Hi! this is my little fanfic that I've been working on for a while. Its Teen Titans lol, so all the Teen Titans aren't mine, just Adia, Demitri, Lily, Hunter and the hunters, etc. OH the title of this fanfic is in song 5 GOLDEN TITANS 4 LOVERS 3 WEREWOLVES 2 OF THEM ARE GIRLS AND A CRAZED SON OF A BEEP all to the first five of the song "the twelve days of christmas" hehehehehehe. This is the first Chapter, there are seven in total right now, I dunno when I'll finish it hopefully if you ppl like it I'll do it faster lol.


Robin sat staring out at the open ocean in complete boredom as Raven hovered in the back ground, reading in the quiet company. He adjusted himself on the couch, letting out a frustrated grunt as his body seemed to jump out of his skin. Raven glanced over at him, hovering downwards and letting her legs touch the ground lightly.

"Is there something wrong, Robin?" Raven asked a slight hint of curiosity in her voice. There was suddenly a loud yelling from just outside the room's sliding doors and a loud blast followed it.

"YOU LITTLE—GET BACK HERE BEAST BOY! I'VE GOT YOUR STANK BALL RIGHT HERE!" Cyborg called out, another blast followed it.

"No, nothing's wrong, just—it's been too quiet for my taste the past few days," Robin responded, both ignoring the battle just down the hallway.

"We shouldn't spoil a good thing," Raven commented, walking over to the back of the couch and stared out at the ocean as well.

The sliding doors opened and Starfire floated in easily and excitedly.

"Friends! The ball of the stank is—" Starfire stopped and looked at Raven and Robin, sitting calmly. "You do not wish to play with the ball of the stinkiness?"

"Not so much Star," Robin laughed, trying to keep a straight face as Beast Boy screamed from somewhere close by.

"Oh no," Raven stated disdainfully, her shoulders hunching slightly. Beast Boy suddenly came sliding around the corner and running as fast as he could down the hallway towards them, jumping for Raven and shifting from his human form into a mouse, burrowing into Raven's unitard and hiding under the shoulder. Raven tried to back away but the tiny creature had already done the damage of touching her skin.

"BB! COME OUT RIIIGHT NOW!" Cyborg yelled, running around the corner and well and stomping his way into the room. The small mouse shivered in Raven's shoulder.

"Looking for this?" Raven asked, pulling Beast Boy out by his slender tail and dangling him in the air. Cyborg took the mouse easily, Beast Boy shifting back into his human form as Cyborg gripped the back of his shirt tightly, dangling him from the ground.

"Stank ball IN THE FACE!" Cyborg yelled, pulling from no where the stinky ball of dirty clothes and shoving it into Beast Boy's mouth. Starfire smiled at the playful game, before looking over to Robin, unfazed and once again staring outside in the deep blue waters. She flew over to him easily, settling herself next to him and letting her eyes fall to her lap. Beast Boy spit out the ball and struggled free as Cyborg laughed heartily and Raven almost smiled, running his hands down his tongue to try and get rid of the taste and stench in his mouth.

"Robin, what is it?" Starfire asked sweetly, "Is there a ship with cruise out there?"

"No Star," Robin laughed again. "But I am getting kinda hungry…"

"Then I shall begin the making of the lunch!" Star stated eagerly, hovering back up and towards the cupboards and kitchen. Robin sighed heavily as Beast Boy ran back and forth trying to stop the burning on his tongue. Cyborg cackled, pointing and laughing as Beast Boy's expense, before Beast Boy stopped suddenly, his shoulders hunched slightly and his ears hung lower.

"C'mon, BB, you know it's all fun," Cyborg stated.

"Yeah, next time, you try and eat something that disgusting and tell me its fun," Beast Boy commented back, crossing his arms and turning away from Cyborg.

"Well, it's not like you didn't deserve it," Raven stated bluntly, Beast Boy's ears and shoulders hunched lower.

"Yeah…I guess you're right," Beast Boy sighed. "I did start it...like I started this!"

Beast Boy suddenly picked up the stinky clothing ball and flung it at Raven's face, Raven tumbling over the couch as the ball hit her in the face. At first no one reacted, looking at Raven's up turned legs like nothing had happened, until she lifted herself up and the clothing had settled on her head, her eyebrow twitching angrily as the sent of the dirty laundry eddied above her head. Beast Boy and Cyborg both laughed heartily, pointing at her until there was the muttering of a spell they all knew was trouble.


Beast Boy and Cyborg were covered in a dark, powerful shadow before being thrown at each other with a great force.

"Owy…" Beast Boy whined, his head throbbing as Cyborg rubbed his metallic circuits.

"Note to self, never do that to Raven again," Beast Boy whispered to Cyborg as Raven removed the laundry and threw it at the boys.

"Yeah, but it was worth it!" Cyborg yelled the laundry inoffensive to him.

"The time of afternoon eating is at hand!" Starfire exclaimed excitedly, pouring some ghastly concoction onto several plates for the group.

They all stared at each other in fear when the alarm began to sound.

"Titans, lets go!" Robin called out, jumping over the couch and running out of the room, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg following quickly. Starfire sighed heavily, pouring the goo back into the pot before someone came on the intercom.

"Star, come on lets go!" Robin ordered.

"Coming!" Starfire answered, zipping out as fast as she could.

Running as fast as it could, a creature covered in dark brown, wet, muddy fur plowed down any pedestrian in its way. People screamed at the sight of it, looking like a massive beast coming for them and ran as if it were coming after them.

But was it?

On four legs it galloped like a dog, charging forward into a busy street, jumping aside from car to car as breaks screeched and cars swerved into each other. Car horns began blasting and sirens wailing when suddenly police cars had surrounded the accident in progress to stop the creature.

Its nervous eyes darted around, looking at all of the flashing lights in fear before it darted onto one of the cars, the ceiling of the vehicle crunching under its weight as it jumped to a higher car. It jumped over the police, their guns aiming but unable to keep up with the creature with the wolf face.

It darted from the collision and onto the side of a building, its thick front claws digging into the solid brick and its large back legs and feet hanging onto the rough material easily. It crawled upwards, getting to the top of the building as the police opened fire and blasted where the creature had been.

It breathed heavily on the tall brick building, trying to regain its breath as its ears darted all around.

Something suddenly began to emerge from the ground; dark shadows began to crawl from below it and up its legs.

It pulled away, the shadows chasing after it and darting towards the edge of the building to jump to the next, when a large green pterodactyl called out and scared it back.

It growled and ran backwards, Beast Boy chasing after it as he raised Cyborg onto the rooftop, dropping him quickly. Robin and Starfire flew up to the other edge of the building, blocking its path of escape once again. It skidded on the rough rooftop, watching as the black shadow behind it turned into the fifth member, Raven, her hands rising as the black power emanated from them. Robin whipped from his belt two of his small bombs, ready to throw them at the strange target as Beast Boy and Cyborg took up the rear, Starfire hovering above. It growled defensively at them, watching carefully as its escape was slowly growing smaller and smaller, when it glanced at the shifting green boy, locking eyes with it.

It howled once, shocking Beast Boy as something, a message crawled through the howling.

"Let me live…."

The creature of wolf and man darted forward towards Beast Boy as he stood in still confusion, Raven's black magic following it quickly thinking it would strike Beast Boy before he could react. The creature bounded up as the magic swiped at its legs. A blast from Cyborg's arm cannon knocked off its balance in the air and sent it careening towards Robin and Starfire. Robin jumped and sent a kick swiftly in its face, sending it sliding on the gravel rooftop before them.

But it was quick to move and jumped forward as Robin hit the ground, jumping past him and toward the next rooftop. Starfire flew forward, shooting at it as it jumped through the air to the next building, but hitting the side instead. It landed on the building and ran again, Beast Boy regaining his mind as the other four chased after the mysterious creature.

Raven raised her powers from under its feet, trying to catch it or trip its fearful running as she flew through the air, Starfire beginning to fire her starbolts constantly. The creature dodged and jumped as best it could from both powers, jumping to the next rooftop.

Cyborg charged and jumped over the gap between rooftops, aiming his arm cannon at the creature and firing as Robin threw his small bombs, creating a cloud of dust and smoke that none of the titans could see through. Starfire flew above the smoke, trying to look inside to see if the creature had been subdued, when Raven pointed ahead of them on a tall office building. The creature was crawling up the side of it, persistent in its will to escape.

"Titans, GO!" Robin called out, Beast Boy finally catching up to them and shifting into the pterodactyl. He flew forward, ahead of the girls, more or less wanting to know if he had truly heard the creature before they kicked the crud out of it.

The creature heard them coming, saw the figures in the glass windows lining the building, and climbed upwards farther and farther, trying to reach the top.

"Star!" Robin called out, Starfire darting down to him and picking him up by his arms as Raven grabbed Cyborg, Beast Boy too far ahead to care as he flew up the side of the building to catch up as the creature crawled over the top of the building.

"What is he doing!" Robin called out.

"Maybe he's trying to make up for how he choked back there!" Cyborg called out as they began to climb the side of the building as well.

Beast Boy landed and shifted back into his human form, looking around for the creature but there was no sight of it anywhere. Suddenly there was movement out of the corner of his eye, and the creature crawled out defensively, growling and snarling at him, trying to protect itself.

Beast Boy walked forward, but the creature moved back.

"Why won't you let me live!" it suddenly growled angrily.

"We're not going to kill you," Beast boy tried to explain, confused as his fellow team members appeared, Robin and Cyborg landing beside him as the girls flew around them.

"Robin, it understands us," Beast Boy stated, looking at Robin sadly. Robin pondered for a moment, glancing around his team before staring at the snarling being before him.

"If you come out, we won't hurt you," Robin stated.

It growled deeper within its body, its skin shivering from weakness and fatigue. But it stepped forward towards them slowly, when something bounced next to it and an explosion took over the roof, causing them to duck under the wave.

The creature, caught in the explosion flew through the air and passed Raven and Starfire, its body arching and falling towards the hard cement of the street. Raven flew down quickly, Starfire following as the creature's fur and large form melted away like water, and a girl, unconscious and bleeding was suddenly falling. Raven dove faster, sending a black hand down and catching the creature, the girl, pulling her naked body up to her and covering her with her own cloak. Starfire came down next to them, 20 feet from the cement in the air and both stared in disbelief at the creature's true face. They both flew upwards and met the boys as they examined where the explosion had taken place.

Robin turned to them as he tried to find where the explosion had come from and saw the looks on their faces. Raven was holding something under her cloak, and Starfire had looked like she had seen a ghost.

"What is it?" Robin asked, all three boys walking over to the edge of the rooftop.

"Robin….the creature…wasn't a creature at all," Raven explained, lifting the girl's unconscious face to all of them but covered her body.

"It is a girl, a human girl," Starfire stated.

"That's the strangest thing I've seen," Beast Boy muttered, and they all looked at him. "Whaaat?"

"C'mon, let's get back to the tower. I think she's in trouble, more than just crunching a few cars."