Must Be Dreaming-

Chapter 1-Fiery Kiss? …Dream…

Kaoru's eyes closed as she felt Kenshin's arms wrap around her body. He smiled slyly as he placed soft, tender kisses along her neck and face; letting her smell of jasmine engulf his senses. He pulled away for a moment and his eyes softened but still held so much passion and fire it was almost overwhelming. He lifted his hand and pulled at the ribbon that held her hair in place, it fell down her back in one swift motion. She opened her eyes and smiled at him coolly. She watched Kenshin, as he placed the ribbon in his mouth pulling it ever so gently between his lips.

"Why taste that, when you can taste me?" She asked playfully. Taking the ribbon out of his mouth and placing her lips on top of his. He answered back without words as he made the kiss more passionate, deepening it, and thus created magic between them. When he pulled away, he grinned.

"Let me have you Kaoru." he said in a whisper. He was laying on top of her now. Her eyes wide in emotion and love, while his narrowed in excitement and desire.

"YES KENSHIN!" She answered in full consciousness. She sat straight up, her blankets flying off to the middle of her legs. She panted and held her hand to her heart, closed her eyes, and tried to come to grips that it was all a dream. There was no heated, romantic kiss. Kenshin didn't want her, and it stung.

She sighed then turned her head towards the shoji, upon hearing fast padding and the sliding of her door. Kenshin now stood in the doorway, his eyes sharp with worry. "Nani Kaoru-dono? Are you alright?" He asked in the same breathless manor as her dream.

"Hai, hai. Go back to bed Kenshin." She took the blankets, which were earlier flung across the futon and pulled them up to her chin as she set herself back down.

When she still felt the cold breeze from the night air she got up again to see Kenshin was still looking at her. She couldn't read his face though, it was too dark, and this annoyed her. She was too tired to be annoyed.

"What is it?" She asked, trying not to sound disappointed.

"Well," he answered back tightening his hands into fists. He wasn't really sure what to say. He didn't want to leave, but he had no right to stay in Kaoru's room. They were not married, and they were not really considered to be together either.

So he had no excuse, none but the truth, and no way in hell was he gonna tell her that!

That would sure make interesting conversation wouldn't it? Yea, Kaoru, I'm madly in love with you, so, uh, I also wanna sleep with you, let's hit it! Kenshin inwardly sighed, so pathetic.

He saw a hand wave in front of his eyes, "HELLO KENSHIN!" She shouted in his ear. He awoke from his separate thoughts rather quickly now that Kaoru was so close to him. His cheeks turned red and he started coughing with embarrassment. Then he cast his glance downward, lowing his head so his bangs hung in front of his face.

Kaoru blinked in confusion, then sighed. "I'm okay." She said again, trying to sound like she was in a better mood. "It was just a dream is all." She said absent-mindedly. She walked back to her futon, hoping to get some amount of sleep.

Kenshin's head popped up. She had a dream? Then she called out his name, screamed it in fact. BINGO! "Kaoru-dono, you had a dream about Sessha?" he asked, feeling slightly anxious.

"Aa," She said. She wasn't really paying attention to the words that were coming out of her mouth. She was so drained from that dream.

"Need more sleep…" she whispered to herself.

Kenshin grinned. It really wasn't that much of a feat though; but if he had heard all the details of said dream, different story. Completely.

He nodded his head and turned around and left her bedroom. He shut the shoji and walked back briskly to his own room. He stretched his arms over his head when he entered then hopped right into his futon. He fell asleep rather fast too…

"KENSHIN!" Kaoru screamed from a nearby room. Kenshin's eyes sprung open, he hopped out of bed, and threw open his door rushing to get to her.

"KENSHIN!" She screamed again. He stopped in front of the room where she called. He pushed the door open…and his mouth dropped to floor at the sight ahead of him.

Kaoru lay before him, her yukata tied loosely in the middle, showing an ample view of her breasts.

"Oh Kenshin!" She said, getting off the futon, her yukata still held together, Kenshin was…somewhat…grateful. He didn't want a nosebleed. That would be really humiliating…

"You came to me!" She said excitedly. She flung her arms around his neck and pressed her chest into his. He gasped, not from lack of air, more like…lack of a heartbeat. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

"Kenshin, can you kiss me?" She asked shyly. A light pink came to her cheeks as she looked down quickly, then back up at Kenshin. "Please? I would love it so much…" She leaned in whispered in his ear. "If you were my…first…"

Kenshin narrowed his eyes passionately and nodded. He leaned down and carefully captured her lips with his own. Passion built between the two.

He pulled away and made his way towards her neck, slowly going up towards her ear. "How was that?" he said in a husky whisper only she could hear.

"Wonderful…" She said back. "Kenshin?"

"Hmm?" he said in between kisses.

"I need you to know…"

Kenshin woke with a start. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. He looked around at his surroundings then slumped. "Damnit!" he cursed. "I must have been dreaming!"

The next morning, as always, Kenshin was up at the crack of dawn. Despite the disappointment of the dream, he was feeling much brighter today.

And then she walked in, already dressed and ready to brighten everyone's day. Well, that's what Kenshin believed anyway.

She smiled at him, "Hello there Kenshin." Obviously she too was in a better mood then the night before.

He grinned back at her, then his brow furrowed. He noticed that Kaoru's bottom lip was bleeding; the winter season had made her lips chapped. She had not noticed it and since Kenshin was feeling rather bold, he walked up to her and gently ran his finger along her lip.

Kaoru blushed, "Nani?" She faltered. She touched her lip with her index finger then glanced at Kenshin.

"It was only bleeding, that it was." He said calmly, taking a piece of cloth from the counter and wiping the blood away. He furrowed his eyebrows again; I'd rather kiss her lips, then touch them. He thought bitterly. I have no one to blame but myself I suppose.

He grimaced, then turned to Kaoru who was still a bit shell shocked about the whole lip touching thing. Daring aren't we, Himura-san, spoke Kaoru's devilish inner monologue. She grinned wickedly, "Thanks."

Surreal, completely surreal, from breakfast to midday chores, it was completely normal. But everything has to get so damn coincidental!

Kaoru watched as Kenshin brought the laundry in from drying. He held the basket full of Kaoru's things, which she had recently decided to do herself, in front of his face. He brought it to her room though. Only because he was gentleman, and to make a lady carry this heavy load would be very rude indeed.

He tapped her shoji with his foot and tried his best to keep his balance. She opened it, and quickly reached for the basket. "Let me help baka!" She scolded.

"I can handle it Kaoru-dono!" His voice sounded a bit muffled. He wobbled in and set the basket down. Her eyes widen at the sight in front of her.

There he was, kind of sweaty, gi a little more open then usual…and one of her ribbons hanging from his mouth…

Kaoru giggled nervously and turned a deep shade of crimson. He pulled it out quickly from the other side of his lips, folded it hastily, and set it down in the basket. Wiping his brow with the back of his hand when the task was accomplished.

Somehow, Kaoru thought, it seemed sexier in my dream.

Probably because he was shirtless…wasn't he pant-less too? Maybe…

"Makes sense," She shrugged.

He blinked, "Oro?"

"Nothing…" She said in a singsong voice. She took the ribbon from the basket and placed it on her futon. "Thank you," she blushed. "Now I need to undress…"

Kenshin stared at her for a moment, "So?" he questioned in a cocky manor that was not his own. It was kind of like Sanosuke. Damn, that's never good.

"Excuse me!" Kaoru demanded, her cheeks, scarlet with anger.

Once again, Kenshin was thrown back into reality, painfully. "Oh…so yea!" He stammered, heading towards the shoji. "Right…" and with that, he ran off with speed that matched the almighty himself.

"What was that?"

"What was that!" This can't be me, he thought frantically. "This must be a dream, I would never do something like that to Kaoru…" He pinched his cheek until it turned red.

Leaning against a doorframe, he slumped down. "Fuck this."

"Whoa Kenshin, you must be pissed. You never swear, you and the sake of non-profanity. Or whatever the hell you always ramble on about." Sano said, coming from who knows where. He stopped right in front of Kenshin.

"Oro?" he looked up, "Sano? Forgive Sessha, I thought I was alone."

"Why not so cheery?" Sano cringed, "Problems with the wife?"

"Oro! What wife?" He asked, trying not to remember the Tanabanta incident. "Kaoru-dono?" He questioned, like he didn't know.

"Aa Jou-chan, moron! Who do you think?" Sano groaned. "Your fucking problems are so serious for no reason."

"Sano, I have my reasons…" Kenshin replied, his voice slightly sterner and colder then before.

Sano held up his hands, "I sure you do Kenshin. I'm just saying that…she loves you, and you know it! And don't you go start up with that, I'm not worthy shit you talk about." He shook his fist in front of his face. "Take her and radish her Kenshin!"

Kenshin tilted his head to the side, "Radish? Sano, it's ravish; I will ravish her, not radish her!" He stood up.

"Hell yea!"

"Not like that Sano."

"Damn it to hell Kenshin…"

Kenshin rubbed his hands together, "Sadly, nothing is that simple."

Sano scoffed, "Is too." He retorted. "You have the upper hand Kenshin!" He waved his newly bandage hand in front of his face. "Listen, your just gonna keep hurting her if you keep holding it in." He sighed and stood straight.

"I know that Sano, but it has been a very long time since Sessha has…done anything of a more passionate nature." He absent-mindedly rubbed his cross-shaped scar.

"No doubt in my mind." Sano said back.

"She had a dream about me, so she says." Kenshin started walking, Sano followed.

"Seriously?" he asked. "Like a sex dream?" He sneered.

Kenshin stopped, "Watch your tongue Sano," he snapped. He slightly turned his head, his eyes were narrow. "It's none of our business." He turned back and kept walking.

"Ah Kenshin," said Sano sighing. "You're half right my friend."

"How am I half right?"

"It was about you, you were in it." He trailed off. "Have you had any dreams about her recently?" Sano asked randomly, in that I know nothing tone of his.

Kenshin coughed. "N-nani?" He stuttered. "What makes you think that?" He turned around, his eyes flushed of all color while his face was bright red, and it matched his hair.

"Yea, I figured you did. Got to be putting all that energy somewhere." Sano sighed. "I dunno what to tell ya Kenshin."

"I kind of figured that out." He said calmly, finally regaining his composure. He stopped at the front of the dojo and sighed. "I have to figure this out on my own Sano…" Kenshin nodded to himself.

"Guess so," he agreed. "Best of luck." He waved and walked through the gate, "See ya later, I need to see Kitsune about some things."

Kenshin closed the gate behind him and sighed. "Yahiko will be back soon, I should start dinner." He grinned, coming upon an idea; "Maybe Kaoru would like to help…"

He walked to the kitchen to see her already starting to prepare the meal.

He snuck up behind her, using skills he was specially trained in. "Boo…" he whispered in her ear.

"Kenshin!" She gasped. She brought her hand to her heart. "You scared me."

"Gomen," he replied. "Let me help you…" he said calmly.

Kaoru didn't object, she just let him be. "Aa, Kenshin." She spoke quietly, flustered and embarrassed.

He gave her his warm Rurouni smile, only the best for his Kaoru.

Though on the inside…he wished he were still dreaming…

Next Chapter- The Present! …Dream…