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Written on the wall


This morning, Echizen Ryoma had a headache again. The result of lack of sleep from last night was killing him.

His four boyfriends never let him rest more than five minutes before starting a new round. He mostly was an uke. Being the youngest in the relationship could be both advantage and disadvantage in the same time. All of his boyfriends wanted to get in his pants. He didn't think he could be a seme at this state, but he didn't mind that because having loving lovers' worth the pain (plus pleasure) in bed.

Anyway, if one of his lovers wanted to be an uke for him, he would be very happy. (Even he had to be uke and seme in the same time.)

"What do you want for breakfast, Ryoma?" Fuji Syusuke asked. This morning was his turn to do the cook.

"Just cereal will do."

"You should eat more." Sanada Genichiro said as he looked up from the newspaper which he was reading. "You need more than just cereal to have enough energy for the rest of the day."

"Yes, father," He knew this simply replied would annoy Sanada. And as he thought, the vice-captain of Rikkai tennis club coughed.

The youngest secretly smiled. Their love life was more like a family. He could imagine Sanada Genichiro being a father, well he was just fit that image perfectly.

For Tezuka Kunimitsu, the buchou of Seigaku tennis club, Ryoma already saved the title of mother for him. He took care of each boyfriend, made sure of everything turn out right.

But for his other two boyfriends, he was not quite sure.

Fuji Syusuke may looked fragile, but actually he was strong, probably the strongest of the five. Moreover, he was mostly seme in their fivesome relationship. His appearance and the image as a father didn't match, even though he was doing the housework very well. Ryoma didn't want to put him in a mother position, too. He was far too sadistic to be one.

Atobe Keigo, the most luxury boyfriend ever, liked being taking care. People called him spoil child because he wanted everyone to know him, respect him and serve him. He may be spoiled just like the other called him, but he was certainly their spoil child. So, Keigo probably was their son to love, cherish and take care.

For himself, he couldn't imagine himself being anything other than a daughter in their relationship. All boys took care of him perfectly and satisfied all his need. Get angry when the other such as Kevin came near him more than five meters. Maybe he was really a daughter…

Atobe walked into the dining room, his hands entwined with his necktie. "I have to go now. I've just ask the driver to wait in front of the mansion."

"You must leave this soon?"Fuji's smile became invisible. "Don't you want to try my new dish?"

Keigo kissed his disappointed boyfriend on the cheek.

"I want to, but there is an important meeting waiting for me at my parent company." Even though Keigo stilled young, he already had many duties on behalf of his parent because he was destined to be the next CEO.

"You have to eat something first, Keigo." Tezuka Kunimitsu ordered. Eyes shined his concern for his lover.

"I have to go, 'Mitsu." Fasten his necktie firmly. "No time for breakfast,"

"Lately, you eat too little."

"I promise I will eat at the office." Atobe leaned down and kissed Tezuka who was sitting at the table. "Beside I'm still full from what you had filled me last night."

"Can we go though the day without refer or mention of sex?" Echizen started his question. He still could remember the previous night which brought him a major headache in the morning by lack of sleep.

"Oi Ryoma, I didn't say sex, did I?

"But you said about last night. Since last night we only did sex things, so I don't think you could deny that."

The boy kissed his elegant boyfriend passionately.

"If I have more time I would seduce you on this table right now."

"I don't mind if you do that, but I don't know about our three boyfriends. They will feel that they are being leave off, won't they?"


"Stay home with us, Kei-chan." Syusuke pleased.

"The annual meeting is waiting for me. It's going to start as soon as I arrive, that why I have to go."

"Let them wait." All lovers looked surprised as they heard the ruler of the house said that.

"'Mitsu, did you know what you just said?"

"I said let them wait. Or maybe you should cancel it."

"Why should I?"

"Because this is morning and it's time to eat."

"I know what Kunimitsu is thinking. He wants to eat you and so do I." This time Genichiro was the one who said.

Tezuka gave Sanada an annoyed look instead of reply by word.

Since his four boyfriends didn't want him to go out, he decided to give up. "Alright, I guess I have to make a call for postpone the meeting. Give me a few minutes and don't forget to save the foreplay for me." He walked out of the room to get his cell phone. Staying at home was much better.

"Sure, I will undress Ryo-chan and get him ready for you on our table." Syusuke said and Keigo nodded in acknowledge.

Ryoma opened his mouth to protest, but nothing came out as he realized that it would be fun anyway. Beside he didn't seem to remember about the headache from lack of sleep since last night anymore.

"Sometime, I imagine us being a family." Echizen spoke his thought and thentold his boyfriend about his imagination.

"Is that idea making us incest?" Fuji asked as he flashed a smile.

"You already do incest thing with Yuuta."

"Yuuta is so adorable when blushing. I couldn't get enough of him." A perfect smile never left Syusuke's face when he talked about his brother.

"Too bad he already hook up with Mizuki, otherwise we would have sixsome or something."

The close eyes boy's expression became darken.

"I forbid everything that against the law." Genichiro announced loudly.

"Gen'-chan, I won't do anything that against the law." He pause with a wick smile and continued. "Seeing him alive and suffering from what he did to my dear little brother is more fun."

Everyone kept quiet.

Keigo walk backinto the room and pouted. "You all still not start anything."

"We will soon." Tezuka hugged Atobe from behind. "But I need you and Ryoma to do something first."

"What is it?" Echizen asked, wonder what would Seigaku buchou want them to do before sex.

"Eat your breakfast."

Tezuka Kunimitsu definitely was a mother for sure...

End of Breakfast

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