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Written on the wall


The apartment was quiet when three of five lovers didn't come home.

Ryoma and Tezuka both lay down sleepily on their bed, listened to each other heartbeat. This late evening event was too quiet for Echizen Ryoma, so he decided to start a small conversation to cover the sound of silent around them.

"You are quiet again."


"Are you sleeping?" The younger boy asked.

"No," Tezuka Kunimitsu simply answered. "Just thinking,"

"What are you thinking right now?" One finger traveled down the other's arm.

"I wonder…Why would Syusuke and Keigo go to Fuji's residence?"

"They didn't tell us."

"I have a feeling… something not very nice is going to happen… soon."

"Like what?" The boy asked.


Atobe Keigo and Fuji Syusuke were kissing again and again.

Since they were arriving Fuji's residence, they shared too much affection. The scene irritated boy. Even when Yuuta tried to close his eyes, he still saw his aniki make out, make up and make love in his imagination.

"Could you please stop cuddling or kissing??" One hand hit the table with all his strength.

The cactus collector turned to his younger brother. "You want me to hug you or give you a kiss just like I did to Keigo?"

"NO!!" The answer was loud and firm.

"I'm so hurt." He faked a sad face. "Keigo, please comfort me with your kiss."

"Of course, my darling."

"I'm glad that the two of you can spend an evening with us." Yumiko said with a smile.

"Syusuke and I can not refuse your invitation."

"Tonight, I have a date with my fiancé and Yuuta have to practice with his teammates, so tonight this house is all your."

"Nee-chan, you can just say that you want them to take care of our house while we are away then go ahead." Yuuta said.

"Yuuta, you really don't know how to speak or treat anyone with respect." The eldest Fuji pouted like a little girl.

"All right… Aniki, I know you will certainly do it even we don't ask. Atobe-san, Please take care of our house."

"Ore-sama will take care of everything."

"Oop! I almost forgot. Keigo-kun, I bought this for you." Yumiko handed him a bag. "Put it on! Put it on! I couldn't wait to see you in this outfit." Atobe blushed when he saw what was inside the bag. He looked up at his lover as if to ask permission before doing anything.

"Go ahead," Fuji said. "I would like to see you in this cloth as well."

The outfit was a girl school uniform. White blouse sailor with petit red tie and blue mini skirt. Moreover those white loose socks also looked good on Atobe.

"I know this outfit will fit you very well!" The oldest sibling said with excitement.

Atobe blushed.

"You look adorable and… eatable." Fuji said in the seductive way.

The youngest Fuji didn't find all of these amused. "I'm out of here!" He walked away due to he couldn't stand all these scenes.

"Wait for your sister ne, Chibi-Yuuta!" Yumiko ran after her little brother.

"So, we are alone now… Wanna go to my room?"

Keigo blushed more and more. "You don't have to ask."

"I wonder what those four are doing right now." Sanada Genichirou said to himself.

He tried to set his mind to something else, but it seemed impossible. Finally he decided to call his last saviour. "Yukimura, I need to talk to you."

"Why Yuuta?" Echizen asked his boyfriend.

"Fuji is kinky." Tezuka answerd.

"So what? It's not that all of us don't know about that."

"Well, that's also applied to both his older sister and his younger brother."

Ryoma laughed. "That would be hell for Monkey king."

"30 laps now!!" Tezuka still didn't approve how Echizen called Atobe.

"Why do you have to get angry every time I mocked Keigo-san. Anyway, do I have to remind you that we are not in the tennis court? You can't make me run laps."


"Hai buchou…" Then Ryoma ran… around their triple king-size bed. He secretly noted to himself to never piss off Tezuka when they were at the swimming pool or Atobe's house. It was much worst than around the tennis court.

Love indeed had long way to go, but the young tennis samurai didn't want it like this.

"Genichirou, this is the last time I'm going to say something for your love life's sake."

"Please say anything. My head is going to explode with a worried bomb right now."

"I appreciate your loyalty to me, but please do not call when I'm in the middle of… Aaah! That's nice, Renji."

Sanada could swear that he heard his captain moaned.

"…Where did I stop, hmm Gen? Oh, I remember now. Go to see family counselor. It did work with Renji, Masaharu, Hiroshi and I."


"Last time, they advised us that we should adopt a child to tie our bond together, but since we are underage, so we adapt our Akayan to be our love child. It's fun to take him in… I mean to the bath."


"Too bad that Bunta, Jackle and you already have lovers, otherwise Rikkai love team will be the winner of all court. We can not be the three demons of Rikkai only on the tennis court! We have to be on the love court too, right Ore-tachi?" The captain asked.

"The love court…" Rikkai's tennis club fukubuchou repeated after he hanged up.

Somehow, Sanada had a feeling that he should not believe Yukimura Seiichi for once. He had neither chance nor time to lose. He could not be sure of anything or anyone anymore. He knew he should be home as soon as possible.

The skirt was left up, showing what was hiding underneath.


"I had to choose between a pink one and a black see-through one. Well… I think pink is more girly."

"Oh yes, pink is indeed nicer, baby." Fuji's hand touched the front of the cotton fabric.

"That black one left nothing to imagine." Atobe moaned lightly.

"We could try that one later, right school girl?"


"You are a naughty girl, baby."

"I'm being very naughty. Please punish me daddy."

"Want me to spank you?" Fuji teased. "Just like I did to Ryoma."

"Ah No spank, please."

"Then sit on my lab. I will punish you nicely." Atobe did as order. "My Where should I begin and what should I start? Tell me."

"Actually I want to be a seme in skirt, just like Kunimitsu."

"You know that we allowed him to be seme in nurse outfit just because we broke his beloved bonsais, Madonna and Marilyn. Beside he has something for doctor and nurse's stuff. I couldn't believe he called us after his bonsai collection."

"He uses a name of famous superstar for his little tree. I remember he likes to play doctor and patient. Anyway, how about rub the strawberry oil on top of me and travel down to my knees?"

"Hey, my sister prepared 'that' for us?" Fuji asked, feeling unbelievable.

"Yeah, Yumiko-san gave me good stuffs. She knows your favorite very well."

"Then Nee-san musts know that you are my spoil uke." Fuji hugged his boyfriend close.

"Four of us are your uke."

"And you like to watch a free show."

"Nothing more amuse then seeing Genichiroh writhes under you and begs for more. For Kunimitsu and Ryoma, I never thought their pillar relationship involve with striptease dancing, the ways they roll over the metal pillar as they strip never make me bored."

"I told you, we need metal bar in our bedroom. They are not being called Pillar Pair for nothing. Moreover, you have to see when they played with each other in the locker room."

"Didn't Kikumaru and Oishi get jealous?"

"They were, so I called the dirty pair and silver pair to pick up our golden pair. I even offered to take their photographs and video if they want to keep some."

"Did Oshitari agree?"

"He agreed, but Oishi disapproved our agreement."

"Seigaku's mother,"

"And Hyotei's molester,"

"What a combination?"

Before everything continued, there was a sound of knocking on the door interrupt their hot sweet moment.

"Here come your pizza, sir." A loud voice said.

"Pizza?" Both boys looked at each other and snickered.

"The pizza boy might get the wrong destination."

"Let's get ride of him." Atobe-sama suggested.

"I agree, Hime-sama."

"Hey! You watch puri puri and dora puri too much."

"Princess princess is one of my favorite manga."

"You know that I'm not going to wear a cheer leader suit, right?"

When they opened the door, Both Atobe and Fuji's faces went pale. The guy who supposed to be a pizza boy happened to be Echizen Nanjiroh…. again.

"As I thought, you two are here. Ah my sweet sons-in-law!!!"

Atobe immediately jumped into Fuji's arms. Then the photographer held his boyfriend firmly and ran with high speed out of the house. The effect when Atobe jumped made his skirt left up a little; this gave Najiroh a very nice view of his pink bikini which sent the old man nosebleed.

"Gotta collect that bikini shot."

The pervert laugh continued.

End of Outfit

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