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Prologue- Slytherin's Name

Dear Diary,
My life sucks. As I look back, I see these words written on every page. And why not? How else could I describe it? During the summer, my mother and I are constantly afraid that my father will return. Or worse, that he'll realize I exist. I mean, just look at what he is. At who he is.

Even at Hogwarts I'm not safe. Sure, he can't find me there. But I must fear him in another way. I can't even have any friends, because they would be the most likely to discover who he is. I've certainly lived up to the cunning name of Slytherin House, to have kept this secret for five long years. Especially from Harry Potter.

God, if he knew...

This is my cursed fate as the Dark Lord Voldermort's daughter. I'm doomed to the Killing Curse, aren't I? Neither side will accept me, for I'll seem like a threat to both. Why am I doomed to a life of secrecy for the crime of being born?

Maria held back tears as she put her Diary in her bag. This was to be her sixth, miserable year at Hogwarts. For a moment she wished she could be somebody, anybody, else. Even, though a Slytherin should not think such things, a Mudblood or Muggle. She sighed, dried her tears, and started when the compartment door opened.

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