Summary: AU/Year2/Severitus. Gryffindor turned on Harry when his Parsletongue abilities were discovered. Family discoveries are made- and what's with the Mages and the new Merlin House?

Rating: PG-13/T

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Author: Fallen Shadowed Angel (Alecks)

Beta: Lady Lily3, Zoe, and Eris Black-Lupin

Title: An Unlikely Raven

Posted: 28 December

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A/N: Wow, I watched my reviews jump up into double digits! Yahoo! So many reviewers (a thanks/response is at the end). And yes, Alecsxander is a play off my name (Alecksxandriaa). There's been some confusion as to how Sev and Lily have three kids- they were married in a very private wedding (Minerva, Albus, Aberforth, James Potter, Andromeda Tonks, and Mad-Eye Moody) right out of Hogwarts. Lily then had their first son- Cayden Jakob and became pregnant with Xabrina and Alecsxander. Voldie found out they were together (he thought they were engaged) and order Sev to break up with Lily or else. So they did and Cayden and Xabrina were sent to orphanages and Alecsxander became Harry. Cayden and Xabrina will be OC's as an FYI, but there are no Mary Sues, no slash, no mpreg, etc. Without further ado :hits play:

An Unlikely Raven

Part III Tea and biscuits?

Previously in Part II….

"So I'm Alecsxander?" Harry murmured, Severus hugging him tightly. "Yes, Harry." Severus whispered thickly into the dark locks. "Aleck, Da. Mum told me other things too." Harry corrected, his voice muffled by the thick robes. "May I sleep more?" He asked, sleep lacing the soft tenor. "Yes, Aleck. Sleep." Severus soothed, emerald eyes slipping closed.


Muffled shouting from outside his chambers drew a reluctant Severus away from his son's bedside to traverse to the teacher's common room. Entering, what he saw shocked him. The entire staff was gathered watching the fireplace, which currently showed the Gryffindor common room. Minerva was yelling her head off at the Gryffindors for betraying Harry and kicking out the students who'd stood up for the said student. "The Hat wanted to put him in Slytherin!" Hermione Granger wailed, Minerva shouting above the students. "SILENCE!" They fell silent, the teachers exchanging looks.

"Due to this, Harry was found by the head of Slytherin and will be resorted along with the other students you have betrayed. I hope you are happy that because of the students you kicked out, you have only Chasers for your Quidditch team. I am very disappointed in you all. Gryffindor will have enough point lost, so that you'll stay in last place all year. Detentions will be served all year and you have no chance for the House or Quidditch Cup." Minerva snarled, turning on her heel and storming from the common room, the fire dying. Severus turned from the scene, re-entering his chambers to check on Harry.

Severus entered Harry's room, the teen sleeping peacefully. Padding silently across the forest green carpet, Severus laid a hand gently on Harry's shoulder, shaking the teen lightly. Jade eyes opened sleepily. "Morning, child." Severus said with a slight smile, gently helping Harry sit up against the pillows. "Morning, sir." Harry murmured, sleep lacing his voice and his eyes darkening from jade to emerald. Severus chuckled lightly, sitting next to the teen. "No need for formalness, Harry. Call me Severus." He said, Harry giving a slight nod.

"Minerva told off the Gryffindors this morning. Did you realize that Fred, George, and Ginerva Weasley, Oliver Wood, and Neville Longbottom stood up for you, resulting in them being kicked out of their House. Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood of Ravenclaw, Cedric Diggory of Hufflepuff, and Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Daphne Greengrass, and Blaise Zabini of Slytherin have been kicked out for the same reason." Severus explained, conjuring a tray piled with food for Harry. "Wow." Harry whispered, emerald eyes wide. "Sixteen students kicked out total. This has happened once before, many years ago. A new House has opened, Merlin, and all thirteen will attend classes based upon that. Needless to say all Houses lost their Seekers, and Gryffindor their Keeper and Beaters." Severus said with a small scowl.

"Severus?" Harry asked quietly, emerald orbs attentive. "Yes?" Severus asked, his sole focus on the small twelve-year-old next to him. "Who'll be our Head? Professor McGonagall wouldn't switch, nor would any other Head." He asked softly. Severus gave him a small smile, reassuring the troubled preteen. "I will, Professor Sinistra has agreed to become the Head of Slytherin." He said, a grin breaking out across Harry's normally tense face. "Eat up, I need to go speak with the Headmaster, I'll be back shortly. Feel free to wander about my chambers, just don't leave, unless it's an emergency, understood?" Severus asked, giving a Harry a stern look. Harry bobbed his head, Severus giving a slight grin. "Good, child." He praised, standing and ruffling Harry's messy mop before leaving.

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Jakob - Jacob

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