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His smile was gargantuan and I could think of nothing more sinister at his moment. Oh of course, I could think of sinister things; women, freaky spiders, Ganondorf in pink clothing, women…But right now, this guy was as bad as it gets. Staring forward I waited as the man started to talk, his mouth moving slowly like a cheap windmill but his words coming out fluidly like a river's end. And by the by I thought, what the hell was this guys name?

"Ah young hero long times no see. I am so overjoyed that you could've joined us," as he spoke he didn't look at us, his words were calm yet wise, but his eyes constantly twitched as if possessed. Either that or he was going into a mask induced hyperventilation. Joker—I had always thought of him as one—smiled and the pointed at a wall beside them. "Will you come back to me so we can be I again?" I honestly had no clue at what he was trying to say. I tried to read his intentions but his face was blank, except for that eternal smile of his.

That smile, that everlasting smile. I can't stand it. I want to rush over and rip his lower jaw off. I don't just want to, I feel I need to. All my self control is slipping; I do not know what is happening! My mind races, my vision becomes red and I can hear a thousand drums in my chest. One moment I was standing next to Zelda, paralyzed at the sight of the happy mask salesman, now I felt as if I had to move or else. Like a leaping wolfos I lunge my entire body forward, my left hand pulls out my gilded sword and I my only goal is to cleave the salesman in half.

But as fast as I was gliding towards my target I lose all control of my limbs and I feel as if I'm bathing in ice. My body is as cold as the ice cavern of the Zoras and I feel weak and useless. The whole time I was staring him straight in the eyes, even as I stood frozen in the air. I hear the others move behind me, but I am unable to turn around. I simple gesture with his hand and the movements stop.

I sense, more than I hear Sheik struggling against the invisible force holding all of us captive. For a brief second my lungs clasp tightly against each other and no air enters my breath. Immediately I understand that if he so chooses I could be dead in an instant. I am still staring in his ugly brown eyes, deep in the back a sinister red glow gleams, taunting me.

More than ever I feel weak and powerless and I hate this feeling. The energy within me needs to be unleashed; I must destroy everything in my path. A white aura surrounds me and for a brief second fear flashes in the pupils of my captor. Weakness must not be shown in a confrontation; less one is willing to give up the good fight.

But before I could harness the raw power building up within my core, I feel myself getting dizzy. The lack of oxygen is weakening me, and the same monstrous power that was going to tear the mask salesman to shreds is now slipping away back to the dark corners of my soul.

"I will fear no evil young Link," The happy mask man says knowing he has won this round.

I am mere seconds away from losing my consciousness. But before the blackness could surround me vision and I lose myself to that eternal sleep, I pummel towards the hard marbled floor. I am momentarily dazed when I feel a pair of hands help me upright. I look behind me to see Sheik holding me. I nod to him, but his eyes look straight in front of him, unwilling to acknowledge my gesture. It's obvious he was still angry about that Sheikah comment.

"There is no need for such aggression young warrior; surely you wouldn't harm an old friend?"

As strange as it sounded, the man had a point. While it had now come to my intention that the happy mask man had defied the rules of Rauru and stolen a dangerous object, this man has never harmed me in any way. In fact, had he not helped me before? Without him, I'd still be stuck as a lowly Deku scrub. But could I trust him now? As I deliberated whether I should attempt another strike or listen to what he has to offer, his voice interrupts my decision making.

"I am here merely to warn you, and to give you a helping hand on the quest that is to come."

I open my mouth to reply when a sharp whistling sound is heard from behind me. An object was hurled through the sky and flying at an alarming speed toward the salesman. Even though it is moving so fast it seems to be moving so slow as if time itself has stopped. My highly tuned instincts tell me that it is not aimed at me; hence I make no attempt to dodge. As it sears several inches left of my head I am able to distinguish it form. It is some sort of throwing knife, no doubt belonging to Sheik. It seems the mask salesman has relinquished his hold on the trio behind me as well.

I figure that the mask salesman—I should really ask his name later—would have some way to prevent himself from being pierced by that weapon. If he doesn't, then he should've thought twice before barging in here. As I watched almost in slow motion how the knife flew toward his chest, the metal suddenly seem to bounce of an invisible wall. With a clang it landed a few feet in front of me. The mask man looked behind me with a chilled smile on his face, that chilled smile that was always there.

"Now young warriors, both of you," he glanced back at me before turning his attention to Sheik, "What is with all the hostility?"

He steps forward, arms raised as a sign that he means no harm. I feel more than I see Sheik come and stand next to me. I also hear Zelda and Rauru shuffling closer to where we stand. I raise my arm and motion for them to stand back. We cannot yet be certain of this man's intentions and if he was to launch a surprise attack it would be better that the princess or Rauru were not standing behind me. But nevertheless Rauru seems to ignore me and he comes and stands in front of us. Frowning, I decided to let it slip for this time.

"What is it that you want, happy man?"

"Oh, you remember me, I am honored," Joker—as I preferred to call him—said. "Do you remember my pledge? If you do, then you would know why I am here."

"If I remember your pledge? No, I am afraid I do not. I do, however, remember how you betrayed this kingdom, endangered the lives of many and nearly brought about the destruction of Termina," Rauru replied with the anger evident in his voice.

"That is the problems with people these days, people only seem to remember the bad things that happened and never the good. Do you not remember how we used to enjoy warm mugs of ale together while playing a friendly game of chess? Or the time that we were at that buffet and there was only one cookie left and I let you have the final piece? Why don't you bring that up, instead of my little antics with that blasphemous mask?

"Do not talk to me as if this is some sort of game! How did you get in here, did the guards not spot you?"

"You and I both know that I have both the ability to sneak past your guards with ease, and even if one of them were to by some miracle catch me there would be absolutely nothing they can do about it. So why don't we stop this chit chat and get down to business shall we? I am here for a reason after all."

My mind has been racing to figure out a strategy in case I need to defend my life and the life of my companions, but I can't figure out anything. I've always known that this man was a force to be reckoned with, and I just had a brief glimpse of what he can do. The only option that came to my mind at the moment was… it. But I don't want to use it, I hate using it. Immediately my mind wanders to that fateful day inside of the moon, and unconsciously I find myself stroking that object.


My last chance, I thought to myself. The mighty mask of Majora had me on my knees. He was in his final form, stronger than ever. His tentacles were like thick whips with tiny little thorns running up and down the appendages. I was almost half-naked, with only the remains of my ripped tunic covering my crotch and butt area.

My skin that was usually a healthy tan was colored red, the flowing blood having covered almost every surface area of my upper body. Nasty scratches that will surely leave long lasting scars—assuming I survive—were crippling my every move. My right eye was swollen shut from a previous attack and the other eye was blurry from the tears.

Usually I wouldn't ever allow myself to cry, but the pain is unbearable. Maybe if I was in my 17 year old body I could still handle it, but at the age I can't help it. The pain reminded me of Ganondorf, Ganondorf reminded me of the future, and the future reminded me of Navi. Now the tears started to flow freely. I can't die yet, not when I haven't found her yet.

I struggle to my feet one more time, ignoring the mocking tone of Majora. He knows I barely have any energy left to even stand up. No matter how hideously ugly the mask is at the moment, I still feel it's smiling at me. Instead of using the ample opportunity he has to finish me off, he wants me to stand. He's enjoying this, my suffering.

As a finally gain a good foothold, I hear more than I see it lift back its tentacles. With a horrid scream a swings its arms forward, its nasty appendage flying toward my right. Without thinking I lift my shield up to block it, only to find myself flying into the wall. Almost Comically I slide off the hard marbled room, and with a silly plop I stumbled forward, landing on my face.

I try to use my hands to push myself up but a shocking pain goes through my right arm. Stupidly, I turn to look at my arm and notice a bone protruding out of the skin. The shield had shattered in pieces, unable to handle the crushing blow. The smell immediately reaches my nose, and I find myself unable to hold in my breakfast.

Already in a crouching position I hurl, nasty chunks of my barf landing on the ground before me. My head is spinning faster than a broken windmill and I feel myself losing it. I have no more fairies, no green potion, nothing.

In my stupor I let out a weak chuckle, very aware of my impending doom. The weak chuckle quickly turns into a crazy laugh and the crazy laugh immediately turns into a quiet sob. Today death will be unavoidable, of that I'm certain. But to die a failure, that I cannot accept. There will still people down there in the city, women and children who had no more hope but my intervention.

My head snaps back up, as I hear the mask once again raise its tentacle, ready to bring that final blow. My breath gets stuck in my lung. Really, who needs that last breath, what good is it? I cast my eyes down, for some reason I am unwilling to look at my demise. Staring into my own puddle of puke I feel disgusting at myself, at this world, at everything. For a brief second I am glad I will die, until a glistening catches my eye.

Upon closer inspection of my own puke, I see that I dropped that strange mask given to me by the strange children of the night, and it's beckoning. All at once my goal changes, I must no longer save the world or find Navi, but wear that mask. I no longer cared what would happen, but I felt I had to get that mask up to my face a wear if only one time.

My hand goes into my own filth, and I remove the supposedly wooden ornament from what use to be my food. Surprisingly it seems very clean. I hear the monster in front of me throw its tentacles forward and I know it will surely crush me. Immediately I bring the mask to my face…

And then it's all over. For that brief moment, I was dead…


"You are just like him aren't you, young hero?" Joker turned and said to me. I saw something in his eyes, but I couldn't quite place it.

"Just like who?" I asked. I did not want to play his game but at the same time I was curious who he chose to compare me with.

Ignoring my question, he simply continued to talk.

"You only know the way of the sword. Fast on the feet but slow in the mind; you serve as nothing more than a tool."

His words hit too close for comfort. Even though his smile remained unchanged his eyes were cold and calculative. It was as if he viewed deep into my soul and realized there was no depth into me. I was nothing more than the common fool with a blade; that is what his eyes told me. And for the second time that day I felt weak. He knew his words had an effect on me, and immediately he continued talking.

"You may have been bread to kill, young Link, but you know as well as I do that such talents are useless in the real fight you've been facing everyday. The dreams, the nightmares, the memories and the thoughts, no sword can hack those away. No sword can find her. But I can."

My fists that were clenched shut suddenly loosened up. This man knew my suffering and he may know my solution. I looked up at him, my eyes pleading for his knowledge. It felt as if he was no longer the enemy, so powerful were his words.

Behind me I felt a soft touch of a feminine hand land on top of my shoulders. I turned my head to look behind me, and I found myself staring into the beautiful cerulean pools that are the eyes of Zelda. In those eyes I see concern for me, concern for my well-being. Her pity is making me weak.

Turning my head back, I focus on the objective at hand. Here stands a man, a man who seems like he's going to give me an offer I cannot refuse. But before I beg for the information I desire I must find out what his intentions are, and how he knows all this.

"How do you know all this? How do you know what goes on in my mind when even I do not know, and how do you know where Navi resides if the rest of the world doesn't."

"I know because I know, because if I did not know then I couldn't have known."

"What a stupid answer," I think.

"You don't have to worry about your guardian fairy, she will find you in due time. But she will come for a reason, and you must be ready to act when that time comes. In the mean time you have that other little problem, the mighty mask of Majora," Joker said with a stern look, yet the smile always present.

"What do you know of it?" Ruaru asked in surprise and further frustration.

"I know quite a lot, considering I carried her for quite a few years on my back dear Rauru," the crazy man said, "I can tell you her favorite colors, favorite types of books, her love interests, how many people she's possessed, even what her favorite snack use to be, back when she still had a stomach. What exactly do you want to know dear Rauru?"

"DAMN IT! I told you to stop joking around."

"I am sorry that you do not have a sense of humor sir, but that does give you the right to dampen the spirits of others! I am in no way obliged to follow your orders, and I will joke around as I please. Besides, Link thinks I am quite the Joker!" the happy man mask said smiling even wider than I thought possible.

He even knew my nickname for him, what a stupid bastard. How he knew all these things will remain a mystery, but for now that did not concern me.

"As for the message I have for the acclaimed hero of time, it is simply a warning. Do you remember that poem?"

I simply stayed quiet, hoping that was enough to acknowledge I knew what he was talking about. But instead of staying quiet he said it out loud.

"A Warrior of Virtue,

Crimson mastery of lives,

Why use the metal sword?

Why use the metal sword,

Crimson mastery of lives,

A Warrior of Virtue?"

"It is a complicated poem, with many different interpretations. It was written for a banished warrior long ago, one you were just told about. The mask seeks to reunite with this warrior, yet you do not know what to expect."

I looked behind me at the princess, remembering that Rauru did not want her to know the whole story. But now that she heard this, there was no doubt that she would ask questions.

"Do not be concerned with the princess, for she is safe for now. It is the other one you must worry about."

"The other one?" I ask, looking at him skeptically. "There is only one princess."

At that the man burst out laughing, gripping his stomach loosely.

"I mean your other friend, silly boy. I am talking about the beautiful maiden with the flaming red hair."

"Malon? Is she in some kind of danger?"

Unconsciously my hand travels to my sword. Even though I am very aware that my blade can't be of any help, I still grip the handle tightly. What can I say; I'm a warrior of virtue.

"Not yet, but she will be soon. If something is to happen to her now, then it is over, you already lost. But if you hurry you can still save her. Rescue her and your will be one step closer to the answers you seek. Bring her to the castle and the answer to your first question will be known, but to you and to you only."

As Joker takes one step aside, I know that's my sign. Without a second thought I fly past Joker, determined to make sure I get there as fast as I can. If something were to happen to Malon, I would never forgive myself. Only the goddesses may know what she's going through at the moment.


She was standing before an oven, her head beaded with sweat, a smile on her face as she softly hummed a tune that reminded her of him. The heat did no bother her as long as she thought about him. Her soul fluttered ecstatically as she went from one pan to the other, stirring here, scooping there, tasting here and finally concluding that it was all just right.

Walking up the stairs she stared down at the feast she had prepared, all that one could possibly imagine was covering that table. The sweet smell of pie also found its way to her nose and she could find it not in her heart to not take a nibble from it. So back down, around the table, she grabbed the pie and quickly stuck her finger in, scooping a huge chunk out and stuck it into her mouth. Not thinking at the moment how hot pie could be, especially if picked up without a mitten, shoved into ones mouth and then quickly swallowed, she yelled loud enough to awaken the goddesses. Her tongue hanged from her mouth, burnt and feeling like a sponge she impishly returned back up the stairs.

Once in her room she looked around, looking to see if Ingo was around to try to peep at her again. He would often appear out of nowhere into her room at the least reasonable time, always with the exact same excuse; he couldn't find the bathroom. Now she knew that Ingo did not think much of her intelligence, but she was nowhere near as dumb as he thought she was. She almost felt that she couldn't blame him, being alone on a farm in the middle of nowhere without any woman around should drive any man crazy. She supposed that him taking a peek at her every now and then kept him from hanging himself in the stable. Satisfied that Ingo was nowhere in sight, she entered her room.

Walking across her room and into the bathroom she unrobed herself, taking of the imprisoning yellow sundress as she filled her bath with water. It was an invigorating feeling, the cold water falling into the tub, softly lashing out onto her skin, making her shiver with delight. She was an affectionate person, yet…Well; she didn't really have luck with the guys. Or rather, not with the one she wanted.

Slipping under the aqueous broth she felt her breasts tensing, as if anticipating the touch of a long-lost lover. Finding no one but herself to please her hands found home and started to make circular motions. It was a ritual she had completed many times, each time longing more and more for the blond that filled her dreams. Had she not offered? Why had he not accepted? She quickly removed her hands before she lost herself. She heaved a heavy sight; she always ended up teasing herself like this, never knowing where she would end up had she continued with her plan.

"Malon!" she heard her father scream from downstairs, "We have guests standing outside the gate."

"Guests?" Malon wondered out loud, "We're not expecting any one today."

"I know, it seems they came a long way. They'll certainly be looking for a place to sleep."

Inwardly Malon groaned. She had such a spectacular day planned. She was used to working long days and rarely had the opportunity to spend on her own wants. Stepping out of the bathroom, she quickly dried herself off. After slipping into a bathrobe and tying her towel around her still wet hair, she walked up to her bedroom window and dared a peek outside. There she saw a group of people wearing rather plain clothes, and a man on a horse. But she noticed an odd thing about this man, he was wearing a large mask. A large, purple ceremonial mask with the most menacing eyes she ever saw.


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