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Rating: T

Summary: DK arc. What gives Yugi and his pals the right to choose who lives and who dies?

Beautiful Lie

Glacial blue eyes focused on his beast. His dragon stood tall, ready to fight. Nothing would stop him from saving the only thing in his life that wasn't a lie. His brother. Love for Mokuba kept his dragon's fierce light going.

Their accusations hurt. How dare they judge his love. Heartless? The ice in his eyes threatened to crack and let his frozen tears fall. He was doing this for love. Love for his brother. What gave them the right to choose their love above his? What made them think that this boy's love for his grandfather was greater than his for his brother. They wanted to save an old man, yet his prize was but a child. How could they curse him for choosing a young life, a child's future? A deafening crack sounded in the shattered walls of his heart.

His dragon was no longer proud. It was melting, and Mokuba's hope melted with it. They cheered, rejoicing that the destruction of his chance to save his brother resulted in the chance to save the old man. Did the child, his brother, not matter?

The walls exploded, leaving the woulds that the shards of his broken heart had torn open, raw and bleeding. His hope died.

The wind felt that much colder, here atop the stone pillar. Their shocked cries, idiot, bastard, rang out. The icey eyes melted, the tears at last free to flow. He could no longer see his brother, no longer feel the only love he knew. He tilted slowly backwards, into death's embrace.

Love, it seemed, was like life. Just another beautiful lie.