Hey y'all. I'm back with a Naruto One-shot. This s my first. It's Neji/Tenten so if you don't like it too bad.

Disclaimer: I own Naruto, yes I do. I'm a liar, how bout you?

The Hyuuga prodogy sighed. She always was like this when he came back from a mission. She'd rush to him. give him a quick kiss then check his wounds, making sure none were too severe. She had had Sakura teach her some basic healing jutsu so she didn't have to see him being touched by some nurse at the hospital. When she was finished with that she'd then pull him into the kitchen, sit him down and make him tell her what happened during the mission. He'd let out a small sneeze. She'd jump up and start to make tea saying if he got sick she'd kick is ABNU capain ass.

You worry too much. He'd say.

It's my job. She'd reply.

He'd mumble somthing about overprotective bitch. A kunai knife would fly by his head with impeccable accuacy. But then again what would he expect from Hyuuga Tenten.