular pictures. I was hoping to see Viktor but well, I guess when he left Hogwarts he decided I wasn't good enough for him. Made me so angry, he sent me a letter to break up with me! What a coward, couldn't have told me before he left that he didn't want to date anymore. But I guess I knew it was going to happen, why I wanted to write you.

I know I made you feel awkward when I kissed you, and you didn't say anything. I just wanted to tell you that I like you, but couldn't so I showed it I guess. But I guess you like Cho and probably shouldn't have done it, sorry about that Harry. You probably just see me as a brain you can pick apart for help with your homework, just friends, right Harry?

Write me when you get a chance! And be better then Ron, he sent a letter that was only one paragraph long, like he is so busy he doesn't have time to write more. Wonder what he is doing though since he didn't tell me much in his one paragraph, just that Bill and Fleur are getting married.

With Love;


"Wow" Harry whispers not wanting to wake anyone else up. "I didn't know she felt like that. She's Hermione, my best friend; could she really like me like that?" The kiss back at the train station was in the letter, did it mean more then just as a friend? He put the letter down and goes through the pictures, mostly Hermione and her parents in front of different buildings, but one picture felt different then the others. He saw it was two pictures stuck together and peeled them apart. He was amazed at the other picture, the one he couldn't see before. It was Hermione on a beach, tanning in a bikini while the waves washed up around the chair she was laying in. She opened her eyes and waved at him smiling. "Wow" was all Harry could say. He shoved the picture into his Transfiguration book for safe keeping. With Hermione in the bikini being the last thing in his head he went to sleep.

Harry wasn't sure if he wanted to get up anymore. He remembered yesterday and all the work he did and how hard it was. But if he wanted to be outside it was what he was going to do. "I need to get in better shape. Some of those guys look like they could take a Mountain Troll and a Blast Ended Skrewt with no magic." Harry gets his shoes on and creeps out of the house and decides where to run. Looking back and forth he decides to the park a mile away would be a good place to go, wouldn't look out of place there. But as he is running he gets tired and by the end of the block was too winded to go any farther. "I better go back before I am too tired to work today." Harry mumbles to himself jogging back slowly.

Harry continued working and running, muscles building and he was proud of himself. "Boy, you look a lot better now! All you needed was a good job and people to give you the work they didn't want to do!" Michael laughs at his joke. Harry didn't mind it for Michael was right, Harry was tan, he had muscles, and he could run all the way to the park and back without stopping. Dudley didn't like the new Harry because now Harry could beat him up if he wanted to. Harry didn't though for no matter how bad Dudley had treated him Harry didn't want to be like that.

"Who knows Michael, when I go back to school I am going to have to find something to do so these don't go to waste." Harry flexes the muscles he developed. Michael laughs as Harry strikes a pose.

"Boy with muscles like that the women will be all over you, although snogging doesn't take up a lot of muscle." Michael chuckled lightly. "Or do you already have a girl?" Harry blushed and Michael thought he had the answer. "So you do? I bet she'll be a cute one isn't she? What's her name? How long have you been dating? My woman and I have been together for over three years now, she says she wants to get married but we just haven't had the money for it. But she got a job this year over at the Maggie In All the Hall Store in Dover, and with all the work we have had this summer I'll be able to buy that ring she wants." He smiled at Harry; his face becoming blank as he became lost in thoughts of his girlfriend, but Harry wasn't sure what to say about his situation with Hermione. Thinking of her made him realize he hadn't written her back.

"She might get mad if I don't soon and she is one witch you don't want to make mad." Harry realized he hadn't said anything when he saw that Michael was looking at him funny so Harry replied. "Well, we aren't really dating I guess, we've been friends for years and last year she kissed me, but I'm not sure about it. I have another friend who likes her, but he hasn't told her and I am worried about him. He is such an Immature Git when it comes to anything nowadays; he got to be eleven and just stopped growing which is getting annoying now that we are old enough to know better." Harry was mad at himself for saying such things about Ron, but they were true.

Harry thought about Hermione, she did look beautiful at the Yule Ball, where she was with Victor Krum. She was one of his best friends, next to Ron who had a crush on her. She was the smartest most beautiful witch in Hogwarts now that he thought about it, so why would she like him? Sure he was the famous Harry Potter, but she liked him for more then that. "She's been with me and Ron for just about everything so it's not about me being famous. He did like her but did he like her like that?" The thoughts distracted him as he tried to imagine himself kissing her, snogging, more.

"Well Boy, break is over, we have to get the cement in so we will start putting in the pedestals your Aunt wanted." Michael gets up and walks away leaving a dazed and confused Harry who tried to get Hermione out of his head but failed.

The cement in place the four pedestals to be placed at the four corners of the garden. "Easy there boys, take it back slowly." Mr. Spinnet was giving orders as three of the other workers were placing one of the large pedestals into place. Suddenly one of the workers slipped and Harry ran over to grab the pedestal before it fell onto the others. Somehow Harry had held it and slammed it into place as the other two had backed off. "Wow there 'Arry" and "I can't believe it." Were heard by Harry.

"What did I do?" he thought to himself, he did wandless magic in front of muggles! "The Ministry will know, I am in so much trouble, please don't expel me! I won't be able to see Ron or Hermione next year." Mr. Spinnet grabbed Harry by the shoulder and drags him over to the front of the house.

He sits Harry down as he gets out a pack of smokes. "Harry Potter, I knew your name sounded familiar when you told me. My daughter goes to that school of yours, Alicia; I think you two know each other." Harry sat there open mouth ready to catch flies. Never had he thought that a wizard had been so close to him all this time, someone like him.

"You mean you are a wizard too?" Mr. Spinnet laughed at the thought.

"No Harry, I am a muggle, Alicia and her powers, I don't have a clue where they came from. If I was a wizard I would be able to do a spell to help me quit these damn things." He shakes the pack to get a cigarette out, offers it to Harry but took it back when Harry waved it away. "But Campbell is; the guy over there at the truck. Don't worry; we can blame testosterone or whatever that's called. You know, it was just last week I read about an old woman who lifted a car off a man, the panic button just gave her a boost of power and saved the poor guy from being crushed. Amazing what a human can do when they need to." He looked at Harry trying to calm him down.

Harry sighed a little, but knew it wasn't over. "Sir, it's just that I am under age, I can't perform magic at home, and the Ministry will know. I don't want to get expelled." Mr. Spinnet got a worried look on his face, but then he got an idea.

"Hey! Campbell, get over here, now!" Campbell jogs over to see what the problem is. "Campbell we have a problem."

"Wha' it be Sir?" Mr. Spinnet looked at him.

"Listen, this boy just did magic under age, says the Ministry will want to get him in trouble, since you are a wizard and old enough was wondering if you could tell them you did it." Campbell looked at his feet.

"Well Sir, I guess I could, but the Ministry won't be liking me doing magic in front of muggles." Mr. Spinnet puts his hand on Campbell's arm.

"Don't worry Campbell, I think a pay raise could make that sting go away." They both laughed understanding that there would be no pay raise, this was for Harry, the best worker they had in years. Thankfully for Harry; Campbell agreed just as a Ministry of Magic worker Apparated in the front yard.

"Wotcher, Harry, what do you think you are doing? Magic in front of muggles! You are lucky I came or you would very well be getting your wand snapped now!" Harry was astounded by a woman with bright pink hair and purple eyes.

"Who are you? I don't even know who you are." She looked at Campbell completely ignoring Harry.

"Well then Campbell, was it you who did it? Because if it was you Campbell I wouldn't have to do any paper work when I got back." She smiled sweetly at him batting her eyes. "Well Campbell?"

"Well Tonks it is sad to say but yes I did do it." Campbell tried to keep himself from laughing "There was an accident while I was working and I used magic to save a couple muggles. I know I will have to pay a 25 Galleon fine for it, but don't worry Tonks, it wasn't Harry." She stopped smiling as he winked at her.

"But who are you? I've never seen you before have I?" Harry said louder this time but again she ignored him.

"Alright then Campbell, I'll see what I can do about the fine since it was to save muggles. Well, guess I will get going then, nice to meet you though Campbell." With a loud crack she Apparated.

"Well then Harry, problem solved I take it?" Mr. Spinnet smiled and laughed. "How about we get back to work?"

"Oh, problems? Well, this one is over for now." Harry thought as he realized it has been close to a week since Hermione wrote him. "Sir, can I quit for the rest of the day? I have something I really need to do." Mr. Spinnet thought about it at first but smiled easing Harry's worries.

"Fine, after that bit of work I can't ask much more from you can I Harry? With a show like that, did the work of three men! Go on Harry, you probably have to do your homework with those quills your type use." Harry nods then runs into the house and into his room thankful for a break. Passing a rather large Dudley Harry flexed his muscles to get Dudley to jump. "If only I had started this earlier." Harry turned and walked to the stairs. When he got up to his room he saw a letter on his bed. "Good, Ron wrote back. Wonder what took him so long, not like he is busy with anything. De-Gnoming a garden isn't that hard or takes a lot of time. He opened the letter.

Hey Bored

I feel bad for you, I asked my mom if you could come for the summer but she said no. Have you heard from Hermione? She wrote me and said she was in about to be in Rome. I wrote back, but guess she is having too much fun in Rome to write back.

Anyways, I am going with my dad to work and been really busy too. In fact, don't write me back just yet, I will send something when I have it. You are going to love it! Should show up around August 1st if I get it when I think I will. Just wait till then to write me back so you can thank me a hundred times over.

P.S. Bill is getting married! Him and Fleur were working at Gringotts and started dating, but Bill popped the question and she said yes! Mom isn't too happy about it, but I don't care, Fleur is so beautiful, and she makes Bill happy. Of course, no one could be anything but happy if they had Fleur all to themselves for the rest of their lives. I'm going to stop now, that thought is too much, lucky Bill.

Your Friend;


Harry folded it back up and put it away. "Well, looks like he is to busy to write more then one paragraph. Hermione was making such a fuss about how little he wrote. I guess he didn't tell her about going to work with Mr. Weasly. Wonder why though, it's not that big of a deal to keep it from Hermione." Hermione! "Oh no, I still have to write her back." Harry thought to himself as he went to his desk. "I am too tired for this." Harry went back to his bed and took a nap.

The dream cam to him again in the same place every time. In a cave near the ocean, he could smell the salt from the ocean. He comes up behind a person who looks like him, same hair, same clothes as his first year in Hogwarts, but then they turn around. It's not him but a girl with his hair, with his eyes. She screams for help reaching out towards him but he can't move. She doesn't look much younger then him, a year at most if that. Her eyes remind him of his mother as people always told him he had his mother's eyes. "Who are you? Where are you?" He asked himself as the light faded away, the girl became smaller...

When he woke up an hour later he went back to the task at hand. Sitting back at his desk with quill and parchment Harry was stuck on what he wanted to say. He read over Hermione's letter again to try and think of some way to reply to the last part of her letter. That she liked him as more than friends was something Harry had never dealt with. Well, past Ginny's crush on him. He sat there thinking and actually fell asleep. When he woke up an hour later he still had to write the letter and decided he will think of something as he was writing. "This is harder then History of Magic homework. She is going to be mad at me, been over a week since she wrote me. Better make the apology good." Harry mumbled to himself as he began to write whatever came to his head.

Dear Hermione

Sorry it has been so long, I have been busy working on the garden here, been so nice to be outside working with my hands. I have been running every morning to build up strength so I can do more outside with the others. You'll be surprised when you see me I bet, I have muscles! But it is no excuse for not writing you back, I'm sorry. I didn't really know how to respond to your last letter. I'm glad you are having fun wherever you are, but I don't know what to say about the other part.

I was embarrassed by the kiss but it wasn't all that bad. I just wish I had known it was coming to give one back. It's just that we have been friends, and while I knew you were a girl, well, a woman, I wasn't going to ask you because I was kind of obsessed with Cho. I mean, sorry….

Ron was wrong when he got mad at you because someone else realized you were a woman before he did, but I still wasn't going to ask you because I didn't know if you would say yes anyways. Now, knowing how you feel, and Cho was nice, but after Cedric died she changed, she isn't the Cho I know, but you are the Hermione I know. Maybe next time we see each other I can show you what I want to say in this letter. You are more then just a brain I can use for homework Hermione. You are my friend and if you want to be more we could try. But you are Hermione, my best friend, after Ron, and if we do this it might change us. I'd hate for us to stop being friends if things don't work out.

But you realize that Ron might not like this. As much as he is our friend he is an immature git. He hasn't grown a bit since he first went to Hogwarts. What happens if we do decide to try and be more then friends and when Ron finds out he snaps? You've seen how he reacts to little things and this won't be a little thing. You also know he likes you now that he has realized how much of a woman you are, but he is just too much of an Immature Git to say anything. Hell, he didn't even think of you as a woman until he was desperate for a date last year. Maybe we can go get our things at Diagon Alley at the same time, talk about how you want to take this and all.

Write back when you get a chance Hermione, and am still sorry for taking so long. You probably are so busy learning so much you didn't even notice it's been a week. Did you get those runes written down like you talked about for Professor Vector? I've never taken Ancient Runes, what do they look like? Show me when we see each other, I'm actually curious about what runes Dracula used. I've seen all those movies with him and nothing is mentioned about runes. Like I said, write back when you get a chance, bye Hermione.



"Hedwig, take this to Hermione please." Harry tied the letter onto Hedwig's leg after giving her an owl treat from under his bed. Just as he was getting ready to lie down again someone banged against his door.

"HARRY! HARRY! Let me in! Come on Harry, open up!" Dudley was pounding so hard Harry was afraid he would break the door down. The door burst open after it had cracked in several places and Dudley waddled in scaring Harry and Hedwig. "Harry, these people just showed up and said they are friends of yours! You better get down there before my dad throws them out!" Dudley waddled back out and Harry ran out of his room to hurry down the stairs. When he got there he was dumbfounded. There stood his God Father Sirius Black with Mr. and Mrs. Granger and Hermione. She had bruises on her neck and a deep cut on her arm making Harry not see her coming.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled and ran towards him hugging him hard as she ran into him. He was shocked at first but then realized she was crying.

"Hermione, what's wrong?" Sirius spoke up.

"Well Harry it seems the Death Eaters were after Hermione and her parents. They were in the South of France when they were attacked in the middle of a muggle market by three Death Eaters. But luckily there were some of our people there who weren't worried about doing magic in front of muggles and scared them off." Harry let Hermione go as she kept crying and sat down.

"Why are you bringing her kind here?" Uncle Vernon roared pointing at the Grangers. "They aren't welcomed!"

"Vernon, for your information they are Muggles, just like you. They are dentists as a matter of fact." Sirius pointed out making Vernon shut up for the moment. "The reason we are here is because Hermione was attacked and needs to be kept safe. The charms and protection that we have used for Harry these past years will be used to keep Hermione safe. Before you ask we will pay you for the expenses." Sirius pulled out a briefcase and showed the Dursley's what the Grangers and Sirius had gotten to pay for keeping Hermione for the next couple months. "But if not we could always take her somewhere else."

"But we don't have any place to put her." Aunt Petunia said before anyone else could say anything.

"But what about the guest room upstairs?" Harry asked, getting a death stare from Aunt Petunia. "No one is using it."

"That is for guests, and she is not a guest!" Uncle Vernon grabbed her and took her into the kitchen where the others could hear yelling through the door. Finally they both walked out and said that yes, Hermione can stay. Just then Hedwig flew done the stairs and into Hermione's arms delivering Harry's letter.

"What is this Harry?" Hermione looks at the letter. "You just now got around to writing me back? Well, I will read it when I get my things upstairs, Sirius could you put a levitation charm on my trunk?" Sirius flicked his wand sending the Dursley's into panic mode but it did what Hermione asked him to do. She walked upstairs after Harry told her where to go trying not to cry the whole way.

Harry looked back at Sirius, "How did it happen? Was anyone hurt? How did it happen!?" Harry was sweating as his voice cracked and he didn't remember why he was like this, he just was.

"Harry, ask Hermione, she needs someone to talk to." Sirius patted Harry on the head then walked out the door with the Grangers. "Well, help her get her stuff sorted out, make sure she doesn't get any of her things in the rest of the house." Uncle Vernon replied to Harry's look of disappointment.

"Sirius, what is he doing out in public? He is still a wanted man and I didn't even say hello to him. He risked being seen just to see me and I didn't even say hello. I can't believe I just did that, sorry Sirius." Harry mumbled to himself.

Harry went upstairs to check on Hermione, not because Uncle Vernon told him to but because he was afraid of what had happened to Hermione and wanted to be sure she was ok. "Hermione?" Harry called out as he knocked on the door.

"Come in." She replied in between sobs. As he did he noticed his letter in her hands and the tears running down her face.

"Hermione!" Harry rushed over and sat next her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders letting her cry on his shoulder.

"Harry, it was so horrible, they killed kids and women, and they even killed this little old woman who was at a vegetable stand. Then these two women pulled wands out and hit some with spells and made the others run away. One had me, his arm was around my neck and he was dragging me towards a portkey until a muggle man came up and tackled him. I still have the bruises on my neck." It was hard for Harry to understand the rest as she broke down crying burying her face into his chest.

Harry didn't even realize that he had fallen asleep next to Hermione whose eyes were red and puffy from crying. He didn't want to wake her up but when he moved she did. "Harry?" She reached her arm out and hugged him into her. "Don't leave me, not yet." She sniffed a little but kept herself from crying. After fifteen minutes of laying there she rolled over and sat up. "Sorry Harry, I was really messed up from the attacks and I was having a nightmare. Thank you Harry, I was nervous about coming here since you hadn't written me back. I thought you might have tried to hex me when you saw me or wouldn't let me stay. But your letter, I read it and I couldn't stop myself from crying, thank you Harry." Hermione leaned down and kissed Harry on his forehead, tip of his nose, and then on his lips. Harry blushed from the kisses and from the thoughts in his mind.

"Why did she do that? I liked it but she, we, I don't know what the hell is going on." His face blushed some more.

Hermione saw Harry's face go bright red and laughed. "Oh come on Harry, what's so embarrassing about it?" Harry seeing her laugh and smile leaned up and did the same to her, forehead, nose, and lips.

"So Hermione, what's so embarrassing?" Hermione's face became red, though not as much as Harry's.

"Shut up Harry." Hermione laughed and shoved him off the bed. "What are your Aunt and Uncle going to think about this? We didn't do anything but we were here all night. I don't even remember falling asleep." Hermione yawns as Harry gets back up but he wasn't worried about it.

"I doubt they even know we are in here Hermione. As long as I don't blow something up in my room they don't notice that part of the house and now you are here this room just disappeared." He laughed at the thought of this room disappearing and how the house would look completely abnormal, something the Dursley's would never allow if they had anything to say about it.

Harry left Hermione in the guest room and went to his own room so he could change into his running clothes. As he comes out of his room he sees Hermione standing there. "What are you doing Harry?" Harry stopped and saw she was wearing shorts and a tank top with running shoes.

"Looks like you know Hermione." She smiled and looked at her feet.

"I was pretty sure what you were going to do Harry. Um, and I wanted to ask you if I could come along." Harry looked at her some more, shook the images out of his head then replied.

"Sure, you may not be up for my usual run but I bet you will be better then when I first started out."

Harry found out he was right on both assumptions. Hermione was able to go farther then the end of the block, and even made it to the park. But as they got there Hermione had to sit on a bench to catch her breath. "Wow Harry, you do this every morning?" Harry nods "Then you go to work in your back yard? I can't believe I am this out of shape." But Harry didn't agree with that.

"Hermione, when I first started I couldn't make it to the end of the block without being winded. Besides, you saying you are out of shape is unbelievable, just look in a mirror." Looking up and down her body, the sweat making her shine again made Harry have to shake his head to get the images out of his head. "She's Hermione who was just attacked and you think of her like that." But the letter boy, what about the letter? The kisses? Harry shook his head at the voice. He had never heard it before.

That night they were back in her room sleeping together, holding on to each other. Harry tried not to once but woke up when he heard Hermione screaming. Since then he hadn't left her alone. She acted strange sometimes as though Harry was leaving and never coming back. One morning Hermione wouldn't let him leave the bed; Harry was worried but stayed with her. "Harry, don't go, don't leave me."

"Hush Hermione, I won't leave you." She shook her head.

"You don't understand Harry, You-Know-Who is back and he will be after you. He attacked me and he might go after you next time. You-Know-Who wants you dead. I don't want you to die; I don't want you to leave me." She started to cry "Sorry Harry, you have work, go." She started to push him.

"Hermione I won't let him kill me or hurt me. He has tried for years, I fought him face to face and I lived. I'm not leaving you that way anytime soon." He kissed her on her forehead and got ready for work hoping that he was right about Voldemort.

As the weeks continued it got closer and closer to Harry's Birthday. Harry and Hermione continued running and as she caught up to his level they began to go farther and farther. One day they went into the town and saw a restaurant that reminded them of Hogwarts during Halloween Feast. "Wow, wonder how much all that costs." Hermione pressed her face up against the window to get a better view.

"I don't know, and even if I did I don't have any money." Harry put his hands into his pockets.

"But Harry, how long have you been working? I thought they were paying you? I didn't know it was volunteer work or slave labor. What about all the money in your vault? You know you can get it transferred into muggle money. Although they usually charge rates no muggle bank would dare dream of charging. But if you haggle with them you can usually get it down to eight or nine percent." Hermione smiled at him and grabbed his hand to pull him off the sidewalk. Looking around she got a pouch out. "You know what this is Harry?" She showed it to him but he just looked puzzled. "It's a bottomless pouch. I did the charm on it last year for extra credit in Charms. I got my money in here, make up, brush, things like that. But you know it will be your birthday soon, so how about I take you out for dinner?" Harry was embarrassed thinking about it.

"But isn't the guy supposed to pay for dinner? Like in the movies or shows?" Hermione laughed.

"But it's for your birthday Harry! Besides Harry, I want to eat there and I don't want to go alone." Hermione suddenly looked like she was about to cry. Harry hugged her, feeling the heat come off her skin not caring about how it looked to anyone who saw them. "I don't want to go alone."

"It's ok, they can't get you here, and they don't know where you are. Alright, on Thursday we can go and eat here. But I'm going to ask Mr. Spinnet about money since I have been working for him for awhile."

They walked around some more holding hands before deciding to go back. "Do you want to run or walk back?" Hermione asked as they left town limits.

"We can walk; give us time to be together." Harry liked these moments best, why he hadn't asked Hermione to be his… Wait, he hadn't asked her out. "Hermione, you want to go out with me? I know we have been doing things but I didn't actually ask you if you wanted to go out." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

"Yes Harry, I would love to go out with you." They continued walking towards #4 Privet Drive hand in hand.

Harry woke up the next day and decided he would ask Mr. Spinnet about getting paid. He knocked on Hermione's door to see if she was ready to go running. "When no reply came he opened it to see if she was sleeping. No one was in there! "Hermione? Where are you, it's time to go running." Harry walked in and still couldn't find her. Her running clothes were laid out on her bed, but no Hermione. He heard a door close and looked behind him to see Hermione coming out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel.

"Harry! What are you doing in here?" She glared at him but Harry could see her face becoming red from blushing and not anger.

"Well it's time to go running and I went to see if you were ready and I didn't get an answer so I opened the door to see if you were still sleeping…." Harry was suddenly interested in his shoes and the way he tied them and started to leave the room.

"Sorry about that Harry, I got up late and been rushing myself, give me five minutes and I'll be ready." Harry waited for five minutes, then ten minutes, then longer. He was starting to get worried when he heard Hermione come down the stairs. "Ok Harry, ready to go." She had her hair up in a pony tail and looked like she had put lipstick on.

"I thought you said five minutes, been closer to twenty." Hermione stuck her tongue out at him and went out the door. "Hurry up Harry or you'll be late for work." Harry got up and chased after her.

Harry walked up to Mr. Spinnet having just got back from running with Hermione. "Mr. Spinnet? Can I talk to you alone?" Mr. Spinnet set down his tea and glanced at Harry.

"Well, we are now, what is it Harry?" Harry sat next to him at the work bench. "I've been working for you for awhile, I wouldn't ask this because I have had such a great time just being outside, but there is something I want to do and I need some money." Harry entwined his fingers looking at them so he couldn't see Mr. Spinnet's eyes.

"Well Harry, you have been working hard, and you have done everything me and the others have asked. You have done all the work that none of us wanted to do. Do you know how much we hate unloading and spreading the mulch? But you do deserve something. Let me see what I have." Mr. Spinnet got up and walked to one of the work trucks. "Harry, how much do you need?" Harry thought about it and really wasn't sure.

"Well, there is this restaurant in town I wanted to take my friend to, you've seen her. I'm not sure how much it costs though." Staring at his feet Harry could feel the heat rise up his neck. Harry heard a laugh coming from the work truck.

"I see, taking your girlfriend out for dinner? When are you going?" Harry blushed and replied.

"On the thirty first, it's my birthday and we saw a restaurant when we were running and I thought it would be nice to take her there to celebrate." Mr. Spinnet got up from the truck. "And I'll need money for that."

"Well, I'll get you some money on Thursday then since I don't have much now. Is that ok Harry?" Harry nearly jumped up to hug him but calmly said.

"It's ok Mr. Spinnet, thank you." Harry went over to the shovels and grabbed one so he could start digging holes for the shrubs and flowers to be planted in.

It was nearly lunchtime when Hermione came out of the house with a plate full of sandwiches. "If anyone is hungry I made sandwiches. I have turkey, baloney, ham, and I'll be back out with the mustard and mayonnaise." Michael and Campbell laughed as they walked over.

"Gee Harry; she sure is nice making us food. She ever let you eat anything else?" Harry blushed at the innuendo and replied.

"No, we haven't even really kissed let alone anything like that."

"To young I guess for that, huh Harry?" Michael punched him in the arm and laughed as he tried to eat. "Although," he said in between bites "These are really good. Maybe we could get her to make some more tomorrow." Harry nodded

"Sure, I'll ask her later tonight. I've never tasted a sandwich like this before. I wonder what she did to it." Harry continued eating until the lunch break was over returning back to work in the backyard.

But it wasn't really working to Harry, he loved it. Work was to be something hard, something you didn't want to do, something you regretted every morning. This was paradise for Harry, never having more fun in a summer then this. All his worries of Voldemort were gone. The Death Eaters far away where they couldn't get him. And Hermione near him with food and kisses.

When it was around seven that evening Mr. Spinnet and his crew began to pack up for the night. "Harry we are almost done. After tomorrow we are going to go work on a woman's house about three blocks from here. If you'd like to keep working for me I would appreciate it." Harry's face at hearing this news was all Mr. Spinnet needed. "Alright Harry, and tomorrow I'll get you some money for working on this job. Best damn worker I had in years, not one complaint about anything this whole time. Maybe your girlfriend could bring some of those sandwiches to the job site since the guys really seemed to like them. Have to admit they were pretty good." Harry went back into the house to see Hermione.

He went up the stairs to take a shower when he saw Hermione go into her room. "It looked like she was coming from my room." Harry thought as he followed her. "Hermione, what's going on?" He saw Hermione on the bed crying and Harry went over and put his arm around her. "Hermione, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Hermione kept crying but tried to tell him

"Harry, I was getting the mail from the owl that came in, you'll never believe it!" She showed him a letter crumpled up from her holding it.

Dear Student

Congratulations Student, you have been selected as the Prefect for your House. Your Prefect badge will be in the package attached to this letter. You will be expected to ride in the Prefect car on the train when you first get on the Hogwarts Express September 1st. You are also expected to wear your Prefect Badge when first getting on the train and when entering Hogwarts for the first time and at all school events. If you lose this badge before you get to Hogwarts or while at Hogwarts you will be stripped of all Prefect powers and honors including Prefect bathrooms.

As a Prefect you have the ability to take points from other students who break rules in your presence. You can only do this when wearing your badge, any attempts at trying to take points while not wearing your Prefect Badge will result in no points being taken. Along with that you have access to the Prefect Bathrooms and will have to attend meetings held once every two weeks for the rest of the school year. With Prefects, the Head Girl and Boy along with the Quidditch Captains of each team will have access to the Bathrooms. This is a privilege and not a right!

All Prefects will be expected to perform certain duties as in helping first year students, keeping other students in line, and to be a role model to all other students at Hogwarts. Abuse of Prefect powers will be punishable by detention, loss of Prefect Bath privileges, and in extreme cases loss of Prefect Badge and powers.

Until then, Congratulations Student on your achievement and honor and hope you will be able to uphold the name of your House, of your position, and yourself in the coming school year.

Harry couldn't believe it! "Hermione, why are you crying? You are a prefect! Isn't this what you wanted?" Hermione kept crying and handed him the badge "Harry Potter" was on the front. "Oh, well, where's yours?" Harry looked around for another letter, another badge. Hermione burst into more sobs as it dawned onto Harry. "Wait, you mean you didn't get one? But how is this possible? You're the best witch in our year! Hell, you're the best witch our school has, how can you not be a prefect? I can't believe this, I don't want to be a Prefect without you, it's not right." He held her some more while going on about how it was wrong for her not to be a Prefect. The greatest muggle born witch in his year, the best witch really at school, he told her that but it didn't help, she kept crying.

He was stroking her back while she cried when something banged against the window. Harry looked to see it was an owl with a large package and an envelope. "Hermione, look!" He pointed and Hermione saw it. She rushed over to the window and grabbed the package rather roughly. The owl screeched at Hermione and nipped her hand before Harry could get it untied from the owl's leg. Hermione tore it open as the badge fell out and landed in her lap.

"I did it! I'm a Prefect! YES!" She jumped on Harry and kissed him hard on the mouth knocking the wind out of him.

"Yes, you did, and if you don't be quiet my Aunt and Uncle are going to be mad." She hugged Harry harder and kept talking into his chest as more tears flowed. "Told you that there was no way you wouldn't be a Prefect." When Hermione was done crying Harry noticed two more letters. "Were did they come from? I didn't see them before." He picked them up and saw it was what they needed for the new school year. "Hermione, it says here that Prefects need Dress Robes, I wonder why." She looked at the list and saw something that Harry didn't.

"Look Harry, we are having transfer students from the States!" She was right, at the bottom of the list it noted

This year will be the first year Hogwarts has transfer students in over twenty years. When they arrive they will be given your best behavior and although they are not first year students you as a Prefect will be expected to help them.

Harry sat the letter down "I guess we are the only ones who got that part. I wonder who they are, or what house they will be put in." Harry wondered about the Sorting Hat and what he will do with students who aren't first years.

"I don't know Harry; do we really want any more students then what we already have? With You-Know-Who back they might be in danger if they come here. Why are they coming here, did their parents move here or something?" Harry tapped her on the shoulder and shouted at her.

"Voldemort!" When she turned around.

"Sorry Harry, Vol-Voldemort."

"If you fear the name what can you do about the person it belongs to?" He wasn't afraid of Voldemort or his name, just his actions. Harry held her to him as they lay back on her bed and fell asleep.

Far away in London sat two parents alone worrying about their only daughter. "Honey you sure it was ok to leave her with Him?" His wife looked over.

"Sure, why wouldn't it be?"

"Well they are teenagers, and being in the same house together, I can remember what it was like being a teen." His wife laughed

"I'm sure that you do remember and I do to. They are growing up dear and they may do things I don't to think about but our daughter is a good girl and from what we have heard about the boy these past four years he will be just as honorable." He grunted

"I guess, I still don't like it though, she is my baby, I remember seeing her come out of you so small." Tears started coming in his eyes as he thought of the happiest moment of his life.

"I know dear, but she is mature enough to make her own decisions." He growled at the memory of his daughter, his baby, talking about some boy she knew at her school.

"I don't care how much she talks about him we barely know who he is. Supposedly famous for doing something when he was younger, but the only way we could stop her from seeing him is ban her from going back to school which failed." The kitchen still wasn't the same after his daughter got mad during the argument.

"You knew this was coming with the way she's been talking about him since she got home from her third year at Hogwarts."