Summary: AU/Year2/Severitus. Gryffindor turned on Harry when his Parsletongue abilities were discovered. Family discoveries are made- and what's with the Mages and the new Merlin House?

Rating: PG-13/T

Dedication: To my amazing literature teachers over the past four years: Ms. DQ, Mr. E, Ms. B, and Mr. P

Author: Serpent's Raven

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Title: An Unlikely Raven

Posted: Tuesday 13 December 2005

Edited: Thursday 15 December

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An Unlikely Raven

Chapter One:

Hogwarts, Staff Chambers

Severus Snape emerged from his chambers just as Minerva McGonagall entered the staff common room, worry filling her face. "I found him, Minerva." He said softly as she sank into the armchair with a sigh. "Thank Merlin. Where was he? What happed to Harry!" She responded, closing her eyes in relief. "In the Astronomy Tower, crying his eyes out. Seems your assumptions were correct. Gryffindor house, save for nine individuals, have disowned him." Severus said, dropping eloquently into another armchair. "Oh my! How could they!" Minerva whispered, her eyes wide. "Where is he?" She asked frantically. "Don't worry, Minerva. Harry's asleep in my chambers." Severus soothed.

Minerva straighten slightly. "When are you going to tell him, Sev?" She asked sharply, Severus glancing down. "I- I'm not sure. I want to, Minerva. But how will he react?" He whispered, fear filling onyx orbs. "Severus Elias Snape, Harry has just been disowned by his House. His so-called friends deserting him. He's alone, Severus. You found him, took him in. He'll turn to you. Trust me. Everyone else on the staff, save for Poppy, Argus, Fillius, and you, will leave, or have left for the hols. He'll be alone on Christmas." Minerva said sharply, her voice decrescendoing to a whisper. Severus nodded in agreement. "You should've left by now, Minerva. Thank you, for everything." Severus said softly, standing awkwardly as Minerva hugged him briefly before hurrying from the chambers.

Severus re-entered his chambers, heading immediately for his bedchambers where he'd laid Harry down on the bed. He glanced at the mantle on the way, pausing and taking in the photos. His favourite was rather simple. He and his fiancé were lying back on a picnic blanket under a oak tree. It was a still, Muggle shot. Next to it was also a Muggle photo of their wedding day. Severus remembered the day clearly.

OoO Flashback OoO

"Do you, Severus Elias Snape, take Lilith Emilié Evans, to be your lawfully wedded wife, as long as you both shall live?" Dumbledore asked. Severus smiled lovingly at Lily. "I do." He said, giving her hand a light squeeze. "Do you, Lilith Emilié Evans, take Severus Elias nape, to be your lawfully wedded husband, as long as you both shall live?" Albus asked again. Tears of joy filling emerald, Lily replied with a choked 'I do'. "I pronounce you husband and wife, bonded as soul mates. You may kiss the bride!' Dumbledore finished…..

OoO End Flashback OoO

Tears filling his eyes, Severus turned away. He and Lily had been so happy. So happy. She was pregnant with twins (Xabrina Michelle and Alecsxander Salem their second) and their first born, Cayden Jakob, was six months old when Voldemort discovered they were engaged (they're wedding was small, Minerva, Albus, Aberforth, James Potter, Andromeda Tonks, and Mad-Eye Moody). He'd given Severus a decision- leave Lily or she'd be killed. So they'd broken off the engagement and Lily and James had been married.

He'd never gotten to hold the twins, Alecsxander was kept but Xabrina and Cayden had been put up for adoption, he'd only seen pictures of the happy toddler under Glamour's. Severus pushed the thoughts away. Giving his head a slight shake, Severus returned to his bedchambers and his diligent bedside vigil.

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