Chapter 4


White Christmas by Bing Crosby

I'm dreaming, of a white Christmas,

Just like the ones I used to know,

Where the tree tops glisten,

And children listen, to hear,

Sleigh bells in the snow,

I'm dreaming, of a white Christmas,

With every Christmas card I write,

May your days be merry, and bright,

And may all your Christmas's be white,

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,

Just like the ones I used to know,

Where the tree tops glisten,

And children listen, to hear,

Sleigh bells in the snow,

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,

With every Christmas Card I write,

May your days be merry, and bright,

And may all your Christmas's . . . be white .

The party continued late into the night, everyone was congratulating Kim and Ron for taking the next step in their relationship, when James stepped up to Ron, still smiling,

"I had always hoped this day would come, that I would give my daughter to you, and it's finally happened . You're a good man, Ronald, and I call you a man because you are ." James said, as Ron's father Ed Stoppable approached his friend, and son,

"Thanks, Mr. P.," Ron admitted, "that means a lot to me, coming from you ."

"Well, son, you've made your mother and I very proud today ." Ed said, smiling at his son,

"Thanks, dad . . . I'm the proud one, though . . . I got the greatest girl in the world, and she wants to marry me, it doesn't get any better ." Ron said, smiling widely at the compliment his father had given him .

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a similar conversation was taking place with Kim, and the two mothers:

"If this is a dream, I never want to wake up from it ." Kim said, smiling happily, and looking at the beautiful ring that now adorned her finger,

"Oh, I don't think you have to worry about that, Kimmie ." Ann Possible said, smiling at the happiness her daughter was feeling at the moment,

"Kimberly, you're like a daughter to Ed and I, and I have something special to give you ." Ron's mother, Ellen Stoppable said, carrying a large white box, she carefully handed it to Kim, who removed the lid to reveal a beautiful white satin wedding dress,

"Wow, it's so beautiful . . . I don't know what to say ." Kim said, staring in awe at the beautiful dress in her hands,

"It belonged to Ronald's grandmother, and I would be honored if you wore it on your special day ." Ellen said, smiling,

"Thank you, I'm honored . . . this means so much ." Kim said, giving Ellen a hug, and placing the dress back in it's box,

"And I have something that can be worn with it, Kimmie, it belonged to a relative you know well ." Anne said, handing Kim an old jewelry box, Kim opened it slowly, and saw a beautiful Onyx, and Turquoise broach,

"I know what this is, it's the broach that Jon bought Aunt Mim for her birthday all those years ago, but how . . ." Kim asked, wondering how it remained in the family all these years,

"Yes, it is, it's remained in the family all these years, because it was returned to Jon shortly after she disappeared ." Anne said,

"Did Jon . . . did he . . . love Aunt Mim ?" Kim asked, looking at the two mothers,

"Yes, he loved her very much ." Anne said, her face hanging.

"What happened to him . . . it's sad that they couldn't have ended up like Ron and I ." Kim said, her face showing some sadness, remembering the reason that Mim Possible and Jonathon Stoppable could never be together,

"Jon continued to push for Mim's innocence," Ellen said, telling Kim all that had happened, "Even after Chief Barking died, and he became Chief of Police, he was the one that started a full investigation, it cleared Mim's name, but she never lived to see that day ."

"So . . . she never knew hoe he felt about her . . . and she never told him how she felt about him ?" Kim asked, comprehension dawning on her face,

"No, Mim died in St. Louis about a year before Jon cleared her name, she never told him how she felt, and he never told her ." Anne said, shaking her head,

"That's so sad . . . at least Ron and I can pick up where they left, that might bring them some peace ." Kim said, her face rather sad looking

"Just to let you know, Kimmie, Mim's remains were brought back to Middleton a year ago, and buried in the family plot at Middleton Park Cemetery ." Anne said,

"I think I'll ask Ron to take me there tomorrow . . . I want grandpa to know the good news too ." Kim said,

"I think it's time that Ron look up his Great Grandfather as well ." Ellen said, a light suddenly came on in Kim's head,

"Jon's there too ?" Kim asked,

"He died in 1945, he was 62 when he died, he lived to see the beginning and the end of two world wars, and The Great Depression . . . it's a shame that Mim never lived that long, he's buried in the shadow of the Possible family plot ." Ellen said,

"Maybe we could bury them next to each other someday, to give them some closure ." Kim said, more to herself, than to the two mothers in the room with her,

"Your father and I discussed that on numerous occasions, Kimmie, at first, we decided to bury Mim at the family plot, since exhuming Jon's remains would be a bit . . . difficult ." Anne said,

"Have you sen the large statue near your family plot, Kimberly ?" Ellen asked, looking at the redhead,

"No, I haven't ." Kim said truthfully,

"There's a ten foot tall bronze statue about five feet from your family plot, Jonathon Stoppable is buried directly beneath it ." Ellen said,

"Who is the statue of, is it Jon ?" Kim asked,

"Yes, but it's of a much older Jon, not the one you saw in that picture in the museum last year ." Ellen said,

"I think we should have a statue of Aunt Mim put next to it, they never had the chance that Ron and I got ." Kim replied,

"That would be nice, Kimberly ." Ellen said, smiling serenely,

"Kimmie, remember that love can be something that's all at once great, and scary, you and Ron are taking those first steps into a new world, no one can tell you what's going to happen from here on out, you and Ron will have to find it out on your own ." Anne said, placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder, Kim turned to her mother, and gave her a hug,

"I know, but as long as Ron's with me, we can do anything ." Kim said, the sudden sparkle back in her eyes.

Anne smiled as she watched her daughter place the old broach into the keepsake box along with the beautiful wedding dress, and place the dress in the hallway closet, where it would not be bothered until the day of her wedding, she then saw Kim walk up to Ron, and place a kiss on his cheek,

"Ron, can we go somewhere, there's something I need to look at ." Kim said, grabbing her coat off the back of the sofa, and placing it over her arms, she watched, as Ron grabbed his heavy black peacoat, and buttoned it up, pulling the large collar up so that it covered his ears, Kim then placed a large red cotton band around her forehead, and over her ears, so that the cold wind would stay away from them,

"Sure thing, KP." Ron said, leading Kim out the door, and to his brand new Pontiac G6 .

Middleton Park Cemetery, a few minutes later :

Kim had led Ron to a large bronze statue about five feet in front of her family plot, as he looked up, he saw the face of his Great Great Grandfather, Jonathon Stoppable staring back at him,

"It's Grandpa Jon ." Ron said, looking at the face, then, down to the bottom of the statue, to the inscription:

Beneath this statue lies the body of Jonathon Stoppable, policeman, Detective, and 5th Chief of the Middleton Police Department 1909-1930

Born Jan. 21, 1883 - Died Sept. 18, 1945

Aged 62 years

"I hope that I can live as long, and see as much as he did ." Ron said, smiling,

"Care to follow me to another grave ?" Kim asked,

"Okay ." Ron said, following Kim to her family plot, and to the largest headstone there, he looked down, and read the inscription :

Miriam Possible

Reporter for the Middleton Gazette

Born May 26, 1883 - Died Jul 4, 1921

Aged 38 years

"It's your Great Aunt . . . when did this happen, KP ?" Ron asked, he knew that the last time he had been here just over a year ago, this headstone wasn't there,

"A year ago, her body was brought here from a lonely grave site in a little known cemetery in St. Louis ." Kim replied,

"Well, at least she's back with family, and a friend ." Ron said, looking back at the bronze statue, still visible from here,

"They were more than friends, they loved each other, but neither of them told the other ." Kim said,

"Yeah, I know, I really wish they would've had their chance together ." Ron said, his head hanging in sorrow over a love that was never to be,

"That's what your mother, my mother, and I were discussing back at the house . . . having them buried next to each other so they can finally be together ." Kim said,

"That's a great idea, Kim . . . and with my Naco Royalties, we can do it ." Ron said, smiling .

Kim smiled openly, and thought to herself,

'Finally, you can be with the one you love, Aunt Mim, you can finally be happy .'

As they walked away, Kim rested her head on Ron's shoulder, had they turned around, they would've seen the ghostly shape of Mim Possible, looking on at the two young lovers, as she continued to look, another ghostly shape walked up beside of her, Jonathon Stoppable had finally found his lost love, as his hand touched hers, a beautiful platinum, and emerald necklace formed around her neck, and a beautiful platinum and diamond ring found it's way onto her right hand .

They looked at each other, smiled, and disappeared, through the love of the younger generation, the previous had finally found closure .



I would like to thank Dragonmaster4381, who helped out with the dialogue for this story, he was a great help in the rapid release of this story, thanks, bud, your help was much appreciated .