Wow. I haven't touched Shurikens and ribbons in forever but today I just felt the need to drabble so here it is: A very very delayed addition to S and R.

Disclaimer: Even after all this time, I still have no claim to the name of Naruto. Tears.

When they were children, he called her a weakling because she never could beat him.

…but he never told her how strong he thought she really was.

When they were teenagers, he called her childish because she always was so damn optimistic.

… but he never told her how much he admired her maturity in battle.

When they were on missions together, he called her an idiot for ignoring the plan and doing it her way.

…but he never told her how much he wished he could do the same in his own life.

When they were asked if they were a couple, he glared the man in the ground and walked away.

…but he never told her how much he wanted that statement to be true.

When they were faced with Tenten's final moments, he told he everything he'd ever meant to tell her.

…but he never told her how when she died, his heart would die too.

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