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Summary: Luffy is confused to why his chest feels heavy whenever he sees the swordsman and the cook together and wonders if he's sick. Zoro slowly catches on to the odd looks Luffy's been showing and is worried but doesn't say anything. How are the two going to deal with this unfamiliar situation?

Pairings: Zolu and possibly HINTS of other pairings to come.

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Am I Sick? Ch 1

The sun was bright, and the sea -sparkling blue. Aside from the singing seagulls and dancing waves, the ocean was quiet. It was a rare moment of serenity on the Going Merry. Nami was enjoying a pink drink specially whipped up by the love cook while she worked on her maps. A purple drink in hand, Robin was sitting opposite to Nami, skimming through an ancient book the size of an encyclopedia that she had picked up at the last island. The sun shone hot, glaring dominantly in the middle of the sky, warning the love cook of the arrival of lunch. Almost automatically, the expectant cry of the straw hat's captain disrupted all tranquility.

"Sanji! I'm hungry," yelled Luffy as he abruptly burst into the kitchen.

Veins popping on the side of his forehead, the cook threw a dirty glare at his captain as he continued to his work in front of the stove. Unfortunately, the glare was unable to stop the rubber teen from his wail of hunger.

"Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanji Iiiiiiiiiiii'm huuuuuuuuuungry……give me meat!" repeated the captain.

"Shut up and wait a few minutes, it's almost done," answered the cook impatiently, only in hopes to stop any further noise from leaving the imposter's mouth.

"But Sanji….." before the captain could continue with his persistent complaint, Sanji directed a hard kick to his face, sending him flying out the kitchen door.

"I said wait a few moments! Go bug Marimo head for now. I'll call when lunch ready."

Upon hearing the cook, Luffy humph-ed loudly before picking himself off the ground, a large pout visibly in place. Pondering on the cook's suggestion, the straw hat captain decided that it would indeed be fun to see what his swordsman was up to, despite the fact that he already knew (C'mon, it's not that hard to guess what the swordsman is up to. When he's not around the crew, he's either sleeping or training). Decision made, a proud grin replaced his pout. Now all he had to do was to find the swordsman...and with that trailing last thought, Luffy stepped directly to the storage room –the rubber teen could always instinctively find the swordsman on the Going Merry. Opening the storage door, Luffy's grin widened when he saw a large pile of green spread out in one corner of the dimly lit room. The rubber boy stalked closer to the green pile and saw the swordsman's turned back. Zoro was napping on his sides with his head in his right arm and swords rested on the wall within easy reach. The swordsman snored lightly, oblivious of his intruder. Watching his first mate sleep, Luffy's wide grin turned into an evil smirk. Suddenly, the rubber boy jumped towards his first mate and landed right on top of the said swordsman with a loud thud.

"Zoro Wake up! It's time for lunch!!!!" /Well, almost,/ added Luffy silently as an afterthought.

Used to sudden impact falling atop of him while he slept (thanks to his captain of course), the swordsman simply lifted his eyelids, veins pulsing. Seeing his captain's happy face after being woken with so little care, Zoro got up and frowned.

"Luffy! How many times do I have to tell you to NOT jump on top of me when you wake me!"

The accused captain laughed loudly and stupidly at his first mate's rage –something he always did when he didn't know what to say. Zoro sighed in defeat. It was impossible to stay upset at his captain; everyone from the straw hat pirates had already deemed that as a fact.

"So lunch is ready?" asked the older teen as he stood up with a grunt, reaching for his three swords.

"Soon. Sanji told me to bug you until he calls."

The part where Luffy mentioned that it was Sanji who recommended the rubber pirate to "bug Zoro" (hence waking him up from his nap), was unnecessary. Though as soon as the swordsman heard the cook's name, he immediately placed the fault of being woken up on the said cook anyway.

Veins popping, the swordsman cursed, "That stupid, good-for-nothing love cook. The hell's his problem. C'mon Luffy, lets go grab lunch."

"But Sanji hasn't called yet." Disappointment evident in his voice, Luffy scratched his head innocently.

"He will be as soon as I'm done with him," answered the swordsman indifferently as he stepped out of the storage room.

Luffy followed swiftly. Excitement from his thoughts of lunch reflected in his bouncy steps.

The two reached the kitchen within seconds. Zoro pushed open the door.

"Yo, princess. Haven't you learned that it's rude to disturb someone's sleep? Or was swooning the only thing they taught you at that floating restaurant?"

The sound of chopping yielded inside the small kitchen. And for the second time within the last half an hour, the cook's eyes narrowed, flashing with vivid anger.

Sanji turned of f the stove and lit a cigarette. The cook glared dangerously at the swordsman.

"Luffy, I'll start lunch after I kick Marimo's ass," the cook said smoothly.

Upon hearing this, Luffy's face dropped.

"But Zoro wont lose."

Zoro gave a satisfied smirk from his captain's comment while Sanji's eyes narrowed into slits.

"So are u saying that I'll lose…?! …to Marimo head?!" Added the furious cook indecently.

"Yup, cuz Zoro wont lose," nodded the captain, unaware that his lunch was now in danger of perishing altogether with his dinner.

Before Sanji could take any physical action in his own defense, Nami's voice sang into the kitchen.

"Sanji kun, is lunch ready yet?"

Immediately, all hostility emitting off the love cook a second ago evaporated, replaced by floating hearts and singing lovebirds.

"Right away, Nami-swaan" swooned the cook with hearts in his eyes.

The swordsman shuddered at the sight, feeling a mass amount of goosebumps rolling off his skin.

"Stupid love cook," he muttered.

"Yosh! Meshi! Nigu!," cried the happy captain!

The cook immediately turned his head towards the excited captain, still upset at his captain's earlier comment.

"Luffy, you are NOT getting a…"

"Screw off, princess." Cut off the swordsman, knowing full well what the love cook was about to say.

The affect was immediate. Lightening zapped between the two offenders. Sanji lifted his mighty leg. Zoro reached for his swords. Fortunately, before a new outbreak of war occurred, a pair of slim arms bashed the two's heads together.

"Just shut up, the both of you! Sanji-kun, get lunch started. We're all hungry."

The queen had spoken.

"Yes, Nami-san." Hearts flying once more, the cook replied obediently while adding something along the lines that an angry Nami was also too beautiful beyond the world.

Rolling his eyes, the swordsman sheathed his swords effortlessly.

Luffy laughed heartedly at the outbreak that occurred before him, happy that lunch was finally about to start.

To Be Continued…

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