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Am I Sick? Ch 1

The match didn't last very long. As most expected, the outcome of the competition was obvious. Sanji doesn't use his arms much –he kicks; and Zoro doesn't train everyday for nothing. After Zoro literally threw Sanji's body into the table with his force, the victor was borne. Usopp and Chopper gasped with sparkling admiration at Zoro's easy victory, cheering and oblivious of the cook's darkening scowl. Unsurprised by the outcome, Luffy joined the excitement by laughing loudly.

Zoro got up from his seat with a triumphed smirk, directing a superior look towards the cook who's still half sprawled across the table. Sanji's face twitched upon seeing the swordsman's look. The cook pushed himself up from his feeble position so violently he almost tipped over the kitchen table. Immediately, the liar and the reindeer ceased their cheers, all concentration now placed on the cook, waiting for his next movement with sweat drops accumulating on their foreheads. A loud vein could be seen pulsing on the kicker's forehead. Luffy perked his head with curiosity. Just as silence was about to freeze the atmosphere, the cook took out his cigarette and lit it with a click. He walked towards the dishes, grabbed an apron, and started washing –Sanji was sulking.

Sanji's reaction eased the tension and muffled laughter broke out of the silent two. Luffy and Robin giggled along, the former louder than the latter. Feeling discontent emitting from the cook, the swordsman walked towards Sanji. The crew watched with curious eyes as Zoro grabbed a cloth from the counter, and to everyone's surprise, started drying the dishes. The swordsman's expression remained indifferent throughout the whole exchange. Sanji briefly glanced at the swordsman but didn't say anything. The two worked in silence.

Luffy's laugh was the first to stop as he recognized their silent exchange.

With a slipping smile, the raven haired boy watched of their back, close and turned against him. Unconsciously, the young captain scratched his head, his gaze falling on the floor as he lightly grasped the bottom rim of his vast with his free hand; his heart felt an empty chill.

If Robin noticed their captain's odd behavior, she didn't show. The historian merely gave a warm smile at the turn of events, turning to leave the kitchen. Chopper and Usopp, unaware of Luffy's abnormal performance, exchanged a look with smiling eyes and half giggles before they began to finish clearing the kitchen table. It took Luffy a couple more minutes before he snapped out of his reverie and joined the younger two of his crew with the kitchen chores. The young captain did not understand what it was that he felt, but he was beginning to wonder if the cook has been cooking them spoilt food.

As soon as the kitchen was spotless again, Luffy was the first to rush out the door, his former energy returned. Chopper and Usopp followed ensuite, bursting out the door with rowdy incoherent noises. The swordsman took his time and slowly strolled out with a stretch, ready for his afternoon nap. Sanji was the only one who stayed in the kitchen to finish fixing up the promised snacks.

With nothing better to do, the younger three members of the crew quickly got together to pool in ideas for a new game. Tired of the usual tag, hide-n-seek, shooting cannons, fishing and the sort, the troubled trio sat in a circle and brainstormed.

"Oh! I know! Let's try and catch a flying giant sea king and keep it as a pet! The person who catches the biggest and coolest sea king wins," blurted out the enthusiastic captain.

The marksman sweat dropped, face twitching uneasily. Being a mighty (scared) worrier of the sea, the marksman has absolutely no desire and find no joy in hunting down 'flying giant sea kings' as a favourite pastime. No to mention…

"Ehhh!?!?!?! There are flying sea kings?!" Exclaimed the little doctor, his face lighting up in his famous sparkling fashion, and coincidently voicing out loud the marksman's trailing thought.

"Why of course not, Chopper!" The sharpshooter immediately replied with equal zeal, grappling at his chance to shine. "None left anymore at least," continued the liar. "The only flying sea king in aaaaaall the oceans of this world is the legendary 200 feet, fish-stealing 'Super-Thunder-Flying-Eel'…!! …of which I defeated and caught years back on the shore of my village!" The liar paused, waiting for a response. His efforts were rewarded instantly.

"EHHHH?! REALLY!!!! YOU'RE SOO COOL USOPP!!!!!" Praised the liar's two perfect audiences, both thrilled with eager anticipation to hear more.

"Yes, yes….," nodded the marksman, swaying his long nose up and down three times. "It was a hard earned victory. I battled with the giant beast for seven days and seven nights non-stop! Until finally, at precisely midnight on the seventh night, the ferocious beast collapsed at my feet from fatigue, begging for mercy, which I kindheartedly granted like a true warrior of the sea, after making her promise that she would never attack my town's fishermen, of course!"

"It was a SHE," gasped Chopper with unrestrained shock.

"Yes of course, dear Chopper. Didn't you know that most scary beasts in the wild are females? Just look Nami. Nobody on this ship messes with her. Not even Luffy, and he's the captain!" Explained the liar with half-truth this time.

Crossed-legged and looking painfully thoughtful, the straw hat captain nodded in agreement with a grimace, remembering the large swell on his forehead inflicted by said navigator after he 'accidentally' ate all her high-quality orange-flavoured dark chocolate with rum made by Nojiko.

Upon seeing his captain agreeing with the marksman, the little reindeer stared at Usopp in a mixture of awe and shock.

"That is why, Chopper, you should avoid pissing off girls at all cost, or else they might bite your head off!" Said the liar to the little doctor in a serious tone. Said reindeers' eyes widened and nodded rapidly, taking his new-learnt lesson to heart.

"And that is also why, Luffy, that we should not hunt 'giant flying sea kings!'" Usopp continued, turning towards his captain.

"Eh? Why not, Usopp?" Asked the confused rubber teen.

Usopp's shoulder dropped in defeat, "Weren't you paying any attention, Luffy? There are no more 'giant flying sea kings' left! Because I, the great captain Usopp-sama, took care of the one and only legendary 'Super-Thunder-Flying-Eel'!" Declared the liar with a proud puffed out chest.

"Oh ya! Neeeheeeeheeeheee. Usopp, you're so cool!" Laughed the captain full-heartedly.

Elated from his praise and feeling invincible, the marksman suddenly pointed towards his two friends, "I, the great warrior of the sea, Usopp-sama, challenge you two to a game!"

A huge grin broke on Luffy's brightening face upon hearing the term challenge and game put together in the same sentence.

"Yeah! Sounds like fun! A challenge! Lets do it?" Bellowed the rubber captain, abruptly jumping to his feet in excitement, anticipated vigor emitting from his entire essence. Affected by his captain's essence, the little reindeer imitated Luffy's move and expression.

"Eeeeheeeheeheeee," the captain laughed. "So what do we have to do, Usopp?"

"Simple. Each of us will receive a 'victim' to tick off with caution. The victims being either Sanji, Nami, Robin or Zoro. To keep the game fair, we'll draw for the name of our target," said the marksman, whipping out an empty tissue box with four folded stripes of paper inside. "Because there are only three of us but four names in the box, one of the names won't get drawn. Makes sense?" Explained the marksman.

"En!" The captain and the reindeer nodded in vigorous enthusiasm simultaneously.

"Here, Chopper, you can go first, then you can pick, Luffy. Since I suggested the game, I'll go last," offered the sharpshooter, putting the box in front of his friends for them to draw a stripe of paper.

Eyeing the box skeptically, small hooves darted into the tissue box, quickly retreating his folded piece of paper and pressing it defensively to his chest. Twisting his body slightly side-ways away from the circle in a mixture of fear and excitement, the little doctor slowly moved his hooves to reveal the name on his thin strip of paper. Body suddenly stiff after seeing the revealed name, the doctor slowly turned his head back, tears streaming down his face.

"Uuuuuwwwwaaaaa…Uu-ssopp…I'm gg-going to die", sobbed the reindeer. "IgotRobinandyousaidtoneverirritateagirlorelsethey'llbitemyheadoffandRobinisagirlsoshe'sgoingtobitemyheadoff." Cried the disturbed reindeer.

"Huh?" Replied the sharpshooter intelligently, failing to decipher the reindeer's running sentence.

"You said to never irritate girls or else they'll 'bite my head off', Usopp" repeated the little reindeer in utmost fear. Images of a very evil Robin using a hundred hands to try to rip his head off flashed through his mind. "Uuuuuwwwaaaaahhhh!!! I don't want to die!!!" Bawled the little doctor.

"No, no, no. Don't worry, Chopper." Cut in the liar. "Robin is very calm and collected! You've never seen her angry at us, have you?" The marksman gave the small doctor a few pats on the back. "She'll never flip like Nami does." The marksman paused here for a few seconds. Luffy had opened the slip of paper he picked out from the box –it says 'Nami' in big bold letters. "But then, Luffy, you're not scared of Nami, are you?"

Luffy twitched, "Of course I'm not scared! The future pirate king is scared of nothing!" Proclaimed the brave captain. It would have been totally believable if not for the nervous beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

The strawhat doctor stared straight at the marksman, contemplating his words before finally dropping his head and nodding in agreement.

Usopp took this opportunity to draw out his own target, opening the tiny slip of paper towards himself without showing it to the other two competitor. Sweat fell profusely upon seeing the name. He quickly began to talk again just so he wouldn't draw suspicion from his two friends.

"Okay then, here's how the game works. We each have to do something to make our target scream in fear. Loud. So we can all hear it. The last person to make his target screams loses."

"Ahhhhh I see. Eeheeeheeeheee. This sounds like fun!!!" Hooted the strawhat captain. His former uneasiness forgotten. The little devil in his conscience already thinking of different things he could use to scare Nami with.

The little reindeer fidgeted a little, looking uncertain and guilt-ridden that he has to scare Robin into screaming. "But what's the punishment?"

Pausing a few short seconds to think, the marksman finally announced, "The loser has to do a naked rain-dance on the aft deck!"

"Yosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's get started!!!!" yelled the pumped captain, drowning Chopper's "Ehhhhhhh!!!" after hearing the punishment.

And that, marks the beginning of the pranking-game.

To Be Continued…

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