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Rating: M

Pairing: Buffy/Faith

Title: Getting to know you

Author's Notes: This is AU. Buffy is a psychologist and Faith is the

owner of a book store. Will this be the start of a great friendship

or a magnificent relationship? This is my first time writing a fic so it might be a little crappy. All criticism is aloud good or bad I don't mind.

I want to say thanks to my Bata reader

It was a very busy day at Faith's bookstore, customers were coming in left and right and the little kids were running around wild, trying to throw every book off of the shelves. It was really getting on her nerves because she was the one that had to pick up every single book when those munchkins were done. She counted to ten in her head and headed to pick up the books when she suddenly bumped into something. Since she wasn't expecting that she fell right on her ass.

"Hey watch where you're walking!" Faith said in a very impatient tone.

"Don't talk to me like that, you were the one that wasn't looking" the blonde woman in front of her said.

As Faith looked up she saw the most beautiful hazel eyes she could ever imagine. The girl had long blonde hair, a heart shaped face, and the cutest button nose. "Wait a minute did I just think her nose was cute! God working in a bookstore has made me soft".

"Are you just going to sit there looking at me or do you need help getting up?"

Faith accepted her helping hand and stood up, " Sorry I was a bitch to you it's just working here is not easy some times; how may I help you?"

"Oh, you work here?"

"Yeah I do. Actually I'm the manager, but today we didn't have a lot of people working, so I pretty much have to do everything".

"Ok, can you tell me were your best fiction books are"?

"Sure, um……lets see, you take a left were it says biography and keep going until you get to the back. It will say fiction on the top shelf."

"Ok thanks…….Faith." The blonde said while squinting her eyes to see the nametag.

"Sure" Faith breathed out in a whisper, she watched as the as the blonde walked away and was again amazed by her beauty. As she shook her head, Faith started thinking "I am never going to get her. She is totally straight." She picked up all of the books that had been knocked off the shelves and went to the counter. About 20 minutes later the blonde was back, with three books in her hand.

Faith offered a smile and took the book out of her hand. Their fingers touched and she shivered. Brown eyes meet hazel ones to be quickly retreated downwards. Faith scanned the books and said "Thanks for shopping at F and G's books…… Dr. Summers". Said Faith as she looked at the blondes' credit card and saw

"Oh, you can call me Buffy if you like, and Dr. Summers makes me look old".

"Well you certainly don't look old to me, you are really beautiful" Faith said, causing

Buffy to blush.

"Um……thanks," Buffy said and hurriedly got her bag with the books and left.

When Faith looked down on the counter she saw a purse and picked it up. She looked inside to see who's it was and saw that it was Buffy's. She looked up to see if the blonde was still there, but found she was already long gone. Faith started thinking through her options. She could either call her or go to her house and give it to her personally and try to ask her out.

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