Summary: What I hope will happen in the Last Ever Harry Potter book. Contains spoilers from all books! My First Harry Potter fic!

R.I.P Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of all time.

Chapter One

Harry watched his alarm clock intently. Each second was one small step closer to his seventeenth birthday.

Ten, nine….

Hardly daring to believe it, Harry pulled his wand out from under his pillow.

"Lumos!" He whispered, watching the tiny beam of light appear.

Three, two, one.

He raised his wand, waiting….and an official looking barn owl sped through the window and landed next to him, holding out its leg for him to take the tiny scroll attached.

Trembling, Harry unfurled the paper quickly read the note.

Dear Mr Potter,

Congratulations! We have received confirmation that you have just come of age!

You may now perform magic out of school, whilst remembering Column 2, Chapter 315 of the Statue of Wizarding Secrecy! If you wish to see a copy of this document, kindly pay the Owl fifteen sickles.

Happy Wizarding, and enjoy your holidays!


Mafalda Hopkirk

Harry leapt out of bed, pushing his glasses further up his nose and pulling on his jeans. The excitement of turning seventeen was ebbing away as fast as it had come, as he thought of the tasks that lay ahead. There were four horcruxes left to destroy, and although he would have the help of Ron and Hermione, he felt as alone as he had been when he was just plain old Harry Potter with baggy clothes, broken glasses and no friends. He ran his finger along the lightning shape that adorned his forehead, closing his eyes.

At once he was back in his recurring nightmare, he couldn't move, he barely could breathe as he watched. Dumbledore falling, almost gracefully, off the Astronomy Tower. Harry let out a never-ending, silent scream, and opened his eyes.

He stood up and walked over to a small shelf attached to the wall that had held Dudley's many toys just 5 years ago. Now it was a shrine. Harry's first ever chocolate frog card was leaning against the wall, along with a silver locket. The Chocolate-Frog Albus Dumbledore gave him a smile and a wave. Harry clutched the card in his hands as if it would give him answers, but it didn't. He placed it carefully back on the shelf and stood, watching Dumbledore. Ever smiling, ever waving.

But never breathing.