Chapter 23: Finally Free

Ginny woke up in disappointment. She was all alone in her room and the sun peaking through the window told her it was morning. It had all been a dream. Nobody had come to the Burrow last night. She had not gone outside to check who it was. Harry Potter was not alive and finally returned to her. She was still completely alone in this world.

She lay back down and closed her eyes to try and get some more sleep. It was going to be a long day that she didn't want to face yet. Obviously the three year anniversary of Harry's death had brought the memories back in full force and then led to her hopeful dream. She once again fell asleep to her depressing thoughts of missing her love.

Somebody was pushing on her shoulder and whispering her name trying to wake her up. She rolled over so that her back was to whoever was pushing her shoulder. The person just grumbled and then continued trying to shake her awake. Frustrated Ginny smacked back behind her and it felt like smacked her waker in the face. She then reached for her wand on the bedside table and flung her famous bat-bogey hex to which she heard a loud yell of pain. Immediately her door was thrown open.

"Ginny what the heck are you doing! Why would you attack him after all this time?" Mrs. Weasley sounded furious with her daughter. Her eyes were blazing with fury and confusion. The second emotion made her quite curious. Why was it a big deal that she would curse her brother? She did it all the time when they made her mad.

"What are you talking about mom? I curse Ron all the time. He should have left me alone. If I want to sleep all day then I will." Ginny replied, her anger rising. It didn't take much to get her temper high these days.

"What's going on here? Harry say the wrong thing?" came Ron's voice from the doorway.

Ginny's eyes bugged and she looked down to see Harry still battling the bat-bogeys on his face. It wasn't a dream! She fell to the ground beside him and pulled him into her arms. She didn't think she would ever see him again and here he was in her bedroom. He was alive after all and had come home to her. What had taken so long then? It didn't matter though right now. She just wanted to enjoy having him in her arms again.

"Help, Gin!" Harry yelled at her.

"Oh, right sorry." She quickly muttered the counter curse. Harry stopped swatting at his face and looked up and Ginny. A smile came across both of their faces as they looked into the others' eyes for the first time in three years. Ginny heard the soft click of the door closing and looked up to see that her mom and brother had left Harry and her alone in the room.

"How is this possible? You are supposed to be dead, Harry." Ginny asked as she turned to look back into his green eyes.

"It wasn't Voldemort that sent the curse that day at the train station. It's all the magic that is between our blood and wands that it had to be one of us to kill the other. His death eater didn't have ability to kill me. His curse just knocked me into a coma for three years. I just woke up yesterday and managed to escape today."

"Is it over? Is Voldemort dead? There haven't been any attacks since they took you that day. Nobody understands why."

"He and all his death eaters have been in an underground layer waiting for me to come around. When I finally did Voldemort came to see me right away. We made a deal. If he were to beat me then I would be forced to become a death eater. My first task would have been to…to…kill you."

Fear suddenly struck Ginny. Is that why he came here? To kill her? She slowly began edging away from him and trying to get back to her wand that she had set on her bed. Harry saw the fear and immediately pulled her closer to himself.

"He didn't win Ginny. I came here on my own."

She smiled at him and stopped fighting to get away. "What was your part of the deal then?"

"I got control of the death eaters," he told her with a smile. At her questioning look he explained further. "They are all currently sitting in cells in Azkaban. There is absolutely nothing they can do against what I tell them to do. Voldemort gave me that power before we started the duel."

"So it's completely over? No death eaters. No Voldemort. How does it feel to be free of that burden?"

"How do I feel? Tired," Ginny laughed and rested her head on his chest. "Seriously though, I'm just happy to be able to be with you again. I can't even imagine how hard the last three years have been for you and your family."

"Oh Harry you have no idea. Dumbledore convinced me that you were alive and I believed him for two years but it just got so hard. After getting no positive signs, no clues as to where you were I just couldn't keep telling myself you were alive. That was the worst day of my life. When I finally decided that you must be dead. I didn't need a dementor to feel like I would never be happy again. I thought a part of me had died." Tears were streaming down her face now as she told him the feelings she had gone through. "I never even thought about moving on though. I knew you were it for me and that if you were gone then I would be alone the rest of my life. Anybody else would just feel wrong. I love you so much Harry." Harry had tears coming down his cheeks now as well.

"I love you to Gin." He hugged her tight with her head in the notch of his neck. "There's something I have to tell you that you aren't going to like. It makes my own stomach upset."

She looked at him curiously as he began pull up the sleeve on his left arm. He turned his arm so the inside was facing Ginny and she gasped at the ugly tattoo that she saw. Her Harry had the dark mark. He really was here to kill her. She jumped back and grabbed her wand standing on the opposite of her bed as Harry now. Her wand was drawn directly on him as he stood up and faced her confusion and hurt etched on his face.

"You really are here to kill me then. Keep your hands where I can see them. I still remember that you can do wandless magic."

"No, Ginny let me explain. He forced me to take it. It was part of the deal. Do you think I would show it to you if I was here to kill you? I would have done it already. Remember you passing out last night? I could have killed you then quite easily and nobody would have had the slightest bit of an idea that I was ever here." Her wand fell down slightly and her posture became much less defensive.

"Ok so why do you have it then? If you won you shouldn't have had to get it."

"It was the only way to leave the room I was trapped in. It had an archway and the only way to go through it was if you had the dark mark. I had to get it before the duel so that when I won I could leave."

"I'm sorry. It's not that big of a deal Harry. I still love you. It's the intent that matters anyway."

Harry walked over to her and pulled her back into his arms. He kissed her on the forward and started to pull her towards the door. "Come on let's get some lunch"

"I want to have you alone for awhile though. Lunch can wait." She tried to stop him but he kept their momentum heading to the door.

"We'll have plenty of time, Gin. Voldemort I can handle, but I'm not sure about all of your brothers."

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