Hi! this is my little fanfic that I've been working on for a while. Its Teen Titans lol, so all the Teen Titans aren't mine, just Adia, Demitri, Lily, Hunter and the hunters, etc. OH the title of this fanfic is in song 5 GOLDEN TITANS 4 LOVERS 3 WEREWOLVES 2 OF THEM ARE GIRLS AND A CRAZED SON OF A BEEP all to the first five of the song "the twelve days of christmas" hehehehehehe. If you enjoyed5 Golden Titans this is the bloopers reel, or the first one I've decided there might be a second. this is not a chapter just something for laughs. I am insane yes I know, but there's always room for humor.


"Oh no," Raven stated disdainfully, her shoulders hunching slightly. Beast Boy suddenly came sliding around the corner and running as fast as he could down the hallway towards them, jumping for Raven and shifting from his human form into a mouse, burrowing into Raven's unitard and hiding under the shoulder. Raven tried to back away but the tiny creature had already done the damage of touching her skin.

"BB! COME OUT RIIIGHT NOW!" Cyborg yelled, running around the corner and well and stomping his way into the room. The small mouse shivered in Raven's shoulder.

"Looking for this?" Raven asked, pulling Beast Boy out by his slender tail and dangling him in the air. Cyborg took the mouse easily, Beast Boy shifting back into his human form as Cyborg gripped the back of his shirt tightly, dangling him from the ground.

"Just one thing before the punishment," Beast Boy stated. "Did you know Raven likes pink bras?"

It growled defensively at them, watching carefully as its escape was slowly growing smaller and smaller, when it glanced at the shifting green boy, locking eyes with it.

It howled once, shocking Beast Boy as something, a message crawled through the howling.

"Cheese bread is gooooooddddd….."

The creature of wolf and man darted forward towards Beast Boy as he stood in still confusion, before he fell over laughing.

"It's alright," Adia whispered to him as Hunter and the rest of the vicious noises disappeared to them. "I'm not wearing underwear."

"What?" Demitri demanded laughing heartily as Hunter had fallen over with the words.

"I am, I'm just kidding," Adia stated, chuckling as well.

"SICK!" Hunter cackled.

"Um…" Beast Boy mumbled. "After—last night—"

Raven's face turned from curiosity to rage, turning towards Adia who was staring at Beast Boy affectionately, or so Raven told herself.

"Oh…right…about that…" Adia stated. "I really didn't mean to…take my top off."

"WHAT? That's not in the script!" Cyborg yelled. "Why didn't you call me BB!"

"KIDDING!" Adia yelled.

"Get the anti-venom," Hunter strained as he threw Adia off of him and into the wall. One of the hunters laughed behind him.

"Did you get bitten by a snake in the maize sir?"

"ANTI-TOXIN!" Hunter yelled.

Hunter drew close to Demitri's face, catching his eyes easily.

"How long did it take for you to know she would carry your baby? Have that pleasant seed germinate in her belly, hm?"

Demitri's eyes widened and turned from pained to fear.

Hunter stayed silent.

"So…when are you going to kiss me?" Demitri joked.


"What a sweet…yet sickening sentiment," Hunter stated as he began to adjust the machine into place next to Adia.

"Don't touch her!" Demitri growled.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Hunters muttered. "She's not wearing any underwear, and that my friends is why you all have to die."

"I WAS LYING!" Adia screamed as Demitri tried not to laugh.

"Demon," Adia stated, turning to Raven slightly as she slipped on the boots.

"My name is Raven," Raven growled. "Not demon."

"And I s'pose you should do the same courtesy and call me Adia," Adia replied, glancing at the back of the outfit, wagging her tail lightly, as if in Raven's direction.

"Wow um…I don't swing that way," Raven said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Swing what way?" Adia asked, before turning stark white. "EW!"

Beast boy shifted from his human form into a squirrel, sneaking closer to the figure and realizing that it was Adia, sitting solitary and cold as she stared over the vast ocean pounding and crashing against the rocks at the bottom of titan tower. Beast Boy shifted back and walked over to her, kicking the rooftop lightly.

"So…" Beast Boy muttered. Adia slipped off the roof with the surprise voice, hanging onto the edge as Beast Boy ran over and grabbed her to help her up.

"I'm okay!" she yelled out. "That…just scared me and this rooftop is damn slippery."

"Oh glorious! The joys of having a tail!" Starfire suddenly screamed out, running forward and pulling on Adia's tail playfully. "It is so full of fluff and bouncy!"

"I meant the outfit," Adia laughed but gave the rest of the group a strange look.

"OH! Wait…um…Robin is she the sexy in it?"

Robin turned the color of his uniform yet again.

"I NEVER SAID THAT!" Robin bellowed.

"Yes…but Beast Boy said you called me the sexy."

"Do you really think I'd leave you to get taken?" Beast Boy growled.

"I'd expect you both to live," Adia stated, finding the familiar scent.

"No, why would we want to live? An excruciating and somewhat explosive death sounds much more appealing," Lily stated sarcastically.

"Oh, well, then we're on the right track," Adia said plainly.

End Bloopers Reel 1