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Author's Notes: Just sort of came to me. I'm trying out the Japanese names, so forgive me if I horribly mess up.

The professor droned on and on, and he frowned, irritated that he couldn't quite seem to fall asleep right now. It was boring enough, but he had reached that certain point when you were too bored to even sleep.

Shou is scribbling rapidly and panicky, as though if he were to write every word down it would make him a better duelist. Hayato is giving off low, under his breath complaints about being hungry.

A chuckle escapes his lips, barely audible. His fist is digging into his face, he comes to realize, but is just too lazy at the moment to move.

The colors of the room mix together- the dull light gray of the walls, the bright crimson of the Osiris, the deep sapphire of the Obelisks, the vibrant daisy-yellow of the Ra. Coupling and intertwining with the noises of the teacher, his eyes begin to dull.

Out of the blue, a color catches his eye- golden and light and beautiful.

He realizes he's staring, but for some reason, he won't look away.

A careless bang drifts to and fro, softly touching her ivory skin, so delicate and belying her strength, strength enough that he knows she can hold her own in a duel. She's not paying attention either, her eyes are wandering, piercing through the walls.

Her lip- since when did he pay so much attention to something so soft and pink and lovely?- has a single tooth biting into it tightly, so tight that he's afraid it'll draw blood. Her hand gently cups itself around her chin, and, he can just barely catch the last vestiges of a low sigh.

He's pretty sure she's thinking about her brother, and he wants to reassure her, one more time, just because, that he's willing to help her.

"Why are you staring at Asuka so much?" Shou whispered curiously, looking at him funny, taking a moment from scrambling to write verbatim.

He shrugs. "It's better than staring at Chronos or something." They share a quiet laugh, but his eyes never waver from her.

Her head tilts and suddenly he feels like his world has changed from a dull corona of mixed color into a single shade of lovely golden-brown.

He smiles at her, just because.

She looks at him, releases her lip from its hold, and smiles back, just a little.

And everything is gold.