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"Severus, where are my shoes? I know I set them near the door so I could find them easily," Hermione called out.

"I haven't touched them," came the terse reply.

Hermione grumbled a bit and finally found her shoes in the bedroom closet. She promptly placed them on her feet and waltzed into the sitting room. Severus was fumbling with his tie.

"Remind me again why I must wear this infernal suit."

Hermione helped him adjust the tie. "Because, Severus, we can't have you traipsing around the muggle world in your dress robes. Besides, the only thing you don't like is the tie because it's red and you're not used to wearing it." She finished with the tie. "Now, come along or we'll be even later than we already are. You know how much my mother hates us being late."

"Since we're late already, how about we just not go?"

Hermione did not even respond. She just pulled him out the door and to the apparation point. He continued to grumble as she apparated them to her parents' back yard. He followed as she walked trough the back door into the kitchen.

"Mum, Dad, we're here!" Hermione called out.

Her mother popped her head into the kitchen and beckoned them to the sitting room. "I must warn you, though, Hermione. Your Aunt Rose has been very curious about Severus. Make sure you have your story straight."

"Thanks, Mum, but I doubt that will be too much of a problem." Hermione grabbed Severus' hand firmly as they entered the sitting room.

The sitting room was rather full of various relatives celebrating the Granger's 25th anniversary. Hermione dreaded having to deal with them all, but out of respect for her parents, she and Severus came to the celebration. Immediately they were surrounded by inquisitive relatives who wanted to know everything about Hermione's period of estrangement from her parents, her relationship with Severus, and, of course, their wedding.

They had decided on a small wedding shortly after the end of the school year. It had been quaint, the only guests being their closest friends and family. It certainly was not gaudy. Harry had served as Best Man and Ginny as the Maid of Honor. The wedding also served as Harry's coming out party. News coverage was limited to the most reliable source they could think of: Colin Creevey. Shortly after Snape/Granger wedding, the Potter/Weasley wedding was announced. The whole magical world had reason to celebrate. Their war heroes were all alive and counted for, finally. There was peace and harmony among many. Arthur Weasley had been named Minister of Magic. With Harry's help, they were rooting out the rest of the Death Eaters and corrupt members of the Ministry. A lot had happened in the year since Hermione completed the prophecy. Even she had no idea just how much things were changing in the world, magical and non-magical alike.

But none of that was quite as overwhelming as being surrounded by so many of her family members and having to answer the. For every one who was satisfied with a response, another had even more questions. The afternoon felt as if it would never end. Unfortunately, Severus was fairing no better. To add insult to injury, he looked increasingly uncomfortable in his attire. Somehow, Hermione managed to alert her mother who then managed to come to Severus' rescue. He disappeared into the back yard with her father. That made Hermione a bit more comfortable. The two, for whatever reason, got on as if they had been best friends for life.

"Come now, Hermione. Tell me how you met Severus? He seems like such a nice young man." It was her grandmother. Hermione had already told this particular story several times. The lady seemed to forget it five minutes later every time.

"Excuse me, Grandma. I'll tell you in a moment, but I really do need to use the loo." She realized it had been a bit rude, but she needed a break. It was a different person with the same question every time.

Hermione headed straight to the backyard and joined her husband and father. She took Severus' glass and drank half the contents.

"I see they finally got to you," Severus smirked.

"Please," she replied rolling her eyes, "they got to me the moment we walked into the room."

"They're just curious, Hermione," her father said.

"Oh no. They're more than curious. They're ruthless. They don't stop."

"Now you know how I felt with you in class," Severus commented. Hermione just mocked him. "Though, I dare say you're correct. Your relatives are well beyond curious."

Mr. Granger chuckled. "Can I get either of you anything?"

"I'll take another scotch please."

"The same for me, Dad. Thanks."

"Two scotches coming up." He walked back into the house.

Hermione snuggled up to Severus who wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry about eh circus this has become. Although, I did warn you."

Severus kissed the top of her bushy head. "It's not your fault, Hermione. Besides, I married you. I suppose I got myself into it."

They remained cuddled together until Mr. Granger returned.

"Thanks, Dad," Hermione said, taking her drink.

"Cheers," Severus added.

The three of them stood in the back yard for a while, reveling in the silence. Mrs. Granger dragging her husband back into the house broke that silence. "Your Aunt Rose is still looking for you."

"Thanks, Mum. And why is she my Aunt Rose? Why isn't she your sister Rose?" She only received a smile in response. Hermione finished her drink and turned to her husband. She fiddled with his tie a bit. "You know, you look damn sexy in this suit."

"You're only trying to make me feel better."

"No, I'm just trying to seduce you, Sev."

He smiled. "If you ever call me that in front of people, you will regret it." His smiled turned slightly evil for the briefest moment before returning to normal. Hermione did not buy it for a second though.

"You're damn sexy when you do that too." She pulled his head down to her level and kissed him hard. He let out a slight whimper in surprise and from the pressure.

"God you're good, luv." It was his turn to cause her to whimper. "Best stop for now though. Your Aunt Rose will come looking for us before you know it."

"Fine. Let's get this over with. But at least we can be somewhat honest with her." Hermione sighed. "It's very tiring having to lie about half of it."


A half hour later they finally found themselves alone with Aunt Rose. "Hermione you must tell me how you and Severus started dating. I've heard all the gossip, but you don't really expect me to believe that it started with a stray Quidditch Bludger do you? Severus, you're not known for your love of Quidditch. And, of course, I know it wasn't because of a flat tire." Rose's eyes were absolutely shining in delight.

Severus gave Hermione a look that asked 'just how much does she know about our world?' Hermione answered in his head, 'Her son attended Durmstrang and she gets The Daily Prophet."

Hermione looked away and broke the mental connection. They had gotten to the point where they had only to think the connection to have it, and they were even able to do it long distance.

Hermione took a deep breath and sighed. "Well, Aunt Rose, it all starts when Snape walks into a bar . . ."

The End