Well, as my little intro states, this is going to be a place where I can put up my mixed Cosmo and Wanda cute and/or fluffy one shots. I have a bunch of these things hanging around on my hard drive that aren't tied to anything story wise yet, so I'm dusting them off, finishing them up a little and putting them here for you to enjoy as much as I do.

I hope you will at least.

Some are only about a page, some longer, but the thing to remember is that they'll all be about Cosmo and Wanda, and as any C&W fan can tell you, that's all that matters. ; ) Since the shots do span the range of their years together, I'll let you know from where abouts it would take place at the beginning. No, they may not apply to anything specific nor tie to each other in any way, and some may even be a little off from the show having been written before I was able to see the episodes that clarified or explained it differently. Oh well. Enjoy anyway. : )

This particular bit comes from before Cosmo and Wanda have begun dating. Basically, he's still in that 'begging her to go out with him' stage. ;p

Oh...and you all are aware that I don't Cosmo and Wanda or FOP, right?

Wish for the Moon

Blonda twitched her nose absently before she awoke. Her eyes were not yet open, but she could tell that there was something different about this night. Even through her eye lids she could tell that it seemed brighter somehow. Not unnervingly so, but still…

Opening her eyes to see, she found the full moon shining in her window, the soft beams of the glow gleaming in her face brightly. She blinked in mild awe at the sight thinking for a moment that she couldn't ever remember seeing the moon looking so big and bright up in the sky like that. It was almost ethereal looking.

Blonda sat up and scooted to the edge of her bed to look out the windowfor more clarity and from her readjusted position could see also the street below...and a lone figure floating out there, gazing up at the house.

The fairy creased her brow in annoyance. Even if the moon hadn't been half as bright she still would have been able to tell who it was that stood there so motionlessly.

Him. That moron. Cosmo.

Didn't that guy ever take hint? Didn't he get it? Wanda was already taken. What did he hope to accomplish be being so annoying and persistent when he really had no chance against such a hot hunk like the Magnifico. Like a lovesick puppy, every time the night was decently lit up by a full moon, he was out there. Standing so quietly and patiently, he looked like a sentinel or envoy of the moon in it's shining glow. Tonight, though he seemed particularly illuminated in the almost supernatural light. His green hair in fact fairly glowed with an odd luminescence in the light and it made for an interesting, if eerie, spectacle.

Blonda frowned before she slipped off her bed and quickly zipped across the hall to her sister's room. She pulled back the covers with no lack of zeal from the sleeping fairy as she said, "Geez, Wanda! Wake up."

"Mmmphh? Wah…?" mumbled Wanda as her sister shook her shoulder almost roughly.

"He's out there again. I thought you were going to tell him to stop it?"

Wanda blinked as she sleepily sat up.

"Who's out there?"

"Duh! Who do think? That idiot Cosmo!"

Wanda frowned at her sister as she came into full wakefulness at the name.

"Don't do that please."


"Call him that. An idiot. You don't know anything about him and it's not nice," said Wanda reproachfully as she stood and pulled on her robe.

Blonda eyed her sister almost warily.

"And you're sure you don't like him?" the fairy asked dubiously as she followed Wanda to the window where her sister peered out at the long-sufferingly standing Cosmo in the street below.

Wanda made no reply but just looked at the fairy. He looked so forlorn, so alone; it was a struggle not to feel sorry for the poor guy. She'd tried to tell him she wasn't really interested…couldn't be…more than once, but either he didn't get the hint or he was just plain ignoring it.

She sighed.

"I'll go talk to him," she said as she turned from the window and floated out of the room, her sister watching her with an amused smirk.


Wanda stepped outside and glided over to Cosmo noting that the second he noticed her, his posture straightened dramatically and his head snapped to attention; his eyes riveted to her, wide and hopeful.

The girl wanted to dislike it, it would have made this so much easier, but she couldn't. She just couldn't dismiss the fact that no one else had ever looked at her with quite so much rapt attention. It should have been annoying, especially since she had a boyfriend already. But it wasn't. It was really actually quite…flattering.

"Cosmo," she said softly as she stopped before him, her head shaking several times. "What are you doing here again?"

He looked down at his feet as he wrung his hands nervously before himself.

"I…I just came to see you."

Wanda gave a sad, almost guilty, look.

"Cosmo, you can't keep doing this. You have to know it isn't really helping. I'm not going to go out with you. I'm with Wandissimo Magnifico. You know that. You're just hurting yourself by doing this."

Cosmo looked at her, his wavering eyes imploring.

"Why Wanda? Why will you go out with him and not me? What does he have that I don't? I've done everything you ever told me. I got new sneakers. I take baths everyday now and I'm trying so hard to not do stupid things, but its never enough. I…I even stayed away, but that didn't help. What am I doing wrong?"

Wanda looked at Cosmo, her heart lurching against her chest at his plead. Oh, why did he have to try so hard? Why did he have to be so innocent. So naive? So openly honest and hopeful? Why did he have to make it so hard to ignore him?

She opened her mouth to say that he shouldn't be silly. That it wasn't him, it was her. That she couldn't see past how goofy he was and that she was sure it wasn't what she was looking for. Since saying it was his fault hadn't worked, maybe he would get the idea if he could see her at fault and not want to be with someone like that. But the moment she opened her mouth, he jumped in quickly.

"Do you think I can't be a great guy like him? Just tell me you want me to be like him and I'll try. I will. I swear. What ever you want me to be just tell me and I'll be that. Maybe…maybe you think I can't get you what you want like him? What do you want Wanda? Tell me. I can get it. Really. Just tell me anything you want and I'll get it for you."

He wanted to offer her anything. Even if he couldn't really, he was going to try. Just for her. All for her. With Cosmo it had always been only about her. And he was so doggedly persistent about that.

Wanda looked from Cosmo's eager and hopeful eyes to the twinkling stars above. They were bright this evening; easily seen against a cloudless sky. But for all their brightness, they paled in comparison to the large shining full moon that dominated the veil of night. It stood out like a colorful dream in a dead world of possibility.

She sighed at the backdrop of the moment and for a second really wondered if her dreams ever stood a chance of being more than just a flimsy icon of her future. Would they ever have a chance to move past a wish and become truth?

Wandissimo was a truly handsome fairy. He stood tall and walked as he pleased through any crowd. He had confidence and his 'in charge attitude' inspired fealty from nearly everyone he passed. Respect was accorded to him even before he'd earned it and loyalty seemed heaped upon his shoulders. But what was it really that kept her there? He had never done anything to her whims. He had never asked what she wanted from life. He had never asked what he could do for her. It had seemed enough in his eyes that she should just be at his side. Truthfully, what kind of future did she have with him? It was as if she were a trophy really. Just a decoration for his arm. Did he really care what she wanted from their relationship?

It was then she admitted he never had. No one ever had. Not until now.

Staring up at the white orb above them Wanda sighed.

"Cosmo, I want to be someone that everyone knows because of what I am, not who I'm with. I want to make choices that make me feel good for once. I want to go where I want to go. I want the chance to do what I want to do. I want to know that I can be happy, that I can be taken care of and yet be given freedom to live my life as I want. I want my words to mean something. I want my choices to be as important as anyone else's. I want my dreams to be real…"

She paused, her voice falling to a whisper.

"I want the moon," she breathed softly with longing aspiration for the ideas and wishes that could only at the moment seem unattainable in her eyes.

From the corner of her eye she saw Cosmo turn and look up at the moon, staring up at it as she did before he seemed to shift slightly and then went still again.

A second later her attention fell away from Cosmo as something unusual registered in her mind, but for the longest moment, she could not tell what it was. It seemed to be associated with the moon somehow, but what, she couldn't…

Wait… The moon. Was it getting…bigger?

No. It wasn't getting bigger. It was coming closer. It was moving towards them. Towards Fairy World!

Wanda gave a jump as it loomed larger and larger before them.

"Cosmo!" she yelped suddenly, grabbing his near arm in worried fear. "What did you do?"

He looked at her in confusion.

"You said you wanted the moon, so I'm bringing it to you."

Wanda was wide eyed in almost terror as she shook him.

"No, no! Cosmo! You can't do that! Put it back! Stop it! You can't move it out of it's place! It'll throw everything out of whack on earth! Oh Cosmo! Put it back! Please!"

"O…okay," the male fairy stammered.

Cosmo's wand flicked once again, though this time quite a bit more obviously than the first which had originally resulted in the moon falling out of it's perfectly respectable position in the sky, and the orb immediately began to move back into it's correct place.

Wanda breathed a deep sigh of relief before turning to stare at Cosmo with a firm glare.

"Cosmo! What did you think you were doing?"

He swallowed nervously.

"You…you said you wanted the moon. So…I was getting it for you."

Wanda gave him an incredulous look.

"Cosmo! It was just an expression. I didn't mean that I really wanted the moon itself. I just meant that I wanted what I don't have in my life yet."

"What Wandissimo won't give you?"

The bluntness of the question caught her off guard and she could only stare at him wordlessly, before she turned her head down, pulling her robe a just a bit more tightly around her.

"Yes," she whispered.

A moment of silence followed before Cosmo asked quietly, "Can I try?"

She turned back up at him at the question and just stared. He looked back unwaveringly.

How could she say yes? He wasn't the smartest guy around. He certainly didn't exactly offer stability in the life ahead. He didn't have money or fame and he hardly had a family for support. Just an over domineering and smothering mother.

But how could she say no? He was sweet, he was kind, he was gentle and honest. He was open with his faults and his heart placing both on his sleeve for the world to aw or jeer at and cared little for whether the rest of the world did either. He was cute in a boyish and charming sort of way and though he didn't always understand what was going on around him, he still always tried his best. He still always offered what ever little he had. And he had asked her what she wanted…

He was a risk. She knew that. From start to finish, she understood it. But he was the only one who had ever been concerned about her wants and her desires. He was the only one who had ever willingly offered to change everything he was for her. He wanted to conform to her standards, not make her accept his. He'd been willing to give her the moon just because she'd said so.

Yes, a risk. One no fairy she knew would ever accept her taking. But it was clear that it was one she couldn't afford to pass up. She'd never really wanted to even after that first meeting. But she'd already been with Wandissimo for a year. Seeing a cute guy once in a soda shop did not for perfect love make and it hadn't been the thought then that she would just throw away her place at the side of one of the most popular fairies in all of Fairy World. The idea just didn't even register no matter how broadly they had smiled at each other. But it wasn't the same anymore.

Wandissimo had never really bid for her attention, not as Cosmo had for the last two years. He had been too concerned with the public's attention for him. Cosmo however, never cared what the public thought of him. All that mattered was how she thought of him.

He was a risk. But a chance too. A chance for something just a little different. A chance for a little happiness, a little fun… A chance to make her own decision… A chance for what she wanted… A chance she was finally ready for… A risk she found herself wanting to take.

"Okay, Cosmo," she said with a slight nod. "You can try."

Cosmo's eyes went wide as he floated a step back unsteadily before falling over backwards to land with a thud on the ground.

"Cosmo!" cried Wanda in nervous surprise as she flew to his side and looked down into his face.

Cosmo stared up at the sky unblinkingly.

"Cosmo? Are you okay? What's wrong?"

"N-nothing's wrong," he stammered. "It's just, for the first time in my life, everything is actually right. You said yes."

Wanda smirked warmly at him.

"Actually, I said 'you can try,'" she replied almost playfully, quite relieved that Cosmo wasn't hurt or unconscious.

He looked at her blankly.

"Oh. But that's as good as a yes…right?"

She nodded at him with a smile.

"Yes, Cosmo. It is."

Cosmo smiled at her broadly as he looked up at her face, before tuning contemplative.

"Ya' know, the moon shining on your face makes you look like a dream."

He sat up quickly then and stared worriedly.

"You're…you're not a dream are you? This isn't a dream, is it? I'm not going to wake in the morning to find that this never happened…will I?"

Wanda sat on the ground next to him and took hold of his hand gently.

"No Cosmo," she said softly. "It's no dream. Not for either of us. Not this time."

Cosmo looked back at her with his own sweet smile of happiness and Wanda felt herself melt at the sight of it. The moon may have been a nice gesture from him, but this was the real gift. His honest appreciation even for so small a chance as this to make her happy.


"Yes Cosmo?"

"I won't let you down. I promise. I'll always be there to try my very best for you."

Wanda smiled.

"I know you will," she replied quietly as she squeezed his hand tightly.

And silence fell as the two turned to once more gaze at the moon, the impossibly large moon, that sat over them, once more in its correct place in the heavens, looking down at two fairies with quiet aplomb.

A/N : Hmmm. Where did this come from? Okay, I'll admit it. I watched some sappy gooey movies the other day and couldn't help myself. The two movies I watched were "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Moonstruck".

Of course in "It's A Wonderful Life" there's the scene where George says he'll lasso the moon and pull it down for Mary and later you see the cross stitch characterture of him doing so.

In "Moonstruck", Cher's uncle in the movie told a story about how her father (whose name would just happen to be Cosmo!) used to stand outside the house every night when he was courting her mother Rosemary. The uncle remarks how in love his brother in law was with his sister then and how on one particular night of Cosmo standing there he saw the full moon outside and was struck by how phenomenally huge it seemed that night. He called the moon like that from that point on 'Cosmo's Moon' lol.

Anyway, I thought they were cute and so that's my little fun on the moon from the two movies.