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His eyes opened slowly. He smiled. "Morning, Lucius," he said, snuggling closer. A solitary tear burned as it slid down my cheek. What have you done to me?
"Do you know where you are?" I asked him.
"Lying next to you in your bed, Malfoy Manor, somewhere," he murmured.
"Don't you find that odd?"
"Should I?"
"Most people would," I said, smiling slightly.
"Since when have we been considered most people?" he returned, grinning. He kissed me so tenderly that it hurt. Hurt to think how close he came to dying. This splendid being wiped out. All because of me.
"Get dressed. I have to take you back to Hogwarts."
"Immediately?" he asked, sounding disappointed. Damn it. I have really outdone myself this time. This is quite high on the scale of atrocities: the corrupting of Harry Potter.

"Last night's exercise in stupidity was not intended to fix you up so that Voldemort could kill you at a later time."
"Were you saving me from him?" He sounds amused.
"I should think that was obvious."
"And who's going to save me from you?" he asked, eyes glittering.
"You're not in danger from me." You'll never be in danger from me, angel.
"Then let me stay. Just a little bit longer."
"No," I answered immediately.
"A kiss then and after I'll do whatever you want." Whatever. Somehow I don't think he said that accidentally. That was deliberate, as deliberate as the kiss he places on my lips.

Bliss. Sweet joy mixed with something so primal as his tongue finds its way into my mouth. I can feel the desire burning in me, in him. I smiled against his lips. Clever boy. We have traded places. The fruits of our labor are the same, but this time you are the snake. He moves his hips sinuously against mine. A soft groan issues from my lips, lost in his mouth.

No. I can't do this. I can't. God knows I want to. But where will it end? How many times must I take you to satisfy this corrupted desire? How far can I drag you into my infamy? Betrayal the world never saw coming, not in their wildest dreams. Or nightmares, for that matter.

"Just a kiss," I said, breaking away from him.
"Nothing more?" he says, inclining his head. Damn me. Damn you. Yes, damn you for being so beautiful, for knowing exactly what I want and looking at me with eyes that promise all that and more, for having lips capable of bringing me to my knees.
"Get dressed," I repeated. "If we hurry, you'll at school before breakfast."

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