Title: Blank Papers

Author: Yume Koko (Koko-Chan)

Rating: 10 and up (K+)

Genre: Humor/ General

Summary: The sequel to Picture Perfect in Kyou's POV. What happened after Yuki left the classroom? Kyou turns in his portrait of course!

Disclaimer: If I owned Fruits Basket, I'd own the world. (Which I don't... BUT I WILL!)

Important Note: I'm not using Microsoft Word. Word has the spell check. Wordpad does not. There's a lot of spelling mistakes. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (If you don't live in America and know English, you probably don't know what I'm saying on the next line...) You're probably thinking, "Holy Chicago! What's up with the spelling mistakes?"

Author's Notes: I tend to use Japanese honorifics (like Honda-san or Tohru-kun) instead of American stuff (as in Miss Honda and Mr. Kyou. Stuff like that). And for those of you who don't understand Japanese, kuso means crap. In a bad way. And nezumi means rat or mouse. Neko means cat and baka is stupid. This story is a very, very short, comical one-shot. It's so short, it makes your mouth drop.


Damn that kuso nezumi for making such a big commotion! Sheesh! I mean, what was he thinking? Making all the girls swoon over him like he was a stupid, fuzzy, baby egg-chick! What's up with that?

Tch! What are you looking at? Me? There's nothing wrong with me! I'm just a normal guy!

Well, scratch out the "normal" part. That I may not be.

But, anyways! As I was saying, I think every girl in the stupid classroom except Tohru fainted. Then all was well, and we got into a neat, straight line because of Mayuko's stupid, "Shut up, people!" It was a nice, straight line, not a "stupid line where people are scattered everywhere," was Mayuko's exact words. Tch. What kind of words are those?

I over heard what the kuso nezumi said, and I am so not like wind. I DO NOT blow around people, lifting up skirts (that sounded like Shigure... Think, Kyou! Think!), and making people cold and miserable. Tch! I DO NOT do those things!

And if only he was here right now, trying to look at my paper, excited to see what monster I created! And then... And then--

"Red-Head!" Mayuko hollered at me. "Gimme your stupid portrait already! You've been there for three minutes!"

The rest of the class giggled like girls. I silently gave the stupid portrait to Mayuko. She snatched it and looked at the "drawing" I did.

"WHAT?" she yelled at me, waving her arms in the air, the papers dropping everywhere. "WHERE IS THE ARTWORK?"

I smiled a rare smile. "You said we could draw a symbol!"


"See," I said, grabbing her hands together. "Look at Yuki. Picture him in your mind. You see him?" She nodded blankly. "Well," I continued saying, "Look at that expression! Look at it! Just look at it. There isn't possibly a word that describes him. He's just so... blank. Don't you notice that?" She nodded again. "That's why," I concluded. "That he is nothing. Blank and white. And nothing hurts more than anything."

I left. And that was the end of it.


See? I told that it was short!

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