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a chicken little fanfiction


written by some guy named lh

based on characters created by walt disney pictures


About five or six months ago, something strange and something unheard of happened in the small suburban town of Oakey Oaks, California. This thing just seemed to happen on a clear, early Saturday morning on the eighteenth of June, and at around this time, the town's inhabitants were waking up to some disturbing news:

Chicken Little had played "cry wolf" with some of its residents the night before.

Apparently, he had rung the bell that stood atop Oakey Oaks Middle School, waking up several people in the process (including the Mayor, Turkey Lurkey) who all ran to his aid. He claimed to know the existence of a so-called "alien ship" which, he shouted was situated, quite neatly, in the nearby baseball stadium. When the television and radio crews, townsfolk and the Mayor all arrived there, however, there was no alien ship there whatsoever. All that was there was a pretty damaged baseball stadium. Some of the scorecards had fallen off, the floodlights were smashed and some of the base plates, someone noticed, were missing. Other than that, though, there was no sign that any kind of "alien ship" had ever been there.

Little had protested that there had been an alien ship when he and his friends were there at the time, but all the people standing before him were already leaving in a huff. One person said that they thought that Little had vandalised the stadium, and then tried to use the "alien ship" guise as a cover-up of this incident. Some were shocked at this fact, as during the afternoon he had won his team, The Acorns, their first Junior League baseball series in a long time running.

The townsfolk were even more disgruntled at him than before, as around the same time a year ago, Little had again, rung the bell. That time, he claimed, he was hit by a piece of the sky that was shaped like a stop sign, underneath the big oak tree in the town square. One of the townspeople however, which just happened to be his father, Buck Cluck, said that it might have just been one of the many acorns from the tree which must of fallen off and hit Little on the head. The townspeople were all in full agreement of this and Little, unfortunately, seemed to have made himself unpopular.

But this wasn't the strange thing that would soon befall the town…