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Iki sat on the edge of the Bone Eater's Well, staring down into its dark unforgiving depths. She hated this place now. It had taken her daughter from her. So, why had she come every day for the past week and sat here, as if expecting Kagome to suddenly appear at the well's bottom and smile up at her? In her hands she clutched the envelope with her daughter's name on it. Iki knew what it contained, even though she hadn't opened it. Somehow it felt wrong. It was Kagome's diploma, not hers.

It had been nearly two months since the pair of young lovers had jumped into the gaping mouth of the well and she had not scene neither a black head nor a silver appear since. She sighed. "Kagome, where are you? Are you all right? Is Inu Yasha watching over you?" The sound of footsteps outside the mini-shrine drew her attention away from the well. The figure of a woman, her face hidden in shadow stepped into the doorway. "Can I help you? This part of the shrine is not open to the public."


Iki gasped. 'I know that voice, but how…' Slowly she stood, her heart pounded in her ears as she took a trembling step forward. "Ka…Kagome?"

"I've missed you."

Iki took the steps two at a time as she dashed up them. Hot tears sprang into her eyes as she threw her arms around her daughter. "Kagome, I was so worried about you." Strange, Kagome seemed to have grown a little taller and her body felt fuller. Iki leaned back to look down at her and she gasped. "Kagome? What happened to you?"

Kagome smiled up at her mother. "I've grown up, Mom."

Iki pushed a stray lock of hair out of Kagome's eyes. Her daughter now looked only a few years younger than she. Her body was still petite but held a level of a maturity it had lacked the last time she'd seen her. Her eyes even held a different sparkle than they had just a few months ago. "Kagome you look so….mature."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean! My mate ain't old!"

Iki looked over her daughter's shoulder to see Inu Yasha standing a few feet away, his arms crossed over his chest and a scowl in place. He too seemed older, though he still had his charming boyish looks. She gasped softly as her eyes landed on his head. "Inu Yasha, what happened to your ears?"

He blinked at her in confusion for a moment, then snorted. "Nothings happened to them." He pulled a silver chain and oval shaped locket from his shirt. On the front of the locket was imprinted a half moon with a single lightening bolt through it, his symbol. "Kagome's camouflaging spell hides our appearances from humans."

Iki nodded and then lifted an eyebrow. "Our?"

Kagome smiled as she led her mother off the small porch of the mini-shrine. "Mom, I want you to meet someone." Her mother nodded and Kagome called over her shoulder. "Shippo."

Iki made a face. "I've already met Shippo, dear."

Kagome chuckled as two men, two teens and a toddler appeared from around the corner of the shrine with Shippo following. "Mom, I'd like you to meet your grandchildren." Kagome stepped forward and took the squirming toddler from the only female in the group. Iki stared at the girl, without her demonic appendages showing she looked nearly identical to Kagome when she'd left only a few weeks ago. Her long raven locks spilled down past her waist and her eyes were the most amazing shade of brown. They started on the outside as a chocolate that matched Kagome's, the shade continued to lighten until the inner ring was gold. The girl blushed a little as she caught her grandmother's stare.

Kagome, meanwhile, had moved past her daughter to place her hand on one of the males' shoulder. He and the other two boys held a startling resemblance to Inu Yasha. They each possessed long silver hair and bright golden eyes. "This is our eldest son, Seidaiichi."

The young man, who looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, offered Iki a small smile and bowed his head in greeting, his loose silver locks following over his shoulders. "It's nice to finally meet you." He kept his arms folded over his chest in a very Inu Yasha-style pose. Iki returned the small smile.

Kagome continued, placing her hand on her other son's shoulder. "And this is our second son, Isamashii."

The man, who looked nearly the same age as his brother, flashed his grandmother a charming smile that made her heart want to melt. "We've heard a lot about you, grandmother. It's good to finally put a face with all those stories." In contrast to his brother his hair was pulled back and tied with a leather strap. It seemed to sharpen his already chiseled features.

Kagome moved on placing her hand on the girl's shoulder. "And this is our third child, Mine." (A/N: Mine is pronounced me-nay)

The girl smiled and bowed to her elder with a graceful air. "Pleased to meet you."

Iki smiled as she stepped forward to lift the girl's chin. "She looks just like you, Kagome." She pushed a lock of hair from Mine's eyes. "How old are you, dear?"

Mine blushed and glanced at her mother. "Um, a hundred and sixteen."

Iki flinched. The girl didn't look more than 16. Kagome chuckled lightly. "She'd be about sixteen and half in human years." She turned to the last boy and patted his shoulder. "This is Kanayesai, he's our youngest boy."

Kan grinned. "Glad to meet you, got anything to eat?"

Kagome glared at him, while Inu Yasha thumped him on the back of the head. "Where's your manners? I know your mother gave you some."

"I was hungry!" He half whined.

"You're always hungry." Isamashii pointed out.

"And you're not!" Kan growled.

Kagome rolled her eyes and shifted the toddler's weight on her hip. Iki pulled her gaze from the bantering boys to the little girl in her mother's arms. "And who is this?"

Kagome smiled as she ruffled her youngest daughter's hair. "This is Kaori, she's just now eighteen months."

Iki reached out to take the young girl with raven hair. Kagome hesitantly handed her over and glanced over her shoulder at Inu Yasha. He shrugged and sauntered forward to stand behind her. It was very uncommon for their children to allow strangers to hold them at such a young age. They would usually start wailing within the first minute. This made it extremely difficult to find a babysitter, until they were at least three. Only family, or adopted family as in Shippo's case, could even think of holding them. Thus mother and father waited for the wailing to begin.

Kaori scrunched up her face and leaned away eyeing Iki. Kagome held her breath for the onslaught. It never came. Her daughter leaned forward and twitched her nose. She did this several times before she relaxed against her grandmother.

Kagome blinked in surprise. "Huh?"

Inu Yasha smirked as he slipped his arm around his mate's waist and set his chin on her shoulder. "She must be able to recognize that she has the same scent as you. She can tell she's family."

Mine's eyes lit up. "Does that mean I can finally have Saturday nights free?"

Inu Yasha turned his head to frown at her. "And just why are you so interested in having Saturday night's free?"

Mine dug the toe of her shoe into the thin layer of sod beside the well-house. "I was just thinking I could go out with some friends."

Inu Yasha stepped back from Kagome and folded his arms. "These wouldn't be male friends, would they?" His glower was instant.

Mine's eyes flashed with anger. "You let Kan go running around with his friends! Why can't I? I'm older than him!"

"That's different." Inu Yasha growled.

"Why? Because he's a boy!"

He let out a frustrated sigh. "It just is, okay?"



"Inu Yasha!" Kagome snapped. She glared up at him and he shrunk back a step, his invisible ears flattening against his head. "Why don't you and the boys go inside with Mom? Mine and I'll be in, in a minute."

"That sounds like a good idea. I'll whip up some ramen. You do still like ramen, don't you, Inu Yasha?" Iki chuckled as she saw his eyes light up. She turned and led the way into the house, the three boys and Shippo following. Inu Yasha paused to glance down at his mate before following as well.

She gave him a small half smile. "Go on, we'll talk about it later. Keep an eye on Kaori for me and don't let her chew on Mom's furniture." He made a face at her last comment but nodded nonetheless and followed his pups into the house.

Kagome turned to her daughter. Mine sat on the porch of the mini-shrine a pout in place and her arms wrapped around herself. Kagome sat beside her daughter and stroked her hair. "Now, now, Mine, you know how your father is. He's very protective of you, all of you."

Mine turned to her mother, angry unshed tears glistening in her eyes. "But he lets Kan run all over the city and never seems to care. Why am I so different? You and Papa were out on your own at my age."

Kagome smiled slightly. "That was a different time and age. And he does care that Kan runs all over the city and is continuously in trouble, but he's a little more willing to let him make his own mistakes."

"Because he's a boy." Mine snorted and looked away.

Kagome sighed softly. "I suppose that's part of it. He worries more about you."

Mine shot to her feet and stomped a little away. She turned back with a frustrated sigh. "I'm not saying I don't want him to be a part of my life. I love Papa, but I just want a little…freedom."

Kagome smiled as she stood and took her daughter's hand. She led her to Goshinboku. As they stood in its shade, Kagome reached up and traced her hand over the spot where Inu Yasha had been sealed five hundred years ago. "Freedom is a hard a thing to come by with Inu Yasha. He has lost so much in his lifetime that he guards what he has with a ferocity that I've never seen in another living being." She glanced down at her daughter, who was nearly as tall as her already.

Mine gazed up at the tree and reached out to touch it with reverence. "So this is the sacred tree." Her eyes softened. "Mama, I'm not trying to be difficult. I just…."

Kagome brushed a lock of raven out of her daughter's eyes and rubbed one of her invisible black ears. "I know what you're going through. Every young woman goes through these changes. I'll talk to your father. I don't see any reason why you can't go out with your friends, you're old enough to take care of yourself. But no boys until you talk to me, okay?"

Mine squealed, throwing herself against her mother. "Oh, thank you, Mama!" She leaned back and frowned a little. "Do you think Papa will let me though?"

"Don't you worry about your Papa, I'll deal with him. Now, come on. If I know your grandmother, she's already making a huge home coming meal."

Mine turned her head to stick her nose in the air. Kagome suppressed the urge to laugh at the very Inu Yasha-style pose. Her daughter's eyes lit up. "I smell ramen!" Kagome couldn't suppress the laugh as Mine drug her toward the house.

Inside, Kagome was greeted with an incredible sight. Inu Yasha leaned against the counter, a cup of instant noodles in hand. Her three sons and Shippo, each with a cup in hand, sat around the table with her mother, who still held Kaori in her lap. Kagome watched from her place in the doorway as Mine was provided with her own cup. They had all removed their charms and their black and silver ears twitched freely, making Iki smile.

The front door opened and closed. Sota and Gramps appeared in the opposite doorway. Both stared unabashedly at the assembled group. Gramps was the first to find his voice as he clutched his chest. "Oh, Kami, there's four of him! Sota get my sutras quick, he's multiplying!"

"Gramps!" Kagome screeched as she stomped over to the old man. "You will not use sutras on my children!"

Inu Yasha snorted. "No matter how useless they are."

Gramps and Sota stared at Kagome. "What happened to you?" Sota finally questioned.

"I got older, you little squirt. Now give me a hug before I change my mind and give you a nuggie for old time sake." Sota smiled at her attempt at humor and hugged her waist fiercely.

Gramps stared at her for another moment and then hugged her as well. Kan wandered over and sniffed the old man. "So, you're our great-grandfather, huh?" He leaned away and snorted, then glanced over his shoulder at his father. "You were right, Pops. There ain't much to him."

"Hey!" Gramps scoffed. "You just wait till I get my sutras!"

"Kan!" Kagome scolded. Then she turned to glare at her mate. "Inu Yasha!"

He merely shrugged. "I was just telling the truth!"

"I'll teach you!" Gramps stomped away to find his stash of sutras he kept just for Inu Yasha.

Kan lifted an eyebrow as he watched the old man tromp through the house. Kagome let out a little sigh as she wandered over to stand next to Inu Yasha. Sota was running around the table introducing himself to everyone and talking gibberish to Kaori. When Gramps returned he began to banter with Kan again, who seemed to find extreme pleasure in teasing the old man.

A slow smile crept over Kagome's lips as she watched them. She felt Inu Yasha's arm wrap around her and his breath tickled the hairs on her neck as he leaned in close. "Are you happy, koi?"

She leaned into him, devouring his warmth and presence just as she had for a half a millennium. "Yes, I have my family with me. All of them." She turned her head to gaze up into his molten eyes. "And you gave it to me, all of it. Thank you."

He smiled as he leaned his forehead against hers. "No, Kagome, thank you. I can only accomplish great things when I'm with you-because of you. I love you."

"And I love you with all that I am." She rose up slightly to capture his lips in a kiss meant to show her gratitude, her love, her need, her worship of him. He returned it in kind baring his heart and soul to her once again.


A/N: Here's a little extra info. And I'm reposting the original formula-sorry that it came out all scrambled and stuff. Ffnet won't let me use the equal sign

Original formula:

150-13 equals 137 ; 18-13 equals 5, thus 137 / 527.4 So, Inu Yasha ages 1 year for every 27.4 years that pass

27.4 x 2 equals 54.8 Shippo ages at twice IY rate, so he ages 1 year for every 54.8 years that pass

6 is his age in series +3 yrs since Kagome fell through the well +4 additional years to reach adolescence at 13

500-7 equals 493; 493 / 54.8 equals 8.9 +13 equals 21

The pups:

Seidaiichi means "magnificent first", born the year they mated, appears 30.6 years old, actual age 496 years

500-4 equals 496-13 equals 483 / 27.4 equals 17.6, so 13+17.6 equals 30.6

Isamashii – means "Valiant", born 5 years after Seidaiichi, appears 30.4 years old, actual age 491 years

496-5 equals 491-13 equals 478/27.4 equals 17.4, so 13+17.4 equals 30.4

Mine means "resolute protector", born 375 years after Isamashii, appears 16.8 years old, actual age 116

491-375 equals 116-13 equals 103/27.4 equals 3.8, so 13+3.8 equals 16.8

Kanayesai – means "zealous son", born 5 years after Mine, appears 16.6 years old, actual age 111

116-5 equals 111-13 equals 98/27.4 equals 3.6, so 13+3.6 equals 16.6

Kaori means "fragrant beautiful girl", born 109.5 years after Kanayesai

Appears/actual age is 18 months


Kagome's 36

18+ (497/27.4 equals 18) equals 36

Inu Yasha is 36

150-13 equals 137/5 equals 27.4 500 / 27.4 equals 18+18 equals 36