Theme: Returning

Souji POV

Note: Spoilers for if you don't know what happens to Souji in the end.

Disclaimer: Peacemaker and its characters do not belong to me. No money is being made off this fanfic.

He started seeing them in his dreams two, maybe three days ago—it was hard to tell time when one is bobbing in and out of the waking world like an apple caught in a stream. But in the twilight between worlds, he knew he would find them there, waiting for him: Kondou-san wearing his wide grin, Hijikata-san with his pungent-smelling pipe, Tetsu-kun waving at him excitedly while his older brother watched over him, the Comedian Trio on one side and Saitou-san on the other. Even Yamazaki-kun and Ayu-nee were there. He knew that he would be going home soon.