I am back with another story and this one is as you can see a DBZ fic. Since there isn't any new happenings in the Dragonball world I have decided to create a spin on the series and create alternate universe fanfics! Some of this story will follow the original plot and some of it won't but bare with me!

CHAOTIC SYMPHONY has returned to the genre in which he began and I hope you all like my fic!

GOTEN AND TRUNKS FANS THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! Main characters are Trunks and Goten… Trunks a little more than Goten but Goten is still in here


If planet Vegeta had never blown up.


Bardock knew that his people's time was coming. The vision that he had just received warned him that Frieza would soon be wiping out their entire race. He hadn't understood exactly what was happening at first but after what Dodoria to his crew…

"Damn them!" Bardock growled as he then felt a power rushing past him. His son Kakkarot, Bardock growled as another vision hit him.

This one had a vision of two little boys… one had purple hair in a green jumpsuit while the other looked exactly like Kakkarot! Then in a sudden cry both of their hair swirled upwards and then began golden.

Bardock gasped as he came out of the vision still holding his head he looked ahead of him.

"Super Saiyajins." Bardock whispered as his pod raced toward planet Vegeta.

Trunks and his father, Vegeta were once again in the gravity room training intensely. Vegeta knew that Trunks was beginning to like playing around with his mother's gadgets and tools rather than train. This got to Vegeta greatly. He wanted his son to be strong! He wanted Trunks to be stronger than both of Kakkarot's off spring but Trunks trained less than Goten!

Trunks threw a semi-lazy punch and Vegeta blocked it effortlessly and elbowed Trunks in the face causing him to fly backward onto the ground.

"Get up! How do you suppose to become a strong warrior if all you do is fall at such a simple attack?" Vegeta growled and Trunks sat up and sighed.

"I really just want to go play my video games… I've been in here for like three hours!" Trunks said looking at the clock. At that moment a knock was heard at the door and then Goten's face floated up to the small circular window. He then began to make funny faces against the glass thinking that Vegeta and Trunks couldn't really see him.

"Unbelievable! Trunks, one day you will wish that you weren't so weak." Vegeta growled before he stormed out of the gravity room. Trunks mocked Vegeta's words for a moment and Goten laughed.

"You're funny Trunks!" Goten laughed as he began to scratch his head. "What are we doing today!" Goten smiled as Trunks began to think.

"I don't know yet… I'm kinda tired of sparring, I really don't care to prank someone today… maybe in a few hours but not now… lets see, maybe we should go on an adventure!" Trunks stated and Goten sighed.

"But we've gone basically everywhere on Earth! Where else could there be any fun?" Goten asked and Trunks grinned.

"Actually I was thinking we go into space. Our dads did it and so I say its safe enough for us." Trunks stated and Goten thought for a moment.

"Would we get in trouble?"

"Nah, my dad would probably be like 'That's what a real Saiyajin would have done. Good job!' or something like that." Trunks grinned as Goten laughed.

"Okay… should we get packed?" Trunks thought for a moment and shook his head.

"We won't be gone that long." Trunks stated as he and Goten then flew toward the hangar area connected to the Capsule Corp building.

"My mom has a bunch of machines here, but her favorite seems to be this one." Trunks tapped the side of a car-sized ship.

"It looks cool." Goten grinned and Trunks nodded.

"Yeah… I come in here every now and then to help her work on it. It's the fastest of all of the ships here. She even said that it can travel through time!" Trunks grinned as Goten's eyes widened.

"That is so cool!" Goten grinned as Trunks opened the hangar doors and then ran back to Goten who began to get inside of the ship.

"Okay… I say we travel in space for a little bit and then go back in time for a while." Trunks spoke as Goten nodded.

"But Trunks I need to be home by dinnertime."

"Goten don't be so stupid. We have a time machine. We could come back a few seconds after we left."

"But if we did that we really wouldn't have gone anywhere. I doubt this thing could fly into space and then go back in time and it only take a few seconds." Goten stated and Trunks turned to him and shook his head.

"Shut up…" Trunks stated and Goten nodded and then smiled.

Trunks looked at the control panel and push several buttons and then waited. He and Goten sat still and waited a little longer, but nothing happened.

"Are we there yet?" Goten asked and Trunks sighed.

"No." Trunks pushed another button and slowly the machine turned on.

"Oh… I forgot to push the power button!" Trunks laughed and then pushed the same buttons as before and then the ship lifted into the air and blasted ahead.

Vegeta and Bulma were looking for Bra and then they heard a loud rumble coming from the hangar area. Bulma looked to Vegeta who looked back at her. They ran outside just in time to see Trunks give them a peace sign and Goten wave to them from the window of the craft before it sped off into space. Bulma fainted and Vegeta caught her. Vegeta had wanted to go and grab the boy and smack him around for his ignorance but he knew that he had to handle Bulma first. Vegeta also knew that the fuel supply would run out before those two got too far away.

Trunks and Goten were laughing their heads off at Vegeta's expression when they blasted past him. Trunks turned around to face Goten and then began to speak.

"I wonder where we are right now?" Trunks thought as he looked at Goten who laughed.

"Didn't your dad like travel around space before you were born? I bet he like mapped it all out." Goten stated and Trunks nearly fainted.

"How'd you know that?" Trunks asked and Goten pointed to what was on the back of Trunks's chair. It stated: Vegeta's mapping of the universe before he reached Earth.

Trunks shook his head and grabbed the map and looked at it.

"Dude my dad had a planet named after him!" Trunks laughed as he pointed to the planet called Vegeta on the map. Goten looked and gasped.

"Let's go there!" Trunks shouted and Goten agreed. Trunks put in the exact coordinates of the planet.

When they arrived Trunks saw nothing at all. Trunks and Goten looked all around them for any sign of the planet and found nothing.

"I think your dad just put that on there to be funny." Goten said and Trunks spoke.

"No way my dad would never pull such a pathetic prank." Trunks stated and Goten spoke again.

"Actually, it is a really good one… it got us to come here." Goten smiled and Trunks laughed.

"I guess you're right… My old man pulled a fast one on us… I can't believe it." Trunks smiled and then Goten laughed.

"Can we go to another time now! I want to see the future!" Goten grinned and Trunks smiled.

"Let's go!" Trunks then pushed another button and then the ship began to jerk strangely and then began to turn bright white.

"Trunks… I don't like the looks of this." Goten gasped and Trunks shuddered. Then, instantly the ship and its passengers vanished from the time period.

When Bulma awoke she sat straight up and prayed that what had just happened was just a dream. Trunks and Goten would still be on Earth and her new prototype was still in its hangar. She rushed out of the room and ran right into Vegeta.

"Where are the boys!" Bulma asked anxiously and Vegeta shrugged.

"They're somewhere in space… I know you saw them blast off." Vegeta commented and Bulma nearly screamed.

"Why are you so calm about all of this Vegeta! Our son is in danger!" Bulma growled. Vegeta laughed and then spoke.

"You never fill up those blasted space pods with adequate fuel. They couldn't have gotten that far." Vegeta spoke and continued. "Just ready my pod and I will go after them." Bulma grabbed her head and sighed in anger.

"Vegeta that certain spaceship was a new prototype! It not only is capable of Space travel but Time Travel also! If they go to another timeline there might not be any chance that they can come back!" Bulma screamed and then Vegeta's eyes widened.

"WHAT!" Vegeta roared as he dashed to the hangar and prepared to get into on of the ships.

"Wait those ships need to be refueled!" Bulma yelled but Vegeta paid no heed and began to start up the engine and to his dismay nothing happened.

"Woman get this thing working now!" Vegeta roared and Bulma sighed in defeat.

"That kind of fuel needs to be drilled for Vegeta! I only had a limited amount! I used what was left to fuel the pod Trunks and Goten took!" Vegeta became a little pale.

"So my son is trapped in space or worse another time!" Vegeta growled and Bulma began to cry.

"My poor baby!" She wailed as Vegeta stood his ground.

"That damn fool! If he wasn't so interested in those damn ships he'd never had gotten in it!" Vegeta yelled and Bulma growled.

"Are you saying this is my fault?" She growled and Vegeta huffed.

"If Trunks was more into training than learning about space ships and gadgets he wouldn't know how to work the blasted thing and he and Kakkarot's brat would still be here!" Vegeta yelled and Bulma began crying again.

Vegeta sighed and then lifted into the sky. Bulma looked at him and then to the ground.

"I must tell Kakkarot… he won't be so happy about this at all." Vegeta spoke and blasted off to find his rival.

Trunks and Goten finally came out of the time warp and looked at the scene before them. The sky was reddish pink and the forest area looked completely destroyed.

"Where are we Trunks?" Goten asked and Trunks shrugged. He looked at the universal map again and then asked the ship to give him an analysis on where they were.

"This is planet Vegeta… from Vegeta's stories of his home world it was destroyed several decades before Vegeta came to Earth. The planet is inhabited by the Saiya-jin race. Originally the planet belonged to another race…" The voice was of his mother Bulma. Trunks then looked to Goten. Then Goten looked to Trunks.

"MY DAD HAS A PLANET NAMED AFTER HIM!" Trunks screamed with excitement as he and Goten lifted themselves out of the pod and Trunks capsulized it and put the capsule in his pocket.

"Let's check this place out. Goten I bet we can finally get to see what the rest of our other race looks like!" Trunks stated and Goten grinned.

"This is gonna be fun!" Goten grinned and followed Trunks as they lifted into the air.

"Remember Goten, keep your power level as low as possible. My dad always said that people around here never saw a Super Saiyajin before. If we power up too much they'll all freak out and like kill themselves or something." Trunks stated and Goten nodded.

Bardock had arrived on Planet Vegeta and did his best to begin to warn everyone of the horrible fate that could befall him and his people. Unfortunately no one listened.

"You fools! Frieza is going to wipe us out!" Bardock yelled but all of his Saiyajin comrades ignored him and continued to drink their beverages. Bardock yelled one last warning to them all and exited the compound. He jumped into the sky and flew upwards towards Frieza's ship.

As he was flying up he spotted two beings flying towards him extremely fast. Bardock stopped and checked their power levels with his scouter and noted they were two very weak children.

When they came into view, however, Bardock froze.

Goten and Trunks looked at the man who they were approaching and stopped immediately.

"Goten… is that your dad?" Trunks asked and Goten shrugged. Bardock looked at their clothing and gasped.

'The same kids from my vision!' Bardock thought and then remembered their transformation. He unconsciously stepped backwards and gasped.

"Hey! Are you Goten's dad?" Trunks asked as Bardock looked on surprised that they would even question him in such a way.

'Me the father of a Super Saiyajin?" Bardock thought and the looked at the young boy who resembled himself and his newborn son.

"My name is Bardock… I do not know who you two are but I know you two are the legendary Super Saiyajins! I know that what I am about to ask is quite foolish but I need help! Frieza is going to wipe us all out! You two must assist me in stopping him!" Bardock spoke and Trunks thought for a moment.

"Is your name Goku?" Trunks asked and Bardock shook his head and spoke. Goten then decided to notice that the man in front of him was beaten up a little and so Goten took out a senzu bean and tossed it to the man.

"Goten what are you doing!" Trunks yelled and Goten smiled.

"He looks like my dad and you did say we traveled in time… so this might be like the twilight zone or something and he might really be my dad but just doesn't know it." Goten spoke and Trunks thought about it and then nodded. Bardock looked at the bean and then to the kids.

"Eat it… it will heal you." Trunks stated and Bardock nodded and ate down the bean. Instantly he recovered and then powered up.

"I'm stronger than before! Unbelievable!" Bardock thought aloud and then turned to face the kids. "Please help me rid my planet of that monster Frieza. A Super Saiyajin will do but you both are Super Saiyajins… he is no match for two legendary warriors." Bardock spoke and this caused Trunks and Goten to look at each other.

"What should we do? I mean what if we get in trouble?" Goten asked and Trunks laughed.

"Remember what your brother told you about Frieza? He's a bad guy and that both our dads wanted him dead. So if we kill him I doubt we'll get in trouble for doing something they both would do and don't forget you dad did actually kill him… and then my future self came and did it and everyone was happy… I doubt they'll be mad if we do it again." Trunks stated and Goten nodded. The two turned and faced Bardock who had heard the entire conversation. He was stunned to hear that their fathers had killed Frieza and yet he still lived. Then the purple-headed kid said his future self killed Frieza… could these children be capable of time travel?

"We'll help you but after this is over we want some answers." Trunks stated and Goten nodded along with him. Bardock nodded and then told them to follow him. Bardock flew up all the way into space close to Frieza's ship and then stopped when he was in front of the small army of fighters Frieza had outside the ship.

"You have to get in there and stop Frieza!" Bardock yelled and for a moment Goten and Trunks thought that it was Goku talking to them.

"Right" They said in unison and blasted straight threw the army of warriors and straight into the ship, via the ramming power of Goten's head.

Frieza was about to kill King Vegeta but an explosion stopped his progress. He looked in the direction of the blast and then threw King Vegeta's body into the side of the wall and laughed.

"So it seems that the king has brought reinforcements." Frieza grinned and then one of his men entered breathless and spoke.

"Lord Frieza! Two children… they're powerful… they're killing everyone in their… way… They claim to be Super Saiyajins!" The man stated as Frieza's eyes flashed with anger.

"Impossible… there are no powerful monkeys…" Frieza smiled as he looked at King Vegeta.

"That is the strongest of their race and look at him now!" Frieza laughed and then King Vegeta struggled to his feet holding his chest from the pain.

Suddenly, Goten and Trunks appeared in the room ready to fight.

"Which one of you is Frieza?" Goten asked and Trunks looked at each of the people in the room and then finally to King Vegeta.

"Goten look… its my dad with a beard!" Trunks stated as Goten lost his concentration on fighting and gasped. Both boys ran up to King Vegeta and looked at him with amazement.

"I told you Trunks this is the twilight zone!" Goten spoke and Trunks thought for a moment before Frieza laughed.

"These two are the ones that claim to be Super Saiyajins?" Frieza continued to laugh and Goten and Trunks turned from King Vegeta and faced Frieza.

"Actually, we are Super Saiyajins and right now you should be trembling." Trunks stated and Goten shouted in agreement. Trunks turned back to King Vegeta and spoke.

"So who are you?" Trunks asked and the king was momentarily shocked that this boy would interrupt such an important moment to act so foolish. Frieza had become angry and began to pace towards the three remaining Saiyajins. King Vegeta may have thought the two boys were foolish but he wouldn't let Frieza harm Saiyajin children! King Vegeta jumped in front of Goten and prepared a beam attack. Frieza laughed and readied his death beam and fired. Goten deflected the attack just in time and the blast connected with one of Frieza's men.

"How!" Frieza stood shocked that a boy could deflect one of his attacks. Trunks then stepped forward and smirked.

"I told you. We're Super Saiyajins. You're nothing compared to us! I am the strongest person here right now and the only one that could challenge me is Goten. You're nothing!" Trunks grinned and Goten stepped forward.

"I wanna fight him Trunks! I'll let you handle the next guy." Goten stated as he became serious. Trunks pouted and then sighed and finally agreed.

"Alright but if the next guy is a weakling I want to fight everyone until I get a real challenge." Trunks stated and Goten nodded.

"Okay… You ready to die Frieza?" Goten asked and Frieza laughed.

"I'm gonna kill you boy." Frieza spoke but Goten disappeared and slammed his fist into Frieza's stomach. The villain doubled over and fell to his knees. Goten looked at Frieza strangely and then turned to Trunks.

"That was too easy… I want the next guy… please!" Goten begged and Trunks got angry.

"No way… I want to be the hero next time! You shouldn't have asked to fight him!" Trunks stated and Goten turned around to block a kick from Frieza. Goten dodged a few more attacks and then kicked Frieza so hard that he crashed through his ship and out into space.

Bardock gasped as he watched Frieza fly from the ship. Frieza's men looked stunned and then rushed to the aid of their leader. Trunks and Goten along with King Vegeta flew out of the hole and Goten blasted ahead to face Frieza.

Trunks and King Vegeta flew to Bardock after Trunks blasted hundreds of the henchmen to the next dimension. Bardock bowed to King Vegeta and then spoke to him.

"King Vegeta… I see you have met the Super Saiyajins." Bardock stated still bowing. Trunks looked at the scene and laughed.

"I never though Goten's dad would be bowing to mine." Trunks stated and King Vegeta looked at Trunks then to Bardock.

"What is going on here? Not that I mind Frieza downfall… it seems the child is winning… Bardock isn't?" King Vegeta asked and Bardock nodded. "What is this?" King Vegeta questioned as Bardock explained his future seeing abilities and then explained he foresaw the two boys' coming.

Trunks looked at them strangely and finally spoke.

"So… I'm, getting the feeling that you two aren't our parents." Trunks stated and both Bardock and King Vegeta looked at him.

Goten had kicked Frieza all over the place and was having fun until Frieza roared and then began to power up.

"What are you doing?" Goten asked and Frieza yelled.

"I'll kill you monkey! MY FINAL FORM!" Frieza laughed as all of his men in the area were eradicated by his power from the transformation.

Goten shielded his eyes and looked at Frieza's final form. He smiled and said one word.


Trunks looked over to the explosion of power and sighed. Frieza was truly a weakling. Trunks thought for a moment and then looked at how beat up King Vegeta was. There was no way his father was ever that weak. Trunks sighed and then blasted several more henchmen coming their way. Suddenly, Trunks yelled to Goten.

"Goten hurry up! We have to talk! Finish him off quick!" Trunks yelled and Goten turned from Frieza who was rushing at him and nodded. When Goten turned around he was hit by Frieza's fist. The attack sent Goten hurling past them.

"Goten… hurry up or else I'll do it myself!" Trunks yelled and Goten stopped flying backward and pouted.

"But I wanted this to be dramatic like the time when we fought Majin Buu, remember that one?" Goten asked as he flew next to Trunks and then Trunks laughed.

"Yeah, we should've killed him and then all of the planet would have given us free stuff…." Trunks said and then he and Goten glared at each other and then to King Vegeta and Bardock.

"If Goten wins will we get treated like royalty?" Trunks asked and immediately King Vegeta spoke.

"If You kill Frieza… I'll make sure you both are richly rewarded! I'll give you anything!" King Vegeta stated now believing in their promise of power. Goten and Trunks turned to Each other and grinned from ear to ear.

"Hurry up and finish him off Goten!" Trunks commanded and Goten nodded and turned Super Saiyajin. Bardock and King Vegeta both gasped and then floated backwards as the power reading from their scouters shot threw the roof and then exploded.

"I'll win in one move!" Goten spoke and Frieza shook out of his stupor and charged towards the boy.

"KAMEKAME….. HA!" Goten fired the huge beam and destroyed Frieza's body completely. Goten powered down out of Super Saiyajin and turned to his best friend Trunks.

"Can we go back to the planet now… I am kinda hungry." Goten grinned and his stomach growled. King Vegeta and Bardock looked on in complete shock and confusion.

"You heard him. Let's eat… now or do you guys want to feel our Super Saiyajin powers?" Trunks asked and both men shook their heads quickly. Goten looked on puzzled and then sighed in confusion.

King Vegeta took the three of them back to his palace and gave Goten and Trunks whatever food he and his servants could provide. After about thirty minutes of feeding their faces Trunks and Goten sat back from the table and grinned.

"That was much better than mom's cooking." Goten grinned and Trunks agreed.

"I never thought I would want anything other than cheeseburgers and tacos." Trunks grinned and Goten laughed. King Vegeta and Bardock merely watched the two interact the entire time.

"Bardock… you say that these two just appeared out of nowhere after you had that vision?" King Vegeta asked and Bardock nodded.

"Yes, my lord… In my vision they turned Super Saiyajins and were fighting someone similar to Frieza… I have no clue who their parents are, but I do know that the one called Goten looks like me and my second son… Kakkarot." Bardock spoke. Goten and Trunks overheard that comment and Goten spoke.

"Hey Trunks… doesn't your dad call my dad Carrots?" Goten asked as he stuffed another piece of meat in his mouth and Trunks shook his head.

"No… it CarroCarrot! Not Carrots." Trunks stated as Bardock interrupted them.

"Actually its pronounced Kakkarot! Not CarroCarrot!" Bardock sighed. They may have been Super Saiyajins but they both acted so childish.

"Well anyway, yeah, my dad calls Goten's dad that all the time… what's it mean?" Trunks asked.

"That is the name of my son." Bardock spoke and then Trunks gasped and then grabbed Goten and shook him.

"We did it!" Trunks exclaimed and Goten looked confused and Trunks confused. "We traveled back in time! That's your grandfather!" Trunks said pointing to Bardock. Goten looked at the man and ran and hugged his leg.

"GRANDPA!" Goten grinned and then turned to Trunks. "Does that mean he's your grandpa?" Goten asked and then Trunks's eyes widened at King Vegeta as he jumped into the man's arms.

"Yep, you're my grandfather!" Trunks grinned as King Vegeta looked just as confused as Bardock. Trunks stopped pulling on his grandfather's beard and then landed down on the ground. He pulled Goten to him and began to talk.

"I think its best if we start from the beginning." Trunks stated and Goten laughed.

"I like story time."

"Shut up Goten." Trunks stated

Goku had done his best to try and protect Vegeta from the frying pans that Chi Chi threw but several of them connected with Vegeta's head.

"Damn it woman stop!" Vegeta yelled but Chi Chi continued to attack with every pan she had.

"My son is missing because your son coaxed him into going on another little adventure!" Chi Chi screamed and Vegeta instructed Goku to bring his woman back to Capsule Corp.

After a good hour and a half of struggling with Chi Chi, Goku finally brought her to Capsule Corp so that Bulma could talk to her. Gohan and Videl also came after hearing about Goten's disappearance.

"I have reason to believe that they may have used the time travel aspect of the ship in which they took." Bulma said in a solemn voice. My computer was still hooked up to the pods activity log. The last thing that the computer registered from the pod's activity was these coordinates and then the usage of the time distortion radial encasement." Bulma then began to talk in her 'geek' language as Trunks and Goten called it before she stopped herself after seeing every face go from concern for their children to confusion.

"Sorry, what I meant to say is that Trunks and Goten have traveled back in time several decades to be more precise. I have no clue the true number but it is at least thirty plus years into the past." Bulma stated as Vegeta looked at the coordinates and laughed.

"Vegeta I don't think that now is a good time to be laughing." Goku stated and Vegeta shot him a glare and calmed himself.

"I think I have a feeling of what happened." Vegeta grinned as Chi Chi, Goku, Gohan, Videl and Bulma waited. "Those fools thought that they should go space traveling and when Trunks got bored with seeing nothing in space somehow they found one of Bulma's universal maps and when they saw the area that used to be planet Vegeta they went there. See these coordinates are the exact point of where the Saiyajin home world is. I think that when they saw that nothing existed I guess they thought I had pulled a prank on them so one of them must have started smashing buttons out of frustration and somehow they went into the past." Vegeta grinned at his flawless deduction and Bulma began to laugh nervously. Vegeta looked at her sternly and then she spoke.

"I say that all sound true except for the part about one of them pushing the buttons out of frustration… Trunks sat in the driver's section up front and Goten was in the passenger's seat behind him… Trunks… knows how to work the time distortion…." Goku yelled and nearly fainted.

"So they did this on purpose?" Chi Chi asked and Bulma shrugged. Vegeta looked at her and shook his head.

"I don't have a problem with them being there. Maybe it'll teach Trunks about his heritage." Vegeta spoke and then Chi Chi jumped at him but Goku grabbed her.

"My son is there too you dolt!" Vegeta laughed and then spoke.

"Those two are completely fine… There isn't a warrior there that is even close to them in strength. Frieza is a worm compared to Kakkarot's kid and that means he's nothing compared to mine. They will survive until Bulma creates another time machine so that Kakkarot and I can go and retrieve those two… Bulma how long would that take?" Vegeta asked and Bulma began to laugh uneasily.

"It would take at least a year to two years." Bulma spoke and Vegeta nodded.

"Good… that'll teach them."

"NO! I want my Goten now." Chi Chi yelled and Vegeta spoke again.

"Listen, if we bail them out so soon, it may happen again. This will teach them to be more responsible." Vegeta stated and then Goku smiled and agreed.

"Yeah, I mean think about it Chi Chi, Trunks won't want to go on any more adventures with Goten any time soon if we leave them there for a little while… besides if they get hurt me and Vegeta will teleport to Namek and wish them back to life." Goku smiled and Vegeta nodded.

"Finally you're thinking Kakkarot."

"Thanks Vegeta. But I will start gathering the dragonballs that way we can wish to talk to those two so that we know they're okay… but we won't tell them we're coming to get them." Goku smiled and then Bulma sighed in relief and then went to work on the new time machine.

"Amazing Kakkarot. You have said two intelligent comments in one moment." Vegeta laughed and Goku nodded.

After King Vegeta and Bardock were told of Trunks and Goten's story they told them about planet Vegeta and after both parties had their information, Trunks took King Vegeta back to Frieza's ship and got Prince Vegeta. They came back to the palace where Bardock and Goten waited.

"Wow… you're dad is younger than you." Goten grinned and Trunks nodded and looked at the younger version of his dad. Vegeta looked at him and huffed. Trunks laughed and then began to poke him in the shoulder. Vegeta swatted his hand away and then Trunks and Goten laughed at him.

"Shut up!" Vegeta yelled in his underdeveloped voice. Trunks and Goten fell to the ground laughing and pointing at the mini Vegeta.

"Where's my dad?" Goten asked and then Bardock told them about the purging and scourging mission children were sent on and immediately Trunks spoke.

"If we're going to be here that has to stop!" Trunks shouted angrily. King Vegeta and Bardock looked at him shocked.

"What do you mean! Our planet is desolate! We need a new planet to occupy! We will continue to do these missions until we find what we're looking for!" King Vegeta growled and then Trunks turned Super Saiyajin.

"I said it will stop." Trunks stated and then Goten followed him by turning Super Saiyajin too.

"Trunks is right… if you're looking for a new planet then you guys should go out and look peacefully. Or should we do what Frieza was going to do to you guys anyway?" Goten threatened as Trunks agreed.

"You guys need to start living instead of fighting all the time. Sheesh, no wonder Frieza took over so easily. You guys are so stupid here its sad. You don't even have the slightest idea of how to become a Super Saiyajin!" Trunks adds as he powers down.

"If you don't change we'll tell our dads and then we'll see what they do about you guys. Goten's dad is really against hurting others and I might add that he is the strongest fighter in our time." Trunks stated and for a moment King Vegeta growled. Bardock looked at the two and nodded.

"We'll try this peaceful solution you speak of… or at least I will." Bardock spoke as he looked to King Vegeta who finally nodded himself.

"If you two can help us locate a planet that has adequate resources then we will try such a peaceful life… but I must warn you we are a warring people… how is it we can satisfy such a thirst for fighting, half-breed?" King Vegeta questioned and Trunks answered.

"Have like tournaments to find the strongest warriors. On Earth that's what the humans do. Every year they fight in a tournament to see who's the strongest. That way no one gets hurt and everyone will get to know who's the strongest." Trunks answered. King Vegeta looked at him and nodded with a spark of enlightenment.

"That is a perfect idea… why hadn't I thought of it sooner!" King Vegeta laughed as Trunks sighed.

"Because you're not a genius like me." Trunks whispered to himself and luckily only Goten overheard and started laughing.

"We will set out in a ship to search for a new planet. Yes I like the idea of this. A new planet a new life for my people!" King Vegeta laughed as Trunks, Goten and Bardock followed the prince and the king to the communication system in the palace. King Vegeta had several men begin the communication system and suddenly he began talking to a large black screen.

After about an hour of talking about the new life his people would have and explaining what will happen next he turned to Goten and Trunks.

"We will need to get moving immediately. Every Saiyajin has been recalled or is being brought back to this planet. Bardock I am appointing you to head general! I want you to watch over our people until I return." Bardock gasped and stood shocked.

"King Vegeta! I am honored." He spoke as his son, Vegeta looked at Trunks and grinned. Trunks grinned back and then stuck out his tongue which cause the young prince to get angry.

"Come we are going to my ship." King Vegeta stated as the three boys followed him.

"Hey… I want to thank you for not saying anything to anyone about who defeated Frieza." Goten stated and the king laughed

"If I had told them a boy Super Saiyajin had done it, do you know how many crazed fools would be trying to make their kids turn into Super Saiyajins?" Trunks thought about this and agreed.

"I guess you think ahead… more than my dad would." Trunks stated and the prince looked at him and growled.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Vegeta yelled and Trunks chuckled.

"You're voice sounds so funny." Trunks stated and Vegeta growled and turned away. Just as they reached the ship Trunks's eyes shot open and he laughed loudly. Goten looked at him and then scratched his head.

"What's wrong Trunks?" Goten asked and Trunks grinned from ear to ear.

"I am a perfect genius! Hey, Goten remember how your brother was telling us how Namek was destroyed and so they had to find a place for them to live? Well Namek still exists in this time and with Frieza gone their planet won't explode. That means that the planet called 'New Namek' is still there uninhabited! I bet that place is huge. My dad said it was one of the largest planets he's ever seen." Trunks grinned as Goten remembered his brother's story about the Namekians. Trunks uncapsulized the time/space ship and pulled out the universal map his mother made. King Vegeta immediately questioned the machine and Trunks told him that it was the time machine they had used to get here.

"Yeah… its best you don't even think about using it… Who knows you might go somewhere where there are even stronger fighters than Super Saiyajins and end up dead. Besides we're out of gas." Trunks added quickly getting rid of King Vegeta's thoughts of time travel. Trunks showed him the coordinates and he set those coordinates into his space pod and soon they were headed toward the planet.

Goten finally realized what Trunks had said about their time ship and yelled.

"Chill Goten… our dads will come to get us. My mom knows exactly where we went and how far into the past we went… I think… they'll come get us and then we'll be in trouble and then our fun will be done for a very long time." Trunks stated and Goten went from nervous to sad instantly.

"This blows!" Goten stated and Trunks agreed.

About two months after finding the planet. King Vegeta had ordered his people to all move to the new planet in which they would live. Many of the Saiyajins that opposed King Vegeta's new outlook were put to death by his orders.

"If you kill them before we get to the planet there won't be any one left… exactly how many Saiyajins are there?" Trunks asked and King Vegeta shrugged.

"Maybe sixty or fifty million." Trunks looked at him shocked.

"That's it! On Earth there are at least six billion people! Sixty million is nothing!" Trunks stated and King Vegeta laughed.

"I think its more than enough. That way we don't worry about overpopulation. You should know we Saiyajin live for a very long time. If we had too many people there would be many no food for our people. Which leads me to my second question: What will we do when there isn't any food left on this planet?" King Vegeta asked. He had begun to respect his grandson's knowledge and even though he was a half-breed King Vegeta held everything Trunks said to be true.

"Well I've already thought of that. You know how you guys used to attack other planets? Well I was thinking that you guys could act as well hired warriors. Like in wars on other planets you guys could be hired by one side and then as repayment for your aid that planet must also sign a piece of paper saying that they will and then if they don't you can purge their planet as you guys see fit. The piece of paper is called a contract. That way when the other person doesn't honor the contract you have the right to do to them basically whatever you want." Trunks stated and King Vegeta laughed

"My son seems to have found an intelligent mate in those Humans… Tell me is the human race all just as smart as you are?" King Vegeta asked and Trunks shook his head.

"No way… my mom was a genius. She knew everything there was to know about anything." Trunks bragged and Goten agreed with him. King Vegeta rubbed his chin and thought.

"What if we settled diplomatic ties with Earth? We would swear never to bring any harm to them regardless of contracts broken or anything in that manner if they aided us in our development. Does that sound plausible?" Bardock asked as King Vegeta grinned at the idea.

"I don't know. I don't want you guys terrorizing Earth when we leave. I'd feel bad." Trunks stated and Goten agreed.

"We wouldn't dare do such a thing and if any of our people did harm one of the Earthlings then they shall be put to death in front of the people of Earth to show our seriousness when it comes to one of our own harming them." King Vegeta looked very sincere in his words and Trunks knew that when the king gave him this look he usually meant it.

"Alright sure I say we go for it." Trunks stated.

Another four months passed before all seven of the dragonballs were found. Goku had been searching for the last dragonball everywhere but the dragon radar hadn't showed anything and so for another three months he flew all around Earth looking for any activity on the radar. When he finally gave up and handed Bulma the radar he banged him on his head and yelled at him.

Apparently, the batteries had gone out three months ago.

The next day Goku had found the last dragonball and he and Vegeta got together with Dende to come up with what they could wish for.

"I know! You can wish to speak to them! I'm positive the dragon can allow a long distance call." Dende smiled as Goku had finally remembered his plan that he had told Vegeta a few months back.

"Vegeta why didn't you remind me?" Goku argued and Vegeta's eyes momentarily widened and then became narrow.

"Shut up! It was your responsibility to remember not mine!"

"You… forgot?" Goku asked with a smile as Vegeta growled and nodded briskly. Goku wanted so badly to laugh but knew it would only result in a fight that would delay their contact with their sons.

"Alright let's do this!" Goku summoned the dragon and as soon as Shenron appeared Goku asked to speak to his and Vegeta's son: Goten and Trunks.

"IT IS DONE!" The dragon disappeared and then a large hourglass appeared and then a large circle appeared in the sky a few feet from Goku and Vegeta and then Trunks and Goten appeared.

Trunks turned to his right and saw a large circle appear that showed his father and Goten's. He stepped behind Goten after seeing his father grin and then Goten realized what Trunks was looking at.

King Vegeta turned to look at the boys and he spotted the large circle and then the men on the other side. Bardock walked over to his side and gasped.

"It couldn't be." Bardock gasped and Goku's eyes widened.

"Vegeta its us! But you have a beard!" Goku pointed and Vegeta kept his face.

"Father…" Vegeta stated and then Goku froze as he looked at the Vegeta look-a-like.

"That's your father Vegeta?" Goku asked and then Vegeta pointed to the man that looked like Goku.

"And he's yours." Goku looked at the man and smiled.

"Wow, we do look a lot alike!" Goku smiled and waved at his father. Goten then appeared next to Bardock and waved to his dad.

"Hi, dad!" Goten yelled loudly and Goku smiled. "I found grandpa and Trunks's grandpa. I beat Frieza and Trunks beat Cooler." Goten exclaimed and both Vegeta and Goku smiled.

"That's great! So that's my dad… wow." Goku stated and Vegeta pushed him aside and spoke.

"What's going on?" Vegeta demanded as he looked to his father to his son and then to his smaller self. Trunks laughed uneasily and spoke.

"Well we came here and decided to help protect them from Frieza. Right now we're moving the Saiyajin race to the place where new Namek is. They're gonna call it New Vegeta. Also grandpa said that there would be no more purging of other planets. We're also going to make a truce with Earth in order to advance both races." Trunks stated and King Vegeta laughed.

"My son… I must say you have a genius here. Our people won't have to be used like tools anymore. We're even going to try to live legitamate lives on this new planet. Right now this is the last transfer of Saiyajins. My grandson is a pure genius… he has provided me answers to every possible problem I could give him from food shortage to handling our thirst for battle… tell me Vegeta are those World tournaments that the Earthlings have… are they as great as Trunks claims?" King Vegeta asks and Vegeta gasps at his father.

"I would have never thought that you would agree to living so peacefully father." Vegeta stated and then King Vegeta spoke.

"After living under Frieza's rule myself along with ninety-five percent of our race actually wants to relax." The seriousness in King Vegeta's tone told Vegeta that his words were true. Vegeta looked at his son and then grinned. He turned to Kakkarot and smiled.

"I say we get Bulma to start altering that time machine. It seems they have given our people a second chance at life. I'm sure that's something you're proud of. I say we tell Bulma to make a way for us to pass through to their time. Bring the woman here Kakkarot now!" Vegeta yelled as Goku sighed and then shook his head before teleporting away. In a moment he was back with Bulma.

"TRUNKS!" She yelled in anger relief and happiness. Trunks laughed nervously and stepped behind King Vegeta. Vegeta explained what had happened and Trunks's ideas and then all of Bulma's anger drained somewhat. Vegeta then told her that they should help in the process and that there will be problems Trunks won't be able to answer.

"You guys saved an entire race and now my Trunks is helping them start over?" Bulma smiled to herself and nodded.

"Alright! I'll help too!" Bulma smiled and Trunks became a little relaxed. "The time machine is working but the space ship part isn't working, which is a good thing." Bulma grinned.

"Why is that mom?" Trunks asked as he waited for an answer.

"You see now that you guys are getting closer to earth that means if I send Vegeta and Goku, Goku will be able to teleport to you guys." Bulma grinned and Goku's eyes lit up.

"Hey your right Bulma!" Goku grinned and then Vegeta spoke.

"Trunks we'll be there soon so you better stay put." Vegeta warned and Trunks nodded. Goten waved to Goku and Bulma and both waved back.

"Tell mom I love her!" Goten yelled before the circle closed.

"I'm still dead." Trunks stated and Prince Vegeta laughed.

"Ha… that's what you get!" Trunks then pushed him backward on his butt and then began to laugh.

"At least I can still pick on you!" Trunks grinned and the prince pouted and stood to his feet.

As the last of the transfers were completed King Vegeta came to the edge of his large ship and used the speakers to speak to his people.

Several hours later Goku and Vegeta appeared right in front of Goten and Trunks. The king, the prince and Bardock were shocked and stunned.

"So brat thought you could run away from training?" Vegeta questioned as picked Trunks up by the back of his shirt and glared at him. Prince Vegeta laughed at Trunks and King Vegeta stopped him.

"My son, it is good to see what you've become. Don't punish the boy he has helped change our people's lives." King Vegeta stated as Vegeta sat Trunks back on the ground and nodded.

"I suppose you're right. I must say Trunks I am quite amazed at the ideas you had…" Vegeta stated and for a moment Trunks, Goku and Goten froze.

"Vegeta are you okay?" Goku asked as he took a fighting stance as did Goten and Trunks followed. Vegeta looked at them and growled.

"What are you fools doing?" Goku relaxed but stayed on guard.

"Did you just give Trunks a compliment?" Goku asked and Vegeta grinned.

"Yes… yes I did… he has saved our people Kakkarot… Though he has broken every rule Bulma has set he has actually done me proud." Trunks was shocked and laughed.

"So I guess I'm not in trouble?" Trunks asked and Vegeta laughed.

"Of course not… but you will be punished." Vegeta spoke. "You see Trunks now that you have decided to give my father so many great ideas, you're going to stay here for a while and make sure everything goes well… this means no video games… no toys just work and if you want something fun to do… train." Vegeta grinned as Trunks gasped. Goten then cheered.

"We get to stay with grandpa." Goten cheered. Goku shook his head.

"Chi Chi won't allow it." Goku said and Goten sighed.

"If you're brat wants to stay I don't see why not. Bulma could send a tutor and he could teach them while they helped rebuild the Saiyajin race. I say a little responsibility is what they need to get them to settle down." Vegeta spoke and Goku thought for a moment and nodded.

"Yeah, and besides by this time next year Bulma will have the inter-dimension time machine up and running." Goku smiled.

"The what?" Trunks asked and Goku explained.

"Bulma's making a portal thingie and then she'll send one of us here to give you the second portal so that we have a direct route to planet Vegeta." Goku smiled and Trunks nodded.

"But only she can activate it from Earth. So sneaking back isn't an option." Vegeta grinned as Trunks fell to his knees.

"This isn't fair!" Trunks cried and Vegeta laughed.

"I say its what you deserve for changing history. Come on Kakkarot leave them be." Vegeta spoke as he and Goku turned to Bardock and King Vegeta.

"I guess we still have time to talk old man." Vegeta stated as King Vegeta laughed and then four men left the room. Prince Vegeta and Goten were watching Trunks sigh loudly from his punishing sentence of being stuck on Vegeta. Goten, who had liked the idea wasn't so concerned due to the fact he hadn't ever had a lot of technology around his home so being here was just the same to him. Trunks, on the other hand, had all of the newest toys and games. Now he would never be able to play with them again!

"I'm kinda hungry, hey little Vegeta Let's leave and get something to eat." Goten grinned and Prince Vegeta looked at Trunks and huffed and led Goten out of the room.